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A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Mortar Attack Disrupts March on Najaf

A mortar barrage slammed into a mosque filled with Iraqis preparing to march on the embattled city of Najaf, killing 27 people and wounding 63 Thursday, while the nation's top Shiite cleric headed to the area in a massive convoy hoping to end three weeks of fighting.

Intelligence Approved Abu Ghraib

More than two dozen soldiers and contractors attached to a military intelligence unit at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq approved or took part in abuses of Iraqi detainees, a U.S. Army investigation has found in one of the most comprehensive looks to date at the scandal that damaged the United States' image around the world.

Republicans Play in New York

It's not exactly backbreaking work. Go to the Statue of Liberty. See ""Aida"" on Broadway. Shop at Bloomingdale's. Ride a tour boat around the isle of Manhattan.

Pinochet, the Middle Class and Missed Medals

I noted several widely held beliefs regarding Augusto Pinochet's regime in Chris Weafer's comment and in some of the responses to it that I think are wrong.

OPEC and Majors Should Join Forces

News that some of the world's top oil producers are skimping on their investment in new capacity at a time of worrying supply constraints and record prices can only thicken the pall of gloom hanging over the oil outlook.

There's a Word for People Like That

What do you call the guy who swerves into the oncoming lane -- and then honks the horn and swears at you for not pulling over to let him use your lane?

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