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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Have a Gothic Halloween

They may still attract plenty of curious glances, but goths, or goty as they are called in Russian, have become a fixture in Moscow, most noticeably in the park around the boulevard at Chistiye Prudy, where they gather in the evenings to chat, flirt and show off lovingly assembled funereal outfits.

While the goth movement started in 1980s-era Britain, a local subculture has developed in Russia, with its own magazines and bands. Alternative clothing stores stock goth outfits that may also make perfect Halloween costumes.

Get the Look

Some goths look for clothes at sex shops that stock latex and vinyl clothing and studded collars, while others prefer to buy their clothes in Europe, where there is more choice. Nevertheless, there are several rock-oriented stores in Moscow that also cater for goths.

A line of British jewelry strong on bat and skull motifs, Alchemy Gothic, is sold at the Rok Magazin store (2 Ul. Rozhdestvenka, 917-9417, M. Kuznetsky Most), which sells second-hand, full-length leather coats as well.

The jewelry, belt buckles and other accessories can be bought online at

There is also a Russian company, Mephisto Underground Fashion, that makes its own goth clothing. Its designs, ranging from velour capes to vinyl trousers and satin skirts -- any color as long as it's black -- are on sale at the rock music store Kultura (1 Meshchanskaya Ul., 207-58-87, M. Sukharevskaya), and the sex shop Tri Komnaty (1 Bagrationovsky Proyezd, 145-77-44, M. Fili). The company has a web site that offers online shopping,

The rock shop Khobgoblin, located in a cellar (24 Preobrazhensky Val, Korpus 4, 737-0735, M. Preobrazhenskaya), also stocks Alchemy Gothic jewelry and items of clothing that both rockers and goths wear, such as army boots, as well as cosmetics for goths -- black lipstick, white base and white powder.

Many goths get their clothes tailor-made, and there are various dressmakers that will sew their own or a client's designs. The locally published magazine Gothland offers this service on the style section of its web site,, with options including artificial leather corsets and a velvet corset with matching full-length skirt. Call 917-9417 for more information.

A store mainly for rockers, Mistika (41/1 Zelenodolskaya Ul., 175-4309, M. Kuzminki) sells leather clothing and accessories and also offers a tailor-made line of rubber "cyber-goth" clothing, shown on its web site,

Yevgeny Filonov / For MT
Celebrating Halloween at Tochka, one of the gothic community's meeting places.
Join the Community

The crowded Chistiye Prudy may be Moscow's best-known meeting place for goths, but some prefer the quieter pleasures of the historic Vvedenskoye Cemetery (1 Nalichnaya Ul., 360-6500/8132, M. Aviamotornaya). The Lutheran cemetery has romantic statuary on the graves, some of which date back to 1812, when French soldiers were buried there.

One of the hubs of the goth community is the the forum. Its main pages give information on concerts and festivals, and there is even a lonely-hearts section as well as small ads offering second-hand clothes. There is also a Live Journal community, Ru_Gothic, that concentrates on concert listings.

The concert circuit is perhaps the most vibrant aspect of the goth scene in Moscow, particularly around Halloween. Foreign acts and up-and-coming Russian bands play frequently at the studenty clubs Tochka (6 Leninsky Prospekt, 737-7666, M. Oktyabrskaya, and Relax (7 Ul. Melnikova, 675-9146, M. Proletarskaya, Another spot that holds goth concerts is the club Ikra (8A Ul. Kazakova, 262-4482, M. Kurskaya,

Moscow goths' own bi-monthly magazine, Gothland, which has come out since September 2004, can be bought at Gorbushkin Dvor music market ( and at Soyuz stores (, where it costs 88 rubles. The latest issue includes an interview with the Dutch band Clan of Xymox and the Russian band Black Countess, as well as eight pages of poems and stories sent in by readers.

There is also a St. Petersburg magazine called R.I.P. that can be bought at Moscow rock stores including Kultura, and a Ukrainian magazine called Gothica that can be bought at Khobgoblin store.

Anastasia Khaustova contributed to this report.