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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

First Lady Sheds Some Light on Life With Putin

President Vladimir Putin usually comes home at midnight, likes to drink kefir, or yogurt, and never discusses work with his family members, first lady Lyudmila Putin revealed in an interview published Wednesday.

Putin, 48, also stressed the need to fight for the rights of women, who she believes face severe discrimination in Russia, according to the lengthy interview with three Russian newspapers. She acknowledged that she also had to fight for her rights in the Putin family.

The president's wife also complained that her husband worked late hours, forgetting that "one needs not only to work, but also to live," she was quoted as saying.

"He works too hard," Putin said. "All members of the family know it and that is why those who want to communicate [with him] wait for his arrival at the table with a cup of the evening kefir."

The Putins have two daughters, Katya and Masha.

When President Putin comes home, he may tell his family members of the day's events but leaves political questions aside.

"If you ask a question about some of his work plans, it is useless, of course. Better not to bother," Putin said.

Nor does he ask his family for advice.

"That has never happened," Putin said, adding that her husband probably still listened to what she had to say. "But he never says: 'Here I took your opinion into account.'"

Putin lamented that Russian women were discriminated against, noting there were no women in the Cabinet. "One can say that the world consists of men and women, but power belongs only to men."

Putin admitted that, like many other Russian women, she also had to defend her rights in the family.

"In my family I have always stood up for my rights and the rights of all women, but I strive not to do it aggressively," she said. "Aggressive [methods], in my view, are not acceptable at any place or time. And they only hurt us, women."

And there was no question of who wore the pants in the Putin family. Putin described her husband as the ultimate head of the family, and said that he had cut short all attempts by some to lobby through his family.

"He just made it understood that this is unacceptable," she said. "And I, of course, as is always the case in our family, accepted this position as my own."