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Clashes in Baghdad's Sadr City Kill 34

U.S. forces battled insurgents loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in the Baghdad slum of Sadr City on Tuesday, killing at least 34 people, including one U.S. soldier, and injuring 193 people, U.S. and Iraqi authorities said.

Milosevic Witness Takes Stand

Slobodan Milosevic's court-appointed lawyers called the first witness in his defense case Tuesday, as the former Yugoslav president demanded he be handed back the right to represent himself before the UN war crimes tribunal.

Clinton 'Doing Well' After Quadruple Bypass Surgery

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was described as doing well Tuesday, breathing on his own as he recovers from an operation to relieve arteries so severely clogged that they had posed imminent danger of a major heart attack.

Business in Brief

Putin Praises Conoco MOSCOW (Bloomberg) -- President Vladimir Putin said ConocoPhillips's interest in buying the state's 7.6 percent stake in LUKoil is positive for the country, Harvard University's Marshall Goldman said after meeting Putin on Monday night. Putin brought up Conoco's interest in buying part of LUKoil, when Goldman expressed concern to the president about the investigations into Yukos, Goldman said on Echo Moskvy radio. Goldman, an emeritus professor of Russian economics at Harvard, was among a group of academics and journalists who met Putin on Monday night. The government began fielding bids last month for its stake in LUKoil, which is expected to reap at least $1.93 billion when the auction ends Sept. 29. TMK Share Offering MOSCOW (Bloomberg) -- Trubnaya Metallurgicheskaya Kompaniya, the world's second-biggest producer of steel pipes, plans to sell shares to investors by 2008, Interfax reported.

S&P: Russian Banks Among the Riskiest

Russia's banking system is still considered among the riskiest in the world, despite strong economic growth, because the economy is concentrated in too few areas such as oil and gas, ratings agency Standard and Poor's said Tuesday.

Danone Imports Suspended

French food giant Danone's Polish subsidiary had to suspend its exports to Russia on Monday after nine trucks loaded with its products were seized by Russian veterinary authorities in Moscow, the company said Tuesday.

Yukos Says Tax Officials Start Collecting '01 Bill

Yukos said Tuesday that officials had started collecting back taxes for 2001 without going to the courts to prove the claims legal.

Kazan Helicopter Plant Wins $100M Kazakhstan Contract

Kazakhstan will buy 20 Mi-17 transport and combat helicopters from Russia in 2004-2006 to help protect it from militant attacks and drug trafficking, the Kazakh government said Tuesday.

Zhukov Insists Government Inflation Target Will Be Hit

The government can keep inflation within its 10 percent target for 2004, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov said Tuesday, despite a groundswell of opinion predicting it will overshoot.

Red Cross Makes Appeal for Beslan

The Russian Red Cross has launched a national and international appeal to raise money to buy much needed medical equipment and basics for the victims of the Beslan school siege.

Don't You Get It?

Vladimir Vladimirovich™ Putin once delivered an address to the nation. He stood in an austere suit in front of a brown wall.

Beslan Probe Should Be Made Public

We may never learn exactly who or what set off the tragic chain of events at the Beslan school last Friday, but what was obvious from the outset was that the officials put in charge of the operation were not equal to the task.

Heroism and Monstrous Incompetence

The Federal Security Service, or FSB, has taken power in Russia. A former intelligence officer runs the country.

News in Brief

Plane Crash Arrests MOSCOW (AP) -- Two people have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the attacks on two planes that crashed nearly simultaneously after explosions on board two weeks ago, killing all 90 people on board, prosecutors said Tuesday. The Prosecutor General's Office did not identify the detainees or say what they were suspected of -- only that suspicions of their involvement were being investigated. Interfax cited an unnamed source close to the investigation as saying one of those arrested was a man from southern Russia's Krasnodar region who made money through illegal plane ticket sales at Domodedovo Airport. Both planes that crashed on Aug. 24 had taken off from that airport. Depths of Depravity LONDON (Reuters) -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Tuesday that the Beslan school attack took terrorism to new depths of depravity and called on the world to show solidarity with Russia.

Business to Aid North Caucasus

In the aftermath of the Beslan tragedy, the country's most powerful businessmen have said they are preparing a program to help stabilize the North Caucasus through economic development.

Tens of Thousands March in Rome

Holding candles, tens of thousands of people on Monday marched through the streets of Rome in memory of the victims of the school hostage crisis in Russia and in protest of all acts of terrorism.

Bills to Hike Security and Restrict Travel

A group of State Duma deputies are considering bills to increase security in public places and restrict people's freedom of movement in response to the Beslan hostage tragedy and other recent terrorist attacks.

Officials Rally 130,000 Against Terror

Against the backdrop of the Kremlin walls and Soviet-style banners, an officially sanctioned rally of 130,000 people gathered on a rainy Tuesday afternoon to hear Mayor Yury Luzhkov and other speakers condemn the attack on the Beslan school.

Putin Lashes Out at the U.S.

President Vladimir Putin accused the United States of undermining Russia's struggle against terror by meeting with Chechen separatists and rejected calls for a public inquiry into whether authorities mishandled the hostage-taking in Beslan.

Ethnic Tensions Heat Up in Ossetia

Police and troops were out in full force Tuesday in North Ossetia and Ingushetia as the Beslan hostage tragedy inflamed old hatred between regional ethnic groups and raised the threat of war.
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