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Press Review

IZVESTIA (25/8/2005)

The Russian MVD has started to check schools for antiterrorist security. The story reflects on the situation with safety. (1, 6)

A few days left before Russia is going to mark Beslan' s anniversary. The story has an interview with ex-president of North Osetia Alexander Dzasokhv he answers questions the situation in Beslan. (1, 6)

How did the Russian television changed in the last season, in the interview with the president of TVTS channel Oleg Poptsov. (1, 10)

The protest of Beslan' s mothers, who spend almost 24 hours in the Supreme Courtroom, ended with nothing. The story describes the situation. (1, 2)

The 14th Ukrainian Independence Day was celebrated poorly. The story describes the calibration events in Ukraine. (1, 4)

After December 1 all the city telephone cods in Russia, which start with 0 will be changed into 4. The story includes the document and concrete figures. (1, 8)

Appeared Wednesday that Mikhail Khodorkovskiy for about a month stayed with ex- colonelcy GRU Vladimir Kvachkov, accused of organization of attempt kill head of RAO " UES of Russia" Anatoly Chubais, their attorneys confirmed the information. The story reflects on the situation. (2)

The Russian-Chinese military exercises Peaceful Mission 2005 continue in China. The Story reflects on some official' s comments. (2)

Te President of Karachaevo-Cherkesk Mustafa Batiev said Wednesday that the terrorism act similar to the one in Beslan had been prevented in May 05 in Karachaevsk. The story gives concrete figures. (2)

The Governmental Advocates Office for free help to indigent people in Russia will start working in 2006. For now as experiment 15 law workers in each 10 regions. The story reflects on the situation. (2)

The president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev announced during the answering people' s questions in the special phone calls event, that he might put a veto on the president elections December 4 and to run for the second term. The story gives some of his comments. (2)

Deputies of local Nizhniy Novgorod decided to take 15 million rubles assigned for financing local bandy team " Star" and give them to riper the mansion where the governor Valeriy Shantsev going to live. The story describes the situation. (3)

One of the most the culminational moments of celebrating Kazan' s 1000 anniversary will be The Scorpions band concert " The Moment of Glory" August 29. The story reflects on the concert program. (3)

A large arsenal of weapons 20 AKs, six grenade launchers, three pistols and about 50 kilos of TNT discovered by police in an apartments Moscow. The brief gives specifics. (3)

The youth movement " Rodina" plans to create in about two weeks " The Unoted Youth league" which will include " AKM" , the Comunist Youth Union and Limonov' s " NBP" . It would be the opposite of " Nashi" Said on a press conference Wednesday coordinator of the " league" Oleg Bondarenko. Brief (3)

About 48 people, including the crew, were killed in Boeing-737 with 100 passengers crashed in Peru. The story gives specifics. (4)

The Ministers don' t know where to fined money for buying 10, 7% of " Gasprom" . Economy Minister German Gref suggested Monday to sell some of " Rosneft" stock, but Wednesday Khrustenko said that money could be found if the stocks would bee pleased in to markets through IPO. Appears that, the ministers are still wondering how to pay back the $7, 5 billion credit. The story describes the situation. (7)

The Moscow' s arbitrary court, Thursday going to examine the case about Yukos' s privatization in 1995. Brief (7)

The Rosstat Wednesday published the report about price increase on car gas. The story gives concrete numbers. (7)

The Government Wednesday changed a number of custom duties. Import Custom duties on tennis and mountain skis lowered 3 times. The story explains the situation. (7)

The budget project for 2006 will be sent to the State Duma Friday. The story reflects on what may happen. (7)

Agriculture Ministry Alexei Gordeyev Wednesday announced the data of grain intervention, August 29 President Putin on a meeting with governor of the Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Tkachev, said that the document will be signed immediately. The story reflects on the situation. (8) Komersant (2)

KOMMERSANT (25/8/2005)

The Court of Appeal Wednesday settled the case between Federal Service of Finance Markets (FSFR) and OAO " Tolyattiazot. The company announced the information about its governing body and the list of commercial classified information, which refused to give before to the FSFR. The court legitimated the FSFR appeal. The story explains the situation. (1, 5)

Mikhail Kasyanov' s house in " Sosnovka-1" may be pulled down, because the Environment Surveillance Agency found some violations in the area. The agency' s official Oleg Mitkov wants to reach the decision about demolition. The story reflects on situation. (1, 4)

The biggest cell phone seller " Evroset" announced Wednesday that it will import cell phones to Russia on its own, because of MVD' s involvement in to the situation. The story describes the situation. (1, 7)

Presidential envoi of Northwestern region Ilya Klebanov announced Wednesday that he is for the regions unification. He doesn' t exclude that in perspective unification of Archangelsk and Nenetskiy autonomy and Novgorod and Pskov regions. The story reflects on the situation. (2)

The FSIN Wednesday disapproved the information about Khodoekovskiy' s hunger strikes, saying that he regularly gets products. The story explains the situation with Khodorkovskiy on his so called strike. (2)

SPS Wednesday spread the statement of its counsel, in which proclaiming solidarity with Khodorkovskiy and Lebedev' s fight for their rights. It calls Khodorkovskiy to stop his hunger strike and save strengths for democracy. The story reflects on the situation and gives some background. (4)

Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov signed the document of selling Ukraine hotel' s 100% of stocks in an auction. The pre-price is about $157 million. The story reflects on the situation. (5)


The conflict in RSPP about who is going to be the new president of the Union is under discussion. The candidates are Igor Yugens, Alexander Shohlin, Nikolay Tonkov and Nikolay Tsvetkov. The story talks about the situation among the Union' s officials. (1, 3)

The Legislative Assembly of the Irkutsk region with presidential envoi Anatoliy Kvashin, going to examine the question about Alexander Tishanin' s candidacy into the governor post. The story talks about Alexander Tishanin. (4)

Belarus opposition is considering to have a congress, in the first days of October, on which plans to announce the name of the main Lukashenko' s rival for the next presidential elections. The story talks over the situation in Belarus. (5)


More than 300, 000 deputies must be chosen into deferent local government bodies. But close to the end registration showed that there are many free chair. The story describes the situation. (1, 2)

The Russian Road police (GIBDD) announced Wednesday that they need to raise the fines, because this will help to establish the situation on Russian roads. The story reflects on the roads situation and some officials comments. (1, 6)

Appeared Wednesday that Chechen Federal Console without waiting the Parliament election, have developed more than 50 bills for the Parliament.


The number of Russian military institutes of higher education going to be shorten in the next five years. Of all 76 schools, 17 going to be closed. Announced Defense Ministry Wednesday. The story gives some details. (1, 3)

According to social survey of " Levada-Tsentr" , more than a half citizens of Russia think that ex-governor of the Altai region Mikhail Evdakimov was killed because of an attempt. The story reflects the survey and some of Evdakimov' s background. (1, 3)