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Press Review

IZVESTIA (27/2/2006)

The Grand closing of the Olympic games took place Sunday in Torino. Russia has won 8 golden, 6 silver and 8 bronze medals for the past 22 days at the games. The story gives concrete numbers and figures (1, 11)

A sensational report has been given by scientists, at the annual meeting of American Association of clinical oncology, which just ended in San Francisco. A virus, which only had mouses with oncological diseases, appeared in human body. The Story talks about the report. (1, 3)

The State Duma passed a bill on counteraction against the terrorist in the third reading Sunday. The story gives more specifics. (1, 2) Komersant 1, 3)

The Russian Mikhail Fradkov approved Sunday a new program about safety on Russian roads. The government plans to give out 53 billion rubles to reduce traffic accidents in Russia. The story talks about the program and gives the numbers of accidents for the 2005. (1, 2) Komersant (2)

Russian presidential aide Sergei Yastrzhembsky said Sunday that Russia did not get any official notification from the EU about price increase on visas to Europe. Although EU Commission said last week that prices might get from 35 to 60 euro. The story describes the situation. (1, 2)

A Moscow court ruled to arrest director of Basmanny Market, where 66 people were killed after the market' s roof collapse, Mark MIshiev. The charges of causing death by negligees are pressed against him. The story talks about similar buildings in Russia comparing with the market. (1, 3) Komersant (5)

The SPS party offered to the Public Chamber a number of measures to prevent bullying in Russian army. The story describes the proposal. (2)

Moscow and Iran have reached an agreement on nuclear question. Iran is ready to cooperate with Russia said vice president of Iran Golam Reza Agazade. The story talks about negotiations. (2) Komersant (11)

Body of NTV' s reporter Ivan Zimin with signs of violent death found in his apartment in Moscow Sunday evening, police investigate. The story gives some background (2) Komersant (5)

Residents of a three story apartment building located in front of Basmanny Market, were evacuated Sunday. The building is very old and might collapse. The story explains the situation. (8)

Alexander Korsak, the head of Moscow' s Economic Security Agency, which is going to investigate the problem with tricked apartment investors in Moscow, gives an interview about the situation. (8)

The RBK mass media company announce about a new monthly magazine " RBK" . The magazine will appear on counters in March 15. (6)

The Federal Antimonopoly Agency (FAS) is going to check every purchase, which is going made by government officials on money taken from the budget. The story describes the situation. (6)

The privatization of " Svyazinvest" holding company owned by the government is finally open. The Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov signed decree that the company is going to work with law enforcement and government agencies. (6) Komersant (13)

KOMMERSANT (27/2/2006)

Commissioner for Human Rights from the Council of Europe, Alvaro Gil-Robles met with Chechen Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov in Groznyy Sunday. They discussed the situation with Denmark' s refugee council. Kadyrov promised to resume the council' s work in Chechnya. The story describes the situation (1, 6)

Russia' s former Prime Minister Mikhail Kosyanov and leader of " Nash Vibor" party Irina Khokomada are planning to announce about creating a new political movement in Moscow. Brief (1)

Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili answered some questions about the conflict between Georgia and South Osetia. Saakashvili says that he is not going to fight with South Osetia. The story contains the interview (1, 10)

The budgetary commission ahead with the Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov is going to examine the three-year budget 2006-2008 this week. The story describes the situation. (2)

The legislative assembly of Altai approved Viktor Lopatnikov as its new representative in the Russian Federal Council Sunday. The story talks about Lopatnikov' s work history. (3)

President Putin suggested to the legislative assembly of the constituent republic of Karelia reelect Sergey Katanandov as the head of the republic. The story reflects on the chose. (3)

The Kursk district court ruled late Saturday to suspend " Rodina" from upcoming elections into the regional parliament, because the pensioner party accused " Rodina" in bribery of voters by giving free car aromatizes with " Rodina" emblem. The story explains the situation. (3)

Deputies of Leningrad region legislative assembly turn down the region' s governor Valeriy Serdyukov' s suggestion to shorten the number of deputies at the assembly on almost one third. The story describes the situation. (4)

A diplomat of Netherlands embassy in Moscow came to a Moscow police station complaining about being beaten by security guards of Christ the Saviour Church. The story gives the specifics. (4)

Appeared on Sunday that two Russian businessmen blow up on a mine in Afghanistan. One lost a lag the other has slight injuries. The story gives details. (4)

The bodies of 45 Azerbaijani, killed in the Basmanny Market roof collapse in Moscow, delivered to Gyandzha, Azerbaijan by Il-76 special flight. Brief (5)

Moscow' s Presnenskiy court turned down the appeal of Ina Nikolaeva, the widow of compositor and conductor Yevgeniy Svetlaniv, for " Milodiya" company of violating allied rights. The story explains the situation. (6)

A prosecutor' s office pressed charges against director of industrial company " Mayak" , located in the Chelyabinsk region, pollution of the environment. The story gives details. (6)

Some participants of NBP party demanded Sunday to remove leader of the party Eduard Limonov and stop all protests, which ends in jail for those who acts. Limonov stated that it is FSB' s provocation and the participants are not actively involved into the party. The story describes the situation. (6)

A Chelyabinsk military court finished to examine first five criminal cases in Chelayabinsk tank academy. Two soldiers have been convicted. The story gives details. (6)

The board of " Gazprom" directors approved purchasing of 50% stocks of Swiss Rosukrenergo AG (RUE) from Gazprom-Bank Sunday. The other 50% has Austrian Raiffeisen Investment AG. The story describes the situation. (13, 16)


The State Duma is going to examine a draft about special economic areas of recreation places for tourists. The Story describes the situation. (1, 2)

President of Chechnya Alu Alkhanov noted, although there is no hostility in Chechnya, but people are being killed. The major problem is kidnapping. The story reflects on the situation. (2)

The story talks about apartments in Moscow, which are being taken by newcomers. Moscow authorities are developing new project to prevent this and give the opportunity for the other people from Moscow. (2)

Families of those who were killed at Basmaniy Market in Moscow will get 100, 000 rubles compensation. The story gives concrete numbers. (2)


According to Strategic Development Center a corruption rating, published on Sunday, in Russia, which was published Sunday Russia exceeds about 80% of countries

The story talks about the US' s concern about Russian democracy. Saying that American officials are discussing the ways to express this concern. According to Washington Post, one of the ways is the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice' s address. (1, 3)

The Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev talks about the ministry' s aim to retrieve people' s confidence towards the man in police uniform. The story contains his interview. (1, 6)

Heads of Audit and Public Chambers Sergey Stepashin and Yevgeny Velikhov signed cooperation agreement Sunday. The story describes the agreement. (2)

Former SPS official Ivan Starikov answers some questions about intentions to create a new party ahead with the former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov. Story contains the interview. (2)

The story gives details of RTS index, which exceeded 1500 mark Sunday. (5)