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Press Review


IZVESTIA (8/2/2005)

In an interview presidential economic adviser Andrei Illarionov a month after his resignation from the post of presidential representative in G-8 for the first time names reasons behind his resignation. He says in part that his stance on the Kyoto Protocol is quite the opposite from the official gvt one. Illarionov' s statements made in 2004 are cited. (1, 10)

Iran on Monday threatened the USA with a reply military blow -- this is how it responded to President George W. Bush' s statement to the NBC company, in which Bush did not exclude military actions against Iran. The story comments on the statement by Iran' s Supreme National Security Council Secretary -General Hasan Rohani. (Sp. ?) . (1, 4, Kommersant, 9)

In an interview Ukraine' s Justice Minister Roman Zvarich (Sp. ?) says how Ukraine intends to react to Boris Berezovsky' s decision to come to live in Kiev and how it will build its relationships with Russia. (1, 5)

According to the Central Bank' s information, the volume of cash in Russia in 2004 increased by 36. 3 percent, and 50 percent of this increase -- 17. 3 percent-- went to s the last months of that year. Experts on the basis of their analysis predict a new upsurge of inflation that the Economic Development Ministry prefers to ignore. The story examines factors that sparked soaring inflation in 2004, focusing on experts' view. (2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 5, Trud, 5)

The gvt session on Monday presided over by Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov discussed a serious problem of providing benefit-recipients with free medicines. The story describes the discussion, proposals and new instructions for the Health Ministry and its head Mikhail Zurabov. (2, Kommersant, 2, Russky Kuryer, 6, Gazeta, 2, Trud, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3, MK, 1, 3)

Coal-miners from the Rostov region in Moscow on Monday staged a protest. The story describes this act and the protesters' demands. Coal- miners' labour union leader Ivan Mokhnachuk commented on the situation, saying how the law on the monetarization of welfare benefits has adversely affected the life of over 20, 000 miners. (2)

A new wave of social discontent is building up in Russia: this time representatives from transport companies in several regions intend to voice their protest against authorities' actions to help pensioners with free transport tickets. The story describes transport workers' protests in several regions. (2)

The CIS Inter-State Statistics Committee has made public economic results of CIS countries in 2004. The results of the Russian economy are very poor. The story offers figures to illustrate the point. (3, Noviye Izvestia, 3, Rossiiskaya Biznes Gazeta, 1, 5, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3)

Georgia' s President Mikheil Saakashvili during his state of the nation address to the parliament on Thursday will name a new candidate to the post of prime minister. The story looks at several candidatures. (1, 3, Kommersant, 10, Noviye Izvestia, 1, 4)

The story examines official results of the gubernatorial elections in the Nenets Autonomous Area. Fifty-three -year-old Professor of the Arkhangelsk State Technical University Alexei Barinov has become governor. The story looks at his professional career. (1, 3, Kommersant, 1, 3, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, 3, Gazeta, 3, Vremya Novostei, 1, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1, 4, MK, 2)

The inter-departmental session in the Kremlin on Monday discussed an upcoming merger of three regions -- Krasnoyasky Krai, the Evenk and Taimyr autonomous areas. The story examines the discussion and serious problems. (3)

President Putin at his meeting with Cabinet ministers demanded from Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin a considerable increase in salaries for the army servicemen. The brief looks at other issues discussed at the session. (3, Kommersant, 2, Trud, 2, Krasnaya Zvezda, 1, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 2)

The story introduces Ukraine' s new Cabinet of Minister, which is the youngest by age in the history of the republic. (5)

Famous hockey-player Pavel Bure is suing the magazine " Arbat Prestizh Telegid" for slandering him and Anna Kurnikova. The story gives details. (6)

Dmitry Vlasov, former investigator in the Vladivostok Prosecutor' s Office, who was sacked for violating prosecutor' s ethics, killed three prosecutors and himself on Monday. The story gives details, focusing on one and the same version -- the murder as a vendetta killing. (1, 6, Kommersant, 1, 7, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, Vremya Novostei, 3, Russky Kuryer, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 6, MK, 2)

The Palane City Court (Koryak Autonomous Area) has opened a trial of Vice-Governor Mikhail Sokolovsky, who is accused of foiling the heating season in his district. The story details the case. (6)

The Natural Resources Ministry headed by Yury Trutnev intends to sell this year considerably more licenses to develop mineral resources than last year. The story comments the ministry' s decision, focusing on its aim. (9)

German BMW and DaimlerChrysler on Monday suspended the production of their diesel autos due to a batch of defective fuel pumps. (9)

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service on Monday identified the bank Russky Standart as a violator, and dropped the case against it. The bank has corrected its mistakes and no longer spreads false information about a real price of its credits. The story examines its case. (11)

The Central Bank has announced the imposing of a " bicurrency guiding line" in determining its currency rate policy. The story reveals its essence. (11)

Nine journalists from different newspapers examine results of television channels in January. The focus is on a new tendency in their assessments. (14)

KOMMERSANT (8/2/2005)

The Economic Development Ministry headed by German Gref on Monday made public a draft of the 2005-2008 social and economic development program. On Dec. 22, 2004 the prime minister asked Gref to rework the draft, but practically nothing has been amended. The story examines the draft and its uncorrected provisions. (1, Vremya Novostei, 1, 2)

Yukos' main shareholder Gibralter Group MENATEP has come up against serious difficulties in its preparations for the annual meeting of the oil company' s shareholders. Thus, one of the Group' s managing directors Tim Osborn, a Yukos shareholder, is unable to find candidates for the Board of Directors, because no one wants to work in it. The story examines this and other difficulties. (1, 16)

The State Duma on Wednesday is expected to consider an issue on a vote of no-confidence in the gvt. This proposal was made on Monday by members of the United Russia faction presidium. But the motion will hardly receive the necessary 226 votes:United Russia deputies decided that the best punishment for the gvt is to continue its work. The story comments on the issue. (2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 3, Noviye Izvestia, 1, 2, Gazeta, 1, 2, Vremya Novostei, 2 Russky Kuryer, 4, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3, MK, 2)

The story reports on how Russian and Chechen politicians on Monday commented on Chechen rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov' s interview published in Kommersant of Feb. 7. The focus is on the essence of their comments. (4, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 3)

Kabardino-Balkaria' s Interior Ministry on Monday put eight-month Leila, a daughter of Yarmuk leader Muslim Atayev, on the wanted list. The story describes the case. (5)

The story describes new developments in the Moscow Meshchansky District Court that on Monday continued to consider the case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. The focus is on speeches by their lawyers. (5)

Armenia-Lada Director-General Rafael Shakhmurudyan has been found killed outside Tolyatti with a would in the head. His press-case with $250, 000 was stolen. The story details the case. (6)

The editorial board of the newspaper " Novaya Gazeta" on Monday announced its decision to contest in court the ruling of the Moscow Basmanny District Court of Feb. 4, in which several stories by journalist Anna Politkovskaya about the situation in the 45th paratroopers regiment was recognized as false. The story examines the conflicting situation. (8)

Ukraine' s President Viktor Yushchenko on Monday visited several regions with the aim of preparing the ground for launching reforms that would make democratic transformations in Ukraine irreversible. The story describes his visit. (10)

The domestic Grain Union (RZS) on Monday favoured a stricter regime of food imports from the European Union states. RZC has applied to Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov to take measures. Brief. (13 )

The Lebedinsky cannery plans to buy several dairy combines in several regions and to form a full-fledged dairy holding. The story comments on Lebedinsky' s ambitious plans, saying what experts think of them. (13 )

The Mirax (former Stroimontazh) construction company has found money s for the construction of its most ambitious project-- the Federatsia complex in the Moskva-City business center. On Wednesday the company will sign an agreement with Vneshtorgbank that will release the company a $250 million credit. (13)

The dollar rate in Russia on Monday increased by 16 kopecks -- up to 28, 12 rubles. , which was directly connected with the consolidation of the American currency on the international market. The story describes the situation on the domestic currency market. (14)

VEDOMOSTI (8/2/2005)

Yukos has demanded from state officials to explain why the company' s tax debt has not been written off up to now. The company suspects that the buyer of Yuganskneftegaz has failed to pay for the purchase. The story describes what reply Yukos has received in the Finance Ministry. (A1)

New BMW autos assembled in Russia and designated for federal ministers have been held up in Kaliningrad for a long time. The story looks at the reason. (A1)

The STS Media company may cost about $1 billion-- this is what analysts think after the purchase of 5 percent of shares of American Fidelity Investments. The cost of other big television channels is not less, but it' s impossible to valuate them due to intransparency of their business, say experts. (A1)

Ukraine' s new authorities have given serious promises, and now their actions are being scrutinized by the West and East: reformers now will have to show that the " Orange Revolution" will really lead to revolutionary transformations of all post-Soviet living space. (A1 )

Yukos Monday notified the Houston Bankruptcy Court that it retracts its claims to the banks AMRO Bank, BNP Paribas, Calyon, J. P. Morgan, Chase Bank and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. Previously Yukos asked the banks to officially confirm that they had not taken part in funding the purchase of 76. 7 percent of Yuganskneftegaz and at the given moment do not have any agreements on the further crediting of this deal. Brief. (A1)

Yugra governor Alexander Filipenko is continuing to govern a large oil and gas region. Urals Federal District presidential representative Pyotr Latyshev over the weekend submitted his candidacy to the Kremlin administration for consideration. Surgut Mayor Alexander Sidorov' s candidature was also proposed. (A2)

Domestic companies in several years will receive an opportunity not to pay the profit tax if their activities yield losses. The Economic Development Ministry intends to give such a chance to innovation companies working in specific economic zones. (A3)

The housing utility tariffs in January soared beyond all expectations. The story offers figures to illustrate the point. (A3)

Can corruption be defeated in Ukraine? Five specialists share their viewpoints. (A4)

In an interview Garry Wilson (Sp. ?) , Director-General of the SladKo confectionery association, tells the history of his company, focusing on its profit-making business in Russia. (A6)


The new supplier of Turkmen gas to Ukraine --RosYkrEnergo --has much in common with its predecessor -- a mysterious Hungarian Eural TG company that was created by 4 private individuals. Oleg Palchikov, former head of the Moscow mission of Eural TG, has been appointed co-Director of RosUkrEnergo. (B1)

The gvt has invited one more Irkut representative --Valery Bezverkhny -- to administer state-owned enterprises of the aviation industry. He will control the unification of domestic leading companies into a unified aviation construction corporation. Experts believe this choice to be reasonable. (B1)

The dollar that fell in late 2004 is rapidly gaining back its positions. Thus, the euro, for the first time over the past 3 months fell lower than the $1. 28 mark and continues to move in this direction. And the ruble, following the euro, is going down in its price. (B1)

Gazprom and Gasum have extended the term of their main export contract on the delivery of Russian natural gas to Finland until Dec. 31. 2025 This is stated in Gaprom' s press release. Brief. (B1 )

Severstal plans to sign an agreement on the purchase of 62 percent of shares of Lucchni, a leading steel producer in Italy. Brief. (B1)

The Gazprom Management Board is drafting amendments to the company' s dividend policy. This was stated by Managementoard Deputy head Andrei Kruglov. Brief. (B1)

Economic Development Minister German Gref Monday shared his view on the Rosneft' s deal to buy Yuganskneftegaz. (B1)

Norwegian Yara International has come to Russia where on Monday it announced a purchase of 30 percent of shares of the Mineral Fertilizers enterprise in the Voronezh Region. (B2)

The Central Bank has promised to credit banks under the guarantee of securities with the investment rating of an international agency. (B5)


Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin and the Central Bank leadership in charge of inflation regulation are so far pretending that nothing serious is happening today, but in reality what is taking place is only empty talk about their efforts to restrain inflation that in the first month of this year alone already amounted to 2. 6 percent, one-third of the figure (7. 5-8. 5 percent) s planned by the gvt for the whole year. The story comments on this disturbing issue, focusing on experts' views. (1, 3)

The flu epidemic is expected to come to Moscow in a week. The story describes its specific features. (9)


Central Bank Deputy Head Konstantin Korishchenko stated on Friday that the admission of banks to the system of insuring deposits will lower the main psychological risks rather than the financial ones. If the banking crisis like the one last year breaks out tomorrow, the state will be unable to protect all depositors. The story reveals the essence of his statement. (1, 3)

The Ukrainian press rather than official authorities has appointed Moscow stage artistic director Roman Viktyuk, the most scandalous one, to the post of Culture Minister of Ukraine. He intends to go there to make the situation clear. In an interview he talks about his plans. (1, 5)

Another wave of protests began in St. Petersburg on Monday against city television channels that launched information blockade to monetarization protesters. The story describes the protests and their participants' demands. (2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 4)

The Federation Council today is expected to say its last word on the package of amendments to the anti-terror legislation that the presidential administration submitted to the State Duma. Several Defense and Security Committee deputies disagree with the Kremlin' s amendments. The story examines them in detail. (2 )

The dollar will slowly grow up and by the end of this year it can amount to 28, 6 rubles. The story reports on how analysts explain the growth of the dollar. (3)

All domestic banks that will be included in the system of insuring deposits will become known by March 27. In an interview Alexander Turbanov, Director General of the Agency for Insuring Deposits State Corporation, reveals the essence of the system. (3)


President Putin has signed four presidential decrees adding provisions to the Law concerning the state civil service. (The law took effect on Feb. 1) The aim of these decrees is to raise the qualification of state employees. The story reveals their essence. (2)

The story examines benefits that Ukrainian Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko decided to give to former President Leonid Kuchma. His present benefits are compared with the ones enjoyed by former Russian President Boris Yeltsin. (2)

In a short interview self-exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky says in part that Chechens now have their own nuclear bomb. (3)

The story features Ukrainian Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko and her very beautiful dresses. The question raised in the story is-- has she decided to set a new fashion for female prime ministers ? (4)

The American Smith & Wessen firm at the annual arms exhibition in La Vegas has presented the most powerful pistol in the world --460XVR. The story describes this " toy" . (5)

In an interview Trans-Dniestria' s President Igor Smirnov describes a tense situation in his republic, focusing on its dangerous neighbour --Moldova. (8)

In an interview Dmitry Kirpichenko, President of the open mutual investment fund " Maxwell Kapital" , talks about his fund that emerged in the spring of 2004, focusing on how it became very popular among its clients (8)

The story describes several foreign banks that have opened its offices in Russia, focusing on its official stance on them. For ordinary people they are reliable but not profitable, since their annual interest rates are lower than the market ones. (9, 10)

Igor Syrnikov, head of the Moscow Social Protection Department, answers questions from KP readers about the cancellation of welfare benefits. (14, 15)


Russian history school textbooks describe the deeds of many national heroes, but few people ever think whether those historical events took place in reality. The story gives concrete historical facts that are doubted by experts. (1, 4)

The story examines all weak points of the gvt and its head Mikhail Fradkov, saying that he has failed to live up to the president' s hopes. (

According to reports from the Emergency Situations Ministry, more than 4, 000 Russians died in fires, road accidents and in other emergency situations in January. Brief. (2)

The State Duma on Wednesday is expected to consider a reworked beer bill. The State Duma passed it in November last year, but the president rejected it. The story examines the new variant. (2)

The International Astronomical Union has allowed to give the name of prominent military commander Marshal of the USSR Vasily Chuikov to a newly discovered small planet. The story features this event. (1, 10)

The feature story highlights 30-year-old Muscovite Maxim Yegorov, who works in a charity organization and who has adopted 7 children. (7)