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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Followers of Fashion

If you only dressed like this season's catwalk models, a few days a month you'd be trussed up like a courtier of Marie Antoinette -- women in voluminous silken skirts and men in military jackets.

On others, you'd take your cue from the 1980s and wear circulation-stopping skinny jeans. You'd make sure that something in your ensemble was gray, and you'd occasionally nod to deluxe minimalism, donning plain but pricey items from top designers.

Then again, you might take the advice of stylists and others working in fashion here on how to interpret these trends for life in Moscow. At work and events like New Year's parties, how can you be up to the minute without being over the top?

Casual Wear

For weekend wear or a relaxed office, the craze for layering, inspired by Marc Jacobs' fall/winter collection, is a beautiful fit for people braving below-freezing temperatures.

"It's a very humane tendency for winter," said Anna Karabash, fashion features editor at Harper's Bazaar. "Put on layers, put on leggings, put on a sweater, 25 hats, 35 scarves."

One model in Jacobs' show was clad in a Chinese-inspired silk dress over trousers, fur scarf and sandals with socks. You don't have to go to this extreme, but the ethos should be bohemian and relaxed.

Men's clothing is going in the same direction; offbeat combinations are key.

Both sexes can also tap into the trend toward slimmer silhouettes. Skinny jeans may not suit everyone, but they're hard to avoid this season: Forget blue and consider a pair in gray, the color of choice in the ateliers for winter.

Office Wear

If you wear a suit to work, it should be narrow and fitted with a jacket that touches the top of your thighs, the catwalks say. Still, tailor Sammy Kotwani, founder of The Imperial Tailoring Co., cautioned against blindly following fashion when dressing for a smart office.

"We don't confuse clients with fashion. What you see in fashion, you never wear yourself."

The Imperial Tailoring Co.'s stylist, Olga Nikulishna, said: "We match a suit with the color of your hair, eyes -- it's very individual."

There's only one development you should consider, Kotwani said. Three-button suits were in for the past few years, but now it's two-button suits. If you make concessions to catwalk trends, he added, let them be to a Prince of Wales check pattern or a green tie.

Karabash agreed: Don't mess with a classic look like a suit, but most importantly, find one that fits properly. You can jazz it up with a colored shirt or tie.

Club Wear

For MT
How you should dress for a night out in Moscow depends on where you're going. At clubs like Dyagilev, the haunt for glam socialites like Ksenia Sobchak, it's mostly about bling.

"It should simply be very expensive brands, like D&G," said Alexei Kolpakov, Dyagilev's press liaison, on how to dress to get past doormen there. "The second option is normal-looking people in unusual clothes, multi-colored perhaps, like in New York. ... Our philosophy of face-control is beautiful, rich and famous people."

At other clubs, it's best to avoid giant monograms, stylists say. Men can dress down a suit, said Yekaterina Pavelko, Esquire's fashion director. When accessorizing, women should be bold.

"Jewelry's going larger and more," said Loree Rodkin, a Hollywood jewelry designer and former manager of Brad Pitt who was in Moscow recently. "They used to say: Put three things on, take one off. Now they say put three things on, add a few more."

New Year's

At a New Year's party, "it would be cool for a woman to wear something glittery, or a black dress with black sequins, or silver or gold glitter," said Karabash. At a formal event, simply wear a glittery dress that's a bit longer. If a man has to wear a tuxedo, lucky him: As long as it fits well, it's considered stylish in itself.

Beyond the New Year, if you want to get a head start on future trends, there's one unlikely source to turn to for ideas.

"It's about being a robot, it's about how people saw the future in the '80s," said Karabash. "The movie 'Terminator' is the inspiration. Arnold Schwarzenegger and all that cool steel stuff. I think that leather pants are great, you should wear them if you want to be in fashion."

Where to Buy

There are a few store names that Moscow stylists repeatedly drop. For cheaper clothes, try TopShop/TopMan (Yevropeisky Shopping and Entertainment Center, 2 Ploshchad Kievskogo Vokzala, M. Kievskaya) and Zara (4 Tverskaya Ulitsa, 692-0722, M. Okhotny Ryad) for men and women. If you have more to spend, multi-brand stores like Podium (multiple locations, and TsUM (2 Ul. Petrovka, 292-1157, M. Teatralnaya) are recommended. For high-end clothes, head for the boutiques on Tretyakovsky Proyezd (M. Lubyanka).