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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Exhibit Hall Collapses in Poland

The building's roof collapses on a pigeon show, killing at least 66 people.

Israel: No Contact Until Hamas Gives Up Terror

Acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday ruled out contacts with a Hamas-led Palestinian government until the Islamic group renounces violence, and Israel's defense minister threatened to ""liquidate"" Hamas militants involved in attacks.

New Regional Players, Same Great Game

Two hours north of Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, an Iranian construction firm is boring a hole in the side of the Fan Mountains. It's not for stashing weapons or nuclear material.

George and Vladimir Yawn at Democracy

At first blush, there is little similarity between the diligent ex-KGB foreign intelligence officer who rules Russia and the blue-blooded scion of a political family who rules the United States. And yet, when George W. Bush declared in 2001 that he got a sense of Vladimir Putin's soul by looking ""the man in the eye,"" it rang strangely true. There actually are close parallels between the men who, at the start of the new millennium, stumbled upon the presidencies of the two former Cold War rivals.

Business in Brief

Gazprom Accusations Gazprom on Friday accused Ukraine of siphoning off as much gas as Germany usually receives from Russia over three days, raising the heat in a renewed gas dispute that has led to more shortfalls in Russian gas exports to Europe. Ukraine, the transit point for 80 percent of Gazprom's gas supplies to Europe, has been consuming record amounts of gas as temperatures have plunged to record lows. Russia accuses Kiev of tapping into transit pipelines pumping gas to Europe. It won support Friday from Italy, which has had to call on Italian citizens to reduce heating use to help save energy because of daily shortages of Russian gas deliveries. (AP) Rosukrenergo Deal KIEV-- Ukraine may reject setting up a venture with Rosukrenergo to sell Russian gas, three weeks after a dispute over gas prices curtailed supplies to western Europe. ""The president and the government seek to set up a joint venture, but Rosukrenergo must be completely transparent for this.

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