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Press Review

IZVESTIA (24/11/2005)

Hotel Ukraina, a Stalin-era skyscraper on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, at an open auction on Wednesday was sold for $273 million to the Biskvit company. The story describes the auction, its participants and the winner. (1, 3, 6, Kommersant, 1, 16, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, 5, Noviye Izvestia, 7)

Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov through his decree on Wednesday introduced new biometric foreign passports with embedded electronic chips. Russians will be able to receive such passports starting Jan. 1, 2006. The story describes them in detail, saying why Russia needs them. (1, 2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 9, Vremya Novostei, 1, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2)

In an interview Russia' s Ambassador to Ukraine Viktor Chernomyrdin explains why Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov has postponed rather than cancelled his visit to Ukraine. He also clears the situation with President Putin' s visit to Ukraine and with the accession of Ukraine and Russia to the WTO. (1, 5, Trud, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2)

Moscow Chief Military Commissar Vasily Krasnogorsky at a news conference on Wednesday told journalists about results of the autumnal army conscription campaign. The story offers official figures from his report. (1, 2, 6, Noviye Izvestia, 7)

The Congress of the United Russia party will open in Krasnoyarsk on Saturday. In an interview (on the eve of this even) party leader and State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov examines the relationships of his party with the presidential administration. He also explains why United Russia needs a party gvt and why it has decided to change its symbolism. (1, 2, Vremya Novostei, 4)

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko at a special news conference for Russian journalists in Minsk on Wednesday determined his role in history and said what the defeat of the present Belarussin administration would mean for Russia. But Lukashenko expressed his confidence that " the presidential elections scheduled for next year will run smoothly in order not to expose Russia" . Lukashenko also explained why the USSR had collapsed and why there was the opposition in Belarus. (2, Kommersant, 10, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2, Vremya Novostei, 2, Gazeta, 1, 25, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 5)

A recent explosion at a Chinese chemical plant has seriously polluted the local Sungari River, the water from which may soon reach the Amur River in the Far East. Khabarovsk authorities have expressed their concern over the troubling situation. The danger may also reach other cities in the Far East. (4, Kommersant, 8, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2, Noviye Izvestia, 6, Gazeta, 1, 11, Vremya Novostei, 1, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 6)

Alla Pugacheva and Philipp Kirkorov decided at last to make public their divorce that happened eight months ago. The focus is on their love story. (4, Noviye Izvestia, 5)

Moscow authorities have banned a march of democratic organizations in the center of Moscow on Nov. 27. This was stated in Ekho Moskvy on Wednesday by spin doctor Georgy Satarov. Brief. (4, Kommersant, 8 )

Highly-regarded economist Professor Yevgeny Yasin, seniour researcher at the Higher School of Economics, shares his view on reasons behind a worsened business climate in Russia. (6)

The St. Petersburg City Court at its last but one session on Wednesday continued to consider the criminal case of the Mad Crowd group, the members of which are accused of attacking and beating people with a different colour of skin and shape of their eyes. The story describes Wednesday' s developments in the courtroom. (8)

The tax amnesty for those who decided to legalize their capital has been postponed, and most probably will begin on July1, 2002 rather than on Jan. 1, as was supposed before. This was stated on Wednesday by Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov. Only individuals will receive the right for the amnesty. The story comments on Shatalov' s statement. (9, Kommersant, 15, Vremya Novostei, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3)

The gvt at a session today will again discuss the monetarization theme, since upcoming January may bring new social riots: a new stage of monetarization will come -- this time the social benefits will be cancelled in the housing-utility sphere. The story reveals the essence of the new monetarization stage. (1, 9)

According to Rosselkhoznadzor, 96 percent of black caviar on the domestic market is counterfeit, which, however does not mean that it' s dangerous for health. But how to find non-counterfeit? The story offers several recommendations. (10)

The Supplement today is devoted to Azerbaijan that after the November parliamentary elections has entered a new political epoch under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev. The story examines the republic' s new tasks and problems. (11, 12)

Moscow prosecutors have checked several city public schools to see whether their administrators and teachers extort money from pupils' parents. The story describes results of the check up. (13, Noviye Izvestia, 7)

The Moscow City Duma on Wednesday passed a bill concerning the location of gambling slot machines on the territory of Moscow. The brief reveals the essence of the document. (13, Kommersant, 8, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 5, Vremya Novostei, 3, Noviye Izvestia, 7, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 5)

The national television Prize TEFI, the laureates of which were announced over the weekend, not only names the best television works of the season, but it determines the tendencies of the development of domestic TV. In an interview Television Academy President Vladimir Pozner explains in part why very few humourist television programs receive TEFI. He also examines television programs that have been closed this year. (14, Trud, 13, 15)

KOMMERSANT (24/11/2005)

AvtoVAZ two subsidiaries controlling over 60 percent of its shares have been bought by Rosoboronexport for $700 million. Governor of the Saratov region Konstantin Titov on Wednesday officially admitted that the state had won back its control over the domestic large auto plant. The story examines the deal in detail. (1)

The State Duma on Wednesday passed in the first reading amendments to the draft bills concerning the public associations and concerning non-commercial organizations that were strongly criticized. The story examines the drafts' provisions that have caused fierce criticism. (1, 2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2, Gazeta, 1, 3, Ivzestia, 4, Noviye Izvestia, 3)

The financial results of the cellular Mobile Telesystems (MTS) company for the third quarter made its shares fall on Wednesday. Thus, its shares on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday evening went down in price by 10 percent. . The story examines reasons, saying how analysts regard them. (1, 13)

The Federation Council decided to submit to the State Duma a draft bill envisaging a five-fold increase in the basic rate of the transport tax. Besides that, Senators would like to transfer to the regions revenues from fuel excises. The story examines these initiatives that, in Senators' opinion, will help regional authorities get additional sources of funding road construction. (2)

Candidate to the State Duma satirical writer Viktor Shenderovich on Wednesday filed a suit in the Moscow City Court against filmmaker and State Duma deputy Stanislav Govorukhin. The story reveals the essence of the suit. (4)he Voronezh branches of the left-and right-wing parties --the KPRF, Rodina, Civil Front, and Democratic Russia-- on Wednesday announced the creation of the Union of United Opposition. The story examines its aims, participants and leaders. (4)

It was announced on Wednesday that Chechen Brigade General Khizir Khachukayev had surrendered to authorities. The general was sent to Moscow, where speaking on TV Channel One he called on his fellow-countrymen to disarm and take part in the Chechen parliamentary elections on Nov. 27. (5)

Russian soldiers will be stationed in the military base in Uzbekistan that will be vacated by American and German troops. The story comments on Uzbekistan' s decision to suspend its help to NATO operations in neiboughring Afghanistan. (9)

Alfa-Bank on Wednesday within the framework of the road-show of subordinated eurobonds spread a memorandum, in which it reported that over 75 percent of its capital is controlled by Board of Directors members -- Mikhail Fridman, German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev. The story comments on the memorandum. (13)

Group TAIF close to Tatarstan' s leadership has received in trust management 28. 6 percent of Nizhnekamskneftegaz belonging to the Tatarian Svyazinvestneftekhim (SINKH) state-run holding. After the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service approved the deal, TAIF will receive control over SINKH and will complete the consolidation of the largest and liquidity petrochemical assets of Tatarstan. The story looks at TAIF' s position in Tatarstan. (13)

KamAZ and German Zahnrad Fabrik Friedrichsshafen AG have officially launched a joint venture ZF-Kama in Naberezhniye Chelny to make auto parts. (Brief. (13)

Technopromexport (TPE) has withdrawn from the charter capital of Rosneftegaz and Rosneft. According to the signed agreement, TPE has transferred to Rosimushchestvo 50, 000 shares of Rosneftegaz and one share of Rosneft. Brief. (13)


Presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, deputy head of the Kremlin administration, on Wednesday spent 8 hours in Yaroslavl. The story describes the aims and results of his visit, saying how local administrators have assessed it. (1, 4)

The State Duma in early December plans to pass in the second and third readings amendments to the law concerning the political parties. The story examines several essential amendments. (1, 3)

The first parliamentary elections will take place in Chechnya in three days. In an interview Ismail Baikhanov, Chairman of the Republican Election Commission, talks about specific features of the local election campaign. (1, 4)

New troops will soon appear in the Defense Ministry. They will be able to muffle not only the military equipment of the enemy but also the civil means of communications. This information has come from ministry' s competent sources. The story describes these troops, their tasks and role in the Armed Forces. (1, 3)

NOVIYE IZVESTIA (24/11/2005)

The United Opposition Union was created in Voronezh on Wednesday. It became a reply to the power party' s attempt to completely monopolize the political space. The story describes this union, ant aims and tasks, focusing on the unique nature of this event. (1, 2)

The ban imposed by Rosselkhoznadzor on the delivery of Moldovan vegetables and fruits to Russia has been in effect for 6 months already. In an interview Moldova' s Prime Minister Vasily Tarlev explains the reason behind the ban, saying how it affects Moldovan-Russian relationships. (1, 3)

The experiment of collecting different types of garbage separately has been in existence in Moscow for five years already. During this time special dust bins have been placed in Moscow courtyards, but Muscovites have not learned to use them. Hence, garbage has been heaping up. The story describes the garbage situation, which is a headache for Moscow authorities today. (1, 7)

Norwegian borderguards only in one day of air-ranging above the Barents Sea have found 25 Russian trawlers that, like the recent scandalous trawler Elektron, were catching fish illegally. The story describes how it was done. (1, 4)

A new election campaign for the parliamentary elections will begin in Ukraine on Nov. 26. In an interview Supreme Rada Speaker Vladimir Litvin says what he expects from them. He also assesses Ukrainian-Russian relations in this outgoing year. (1, 4)

The Moscow Election Commission is inventing ever more refined methods of refusing to register new candidates. Thus, representatives from the Golos (Voice) Association in Defense of Voters' Rights told the public on Wednesday about numerous cases when opposition members were not registered. The story describes several concrete facts, illustrating the point. (2)

The State Duma on Wednesday unanimously voted for a protocol instruction to check the activities of the American Kroll Associates firm. The decision was made after the report in the State Duma by FSB Lieutenant-General Nikolai Leonov (retired) . The story examines his report. (2)

The State Duma on Wednesday passed a parliamentary inquiry to the gvt on joining Russia to the framework Convention of the World Health Organization concerning the crack down on tobacco. The story reveals the essence of the document, saying that 178 states have already signed it. (3)

Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov at a news conference on Wednesday stated that about one third of all salaries in Russia is paid out in envelopes, evading taxes. He stated how authorities intend to crack down on this tendency. (3)

The International Crisis Group (MKG) on Wednesday made public its report concerning results of the recent parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, in which they are called " contradicting international norms" . MKG believes that " if Azeri authorities fail to correct the made falsifications, then the international community will have to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan. "The story examines the report in detail. (4)

Lyudmila Shvetsova, First Deputy Moscow Mayor and head of the City Social Policy Department, in view of shortages of children' s day-care centers (kindergartens) has proposed to open mini-kindergartens in apartment blocks on their ground floors. The story examines this acute problem. (7)