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Press Review

IZVESTIA (24/8/2005)

August 24 exactly one year after the terrorist act on Tu-134 and Tu-154 planes, when 90 people were killed. The story reflects on what has happened over the last year refer to the situation and some opinions. (1, 6)

Security agencies did not confine themselves with requisitioning delivery with smuggling cell phones. The MVD have questions to " Evroset' ", about the company' s profit. Some analytics think that this zeal can cause collapse of the whole market. The prices on cell phones have risen by 10-15%, but after the yesterday MVD' s announsment will rise, at list the same. The story gives details. (1, 3)

Russia starts the CIS reforming. Russia intends to cardinally change its policy in post-Soviet area, but at the same time patiently explaining to CIS partners that Moscow is not going to rebuild the soviet empire. Said to " RIA-novosti" unknown high rank official in Kremlin. The story reflects on his comments. (1, 2)

The birthday of ex-Chechen President Akhmat Kadirov, killed May 9 last year, was widely celebrated in Chechnya Tuesday. All Lenin' s streets will be changed into Kadirov' s. (2)

President Putin spoke on a meeting with the Ministers devoted to the differentiation of power between the government in Sochi. The story reflects on the meeting. (2)

The President Putin signed the decree about passing the Chechens Parliament elections on November 27. Brief. (2)

Former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovskiy has gone on hunger strike to protest Platon Lebedev' s transfer to punishment cell. Announced Khodorkovskiy' s attorney Anton Drel Tuesday. The story reflects on his plans to join the State Duma. (2)

Former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov won' t stay in abroad, which is suggested by his friends and enemies, and going to return to Moscow be the end of August. Said his press secretary Tatiana Razbash, Tuesday. The story reflects on the situation. (2)

The calibration of 1000 years anniversary has started Wednesday in Kazan. Where President Putin and the other CIS Presidents will stay during their visit? And what security going to be provided? In the Story. (3)

The Minister of Regional Development Vladimir Yakovlev inspecting the Far East for prepares for winter. The story gives some details. (3)

Israeli army is cleans the settlements on the west coast of Jordan River in Israel. (1, 4)

The President of Turkmen Samparmut Niyazov has band to all of the people in the republic to sing with phonogram on any state concerts and at home celebrations. The story gives some details. (4)

Two high-school girls jumped out of a 16-story apartment building in Moscow late Tuesday. A prosecutor' s office has opened a criminal investigation. (1, 6)

Ex-captain of Ingushetia police, who was helping rebel fighters Bashir Pliev, was killed during the special operation Tuesday in Ingushetia. The story describes the situation. (6)

The mothers of the children who were killed in Beslan' s school refused to leave the courtroom saying that as far as the Prosecutors did not announced officials guilty of hundreds of hostage' s deaths let the guard arrest us, the mothers who couldn' t protect their children. (6)

The government almost froze the mortgage program. Although tow mounts ago the Cabinet approved the program' s development with intend to give 3, 7 billion rubles for this, but there was no money for this in the new budget' s project for 2006. The story gives details. (7)

The RTS index has rose for 861 points. People in the market say that it is like stock blister. The story explains the situation (7)

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov signed decree Tuesday for giving ground place in Moscow to Lukoil for the construction of a new office building. (7)

Because of the cancellation of governmental licensing, the competition struggle as inside professional estimator union and between firms. The story contains estimator agency Yunipravex opinion. (8)

The Moscow authorities Tuesday tried to share Moscow' s budget for 2006. The story gives concrete numbers. (9)

People in the Moscow' s metro found the way to avoid rush-hour lines in to the ticket window, by paying to old ladies, who watch over the entrance. The story reflects on the situation. (9)

Yesterday' s brief about Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov' s suit against State Duma' s deputy Alexander Lebedev; he criticized the mayor in " Zhiteli" newspaper. Apeared Tuesday that attorney of holding company " Intero" appealed to the Prosecutor' s General Office with request to open a criminal case against the deputy into calumny. The story talks about the situation with. (9)

KOMMERSANT (24/8/2005)

The Federal Tax Agency announced Tuesday that the return of export' s value added tax to taxpayers will stops after January 1. The story consist details. (1)

President Putin on Tuesday signed decree about resignation of the head of State Reconstruction Agency of Chechnya Batukhan Kurbaev. The story describes the situation. (2)

Former Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovskiy has gone on hunger strike to protest Platon Lebedev' s transfer to punishment cell. The story describes his situation. (3)

The head of Easter Siberian rail road Alexander Tishanin, who was recommended to the President as the governor of the Ircutsk region, has gain support by all the fractions and deputy groups of the regional parliament. The story reflects on the situation. (3)

Astrakhans regional prosecutor' s office has brought charges against three people over the big fight between Chechens and Kalmiks in Yandiki region. Brief. (4)

The Russian MVD got very interested with coal production companies, and how do they pay their taxies. MVD announced Tuesday that during the checking they found that some companies are using intricate way of selling coal. The story gives concrete figures. (5, 7)

The head of Antimonopoly Service Igor Artemov sent documents to Industry and Energy Ministry and Economic Development and Trade Ministry about gas market development, which contains governmental project, which can be a problem for Gasprom. The story describes the situation. (6)

The Russian Central Bank and the Antimonopoly Service on Tuesday signed a deal of partnership in banking services market. The story gives dilates. (6)

The British High Court' s judge Peter Smith Tuesday announced that the Sibir Energy' s case going to be closed. The official decision will be announced Thursday, at the same time the arrest on the stock will be release. The story reflects on the situation. (6)

The head of MVD' s economic department Sergey Mescherekov on Tuesday concluded the first six months of this year. About a 50% of tax crime have been revealed by the department. The story gives numbers. (7)


The story talks about invitations to the new Public Chamber in the State Duma. President Putin already sent the invitations to the most honored citizens of Russia, one of them the famous actor Alexander Kolyakin. (1, 3)

According to the Russian statistic, the prices on car gas in Russia, have risen by 0, 4% in the period of August 9 to 15. The story gives some numbers. (3)

Dmitriy Ayatskov, appointed as the Russian ambassador in Belarus, may not come to Belarus. His appointment was a month ago since than he sets aside his arrivals to Belarus. The information that he arrives there by August 20th did not confirmed. Mass media doesn' t know where hi is. The story reflects on the situation. (5)

The story talks over appointment of a new governor of the Kaliningrad region. The presidential envoi Ilya Klebanov did not announced the names which are in the list of candidates only said that among them not only Kaliningrad' s people. NOVIYE IZVESTIA (2)


The government Tuesday made some amendment project into the 2006 budget. According to the document the income would be much bigger than expenses, the budget' s proficit will be 776 billion rubles. The story describes the situation. (1, 7)

The Charmin of Chechen Parliament Taus Dzhbrailov announced Tuesday that if the Parliament elections wouldn' t be clean and democratic, the government system will collapse in two or three years. The story examines the situation. (2)

The Moscow authorities did not forgot the idea with taxi helicopter in Moscow. Helicopters will start flying in 2006, and the price will be about $650 an hour. The story gives some details. (3)

The Government decided to give about 50 tones of chemicals to the regions for fight against insects, which are eating the crops. (3)


So called erotic film about so called Yulia, which looks like Timoshenko and Misha, which looks like Sookoshvilli has bin finished in Moscow. The film is about 26 minutes long. The story reflects on background making and the scenario. (15)

The information in the black box of Boeing-737, crashed in Greece, was promulgate Tuesday. Appeared that one of the flight attendants tried to contact the ground using the radio, 15 minutes before the crash. And another Olympic Airlines Boeing-737 Tuesday had to have an emergency landing because of the air-condition problems. (3)


The MIMS-2005 auto show has opened Tuesday in Moscow. More than 900 exhibitors presented by 30 countries. The story describes the show. (5)

Police arrested a car with grug dialers, who tried to bring marihuana in to the MAKS air show Sunday. (1)