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Press Review

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

King James Misplaced in Translation

All rules have exceptions, and the exception to the ""Russians are great quoters and Americans are not"" rule is Biblicisms.

Two Tragic Septembers

The series of terrorist acts culminating in the gruesome massacre of hundreds of innocent children, parents and teachers in Beslan proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia today is the weakest link in the war on radical Islamic-inspired terrorism.

'Guys Were Crueler Than Those in Nord Ost'

The voice on the phone left no doubt.

News in Brief

Putin Laments Drugs MOSCOW (AP) -- President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan were doing ""almost nothing"" to stem the flow of drugs from that country. ""Our efforts through diplomatic and political channels are not achieving results yet,"" Putin said at a meeting with the head of the Federal Drug Control Service, Viktor Cherkesov. Putin said drug authorities should do a better job of informing the West of the drug threat they themselves face. Flight Delayed MOSCOW (Bloomberg) -- A flight from Moscow to Egypt was delayed after most of its 120 passengers refused to fly with three people wearing black, traditional Muslim garb, NTV television reported Thursday. The Krasnoyarsk Airlines flight was delayed by 4 1/2 hours at Domodedovo Airport on Wednesday night and left for Hurgada after extra security checks detected no threat, NTV said, citing airline officials.

Mystery Surrounds Car Bomb Suspect

The ex-wife and former university classmates of the man arrested in last Saturday's bomb scare in central Moscow have failed twice to identify his body, casting further doubt on law enforcement agencies' investigations into the case.

EU Envoy Tells Reporters to Look at Bright Side

Russia has more than enough problems and does not need foreign reporters rubbing it in, President Vladimir Putin's special envoy on European Union relations complained.

Lavrov to Ask UN to Prevent Asylum Abuses

Russia was to propose a UN resolution on Thursday aimed at preventing the abuse of political asylum to commit, support and finance terrorism, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said.

Business in Brief

Privatization Go Ahead MOSCOW (AP, Reuters) -- President Vladimir Putin will soon sign a decree allowing for the privatization of Aeroflot and Svyazinvest in 2005, Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Andrei Sharonov said Thursday. The presidential decree will remove them from the list of so-called ""strategically important companies"" that cannot be sold. ""The presidential decree is currently being prepared and should be signed in the near future,"" Sharonov said. The privatization of Svyazinvest will allow the state to retain direct control of the firm, Information Technologies and Communications Minister Leonid Reiman was quoted as saying Thursday. ""The design [of the privatization] will let the state, irrespective of its role as a shareholder, remain involved in decision-making and keep a veto over issues that are strategic for the state and for consumers, whose rights should be staunchly defended,"" Reiman told Vedomosti.

Investors Take Appeal to Putin

Investors controlling about 70 percent of portfolio investment in Russia have directly appealed to President Vladimir Putin to intervene in the passage of legislation that could significantly infringe on minority shareholders' rights.

New UN Report Uses Old Numbers

Old Russia hands who open up the United Nation's new World Investment Report are in for a surprise.

Five Ministries Asked to Sign Off on Kyoto

The government has asked five ministries to approve ratification of the controversial Kyoto Protocol, officials said Thursday.

State Plans to Regulate Gasoline Prices

Russia could start intervening in its domestic refined oil products market next year after senior ministers backed plans to iron out sharp seasonal price swings, competition chief Igor Artemyev said Thursday.

Gazprom Sets Out Plan to Supply LNG to U.S. in '05

Gazprom, the world's largest natural gas producer, plans to start supplying liquefied natural gas to the United States as early as next year by swapping its fuel in Europe for LNG shipments to North America.

Sacks in the Basement Still Trouble Ryazan

Before joining his family for dinner, Alexei Kartofelnikov made one last attempt to call the police and finally got through. As a result of his tip-off late on Sept. 22, 1999, police evacuated his entire apartment building in Ryazan minutes later.

Rail Boss Rolls Out $1Bln China Plan

Russian Railways said Thursday it will spend more than $1 billion upgrading and expanding its sole link to China to double cargo shipments to and from the world's most populous nation within six years.

Governors Lining Up to Join the Party

Ten governors signed up to the pro-Kremlin United Russia party this week, and 20 others are waiting in line, party leader Boris Gryzlov said, in a clear attempt by the regional leaders to secure their future after President Vladimir Putin announced he intends to strengthen his grip on the country by nominating regional leaders.
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