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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Waste Not, Want Not: Recycle Your Garbage

MTMore than 2,000 containers for recycling paper, plastic, aluminum and glass have been installed around the city.
If it feels wrong dumping your morning paper in the trash basket rather than depositing it into a recycling bin, Moscow offers several options for making sure your recyclables aren't wasted. Although recycling isn't popular in Russia, it is possible to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, glass and even fabric.

Going to a collection center is the easiest way to recycle, said Inna Paustovskaya, a spokeswoman for Chistaya Moskva, or Clean Moscow, a foundation devoted to educating Muscovites about recycling and recycling opportunities.

Clean Moscow distributes a list of collection centers around the city that will take glass (including broken glass), aluminum cans, cardboard and paper, plastic (including plastic bags and bottles) and textiles. They are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and give a small payment for the items they accept -- from 10 kopeks to 1 ruble per bottle and from 10 to 80 kopeks per kilogram of paper or cardboard.

Pillows and mattresses can be recycled as textiles, which are processed into fiber that can be used to fill new pillows and mattresses, Paustovskaya said. Feather pillows cannot be recycled, however. Plastic packaging, including plastic bottles, is recycled as artificial fiber. Plastic bags find a new life as coat hangers.

Each collection center monitored by Clean Moscow pays out about 1,000 to 2,000 rubles for recyclables every day, receiving on average 5 tons of glass, 2.5 tons of paper, and 500 kilograms of aluminum per month, Paustovskaya said.

Collection of furniture and household appliances is planned, she added.

If you don't live near one of the collection centers on Clean Moscow's list -- which are located in central, northern, northeastern and eastern Moscow -- the easiest way to find a collection center is by calling your local authorities for an addresses in your neighborhood, said Alexei Kiselyov, the coordinator of Greenpeace Russia's toxics program.

Environmentally minded residents of the northwestern, western, southwestern, southern, southeastern and eastern districts of Moscow should look for brightly colored receptacles near metro stations. Approximately 2,020 advertisement-bearing containers with separate openings for paper, plastic, aluminum and glass have been installed by M Media Group since 2004. This option doesn't pay but provides people with the opportunity to recycle, said Olga Lolua, a spokeswoman for M Media Group.

A new way to earn by recycling is to use a fandomat, which is something like a vending machine in reverse: You insert a bottle or can in the machine, and it gives you money. Fandomats -- from the German word for deposit, Pfand -- pay 10 kopeks per plastic bottle (0.2 liters to 0.6 liters), and 30 kopeks per aluminum can (up to 1 liter). They can be found next to supermarkets including Pyatyorochka, Sedmoi Kontinent, Diksi and Magnolia, said Pyotr Borodin, technical director for ProfBiznesTelekom, the company that installs them. Twenty fandomats are also available on Tverskaya Ulitsa, Borodin said.

Since September 2005, ProfBiznesTelekom has installed about 900 fandomats and plans to increase the number to 1,500 by May. Check your district newsletter or call the district authorities for more locations.

Businesses can recycle waste paper by calling a collector such as Ecobridge, which picks up paper and cardboard, paying 1,000 rubles per ton on average. Businesses that can recycle more than 500 kilograms of paper at a time should consider this option instead of trashing paper, said Gennady Khoroshev, Ecobridge's general director. Supermarkets, warehouses, print shops, post offices, and schools can all benefit from recycling, he said.

Khoroshev estimated that Moscow businesses recycle 95 percent of their paper waste, while only 10 percent of consumer paper waste is recycled.

Recycling Centers in Central Moscow
8 Krasnoarmeiskaya UlitsaAeroport
8 Kokkinaki UlitsaAeroport
14 Chasovaya UlitsaAeroport, Sokol
3 Ulitsa Salvadora AlyendeAeroport, Sokol
4 Barrikadnaya UlitsaBarrikadnaya
4/6 Bakuninskaya UlitsaBaumanskaya
23A Ulitsa RaskovoiDinamo, Savyolovskaya
Kalanchyovskaya UlitsaKomsomolskaya, Prospekt Mira
3 Georgiyevsky Pereulok Okhotny Ryad
1 Georgiyevsky Pereulok, Bldg. 2Okhotny Ryad
Rogozhsky Val (near the market) Ploshchad Ilicha
62-1 Novoslobodskaya UlitsaSavyolovskaya
44 ArbatSmolenskaya
75A Leningradsky ProspektSokol
5 Ananyevsky Pereulok, Bldg 9Sukharevskaya
Source: Clean Moscow