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A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

News in Brief

Putin: NATO Must Pay MOSCOW (AP) -- Serbia's infrastructure, shattered in the 1999 NATO bombing campaign, should be rebuilt by those who ruined it, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica on Thursday. ""Bridges in Belgrade are still lying about in the Danube and all European transport companies are suffering losses because of this,"" Putin added. Chechen Candidate MOSCOW (Reuters) -- The first major candidate stepped up Thursday to compete in the Chechen presidential election to replace slain President Akhmad Kadyrov. Malik Saidullayev, a wealthy Moscow-based lotteries tycoon, flew to Chechnya to submit documents required to register for the Aug. 29 poll, a source close to him said. Saidullayev tried to run in the election that Kadyrov won last year, but he was thrown out of the race on a technicality.

Deputy Stripped of Duma Seat

A St. Petersburg court on Thursday ordered United Russia Deputy Alexander Morozov stripped of his seat in the State Duma for bribing voters with free food and cosmetics, Interfax reported.

Communist Convicted of Desecrating Flag

A young Communist who replaced the Russian tricolor on top of the State Duma with the Soviet flag last November was found guilty of desecrating the Russian flag by the Tverskoi district court Thursday.

Noviye Izvestia Charges Filed

Former Noviye Izvestia editor Igor Golembiovsky and his deputy, Sergei Agafonov, have been charged with abuse of authority and intentionally bankrupting the newspaper, the Interior Ministry said Thursday.

Gazprom Assails Key TNK-BP Asset

Gazprom stepped up its attack on a key strategic asset in TNK-BP's energy empire by questioning the legitimacy of the Russian-British venture's rights to the vast Kovykta gas field.

EU Slams Meat Ban, Hints at Reprisal

The European Commission on Thursday slammed Russia's suspension of meat imports from the European Union as ""unnecessary and unjustified"" and hinted at retaliation.

Boeing Rips Airplane Tariff Policy

Boeing has pumped more than $1.3 billion into joint ventures with Russia since the early 1990s, but is finding it difficult to maintain that investment level because of restrictions on sales to domestic airlines, a senior company official said Thursday.

Tax Police Raid Yukos Headquarters Again

Tax police raided the offices of embattled oil giant Yukos on Thursday in the latest search for evidence relating to claims of tax evasion by the company, Yukos said.

Swiss Uphold $5Bln Yukos Property Freeze

The Swiss supreme court Thursday rejected attempts to unblock bank accounts containing some of the $5 billion in frozen assets belonging to jailed billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his associates.

Turkish Court Bans $1.3Bln Tatneft Deal

A Turkish court canceled a $1.3 billion sale of oil refiner Tupras, a key component of an International Monetary Fund loan agreement, citing flaws in the offering and a lack of information about the buyers.

D-Day Solidarity Thin

When veterans of the D-day landings gather in Normandy this weekend to be feted by assorted heads of state and government on the 60th anniversary of their epic assault, it will probably be the last time they do it in such style.

No Winners in Parfyonov Getting Boot

Whoever's idea it was to fire NTV anchor Leonid Parfyonov and cancel his feisty ""Namedni"" show -- consistently one of the top five most-watched programs on NTV -- would seem to have shot themselves in the foot quite spectacularly.

Colored by Cross-Cultural Complications

Colors are tricky across languages and cultures. You wouldn't think they would be -- after all, yellow is yellow, right?

Business in Brief

Mexican Defense Plans MEXICO CITY (AP) -- President Vicente Fox said his country hopes to expand military cooperation with Russia, assembling some Russian helicopters here and importing a mixed civilian-military factory. Fox said the arms issue would be ""a principal topic"" in talks with President Vladimir Putin on Monday. He said possible projects include ""the installation of a large maintenance center for helicopters"" as the first step in a plan to assemble helicopters in the gulf coast state of Veracruz. Reserves Jump $2.2Bln MOSCOW (Bloomberg) -- Foreign currency and gold reserves rose by $2.2 billion to $85.4 billion in the week to May 28, the Central Bank said Thursday. Foreign currency and gold reserves are an indicator of Russia's ability to pay its foreign debt. Aeroflot Profit Soars MOSCOW (MT) -- Aeroflot's profit jumped 42 percent last year under international accounting standards, the company said Thursday. The flag carrier's net income rose to $126.7 million from $89.3 million in 2002.

Fradkov Makes a Pitch for Honesty

Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov on Thursday called on business owners to come clean, reveal exactly what they own and roll up schemes used to hide money and avoid paying taxes.

CIA Chief Hands In Resignation

CIA director George Tenet, who presided over spectacular lapses in U.S. national security, including the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America, has resigned and will leave in July, President George W. Bush announced Thursday.

It's an All-Russian French Final

Anastasia Myskina and Yelena Dementyeva won their French Open semifinals Thursday, setting up the first all-Russian women's Grand Slam final.

NGOs Go Soft on Putin's Address

A week after President Vladimir Putin accused nongovernmental organizations of serving ""dubious groups and commercial interests,"" some of the country's most prominent human rights groups gave their first public reaction -- and it was decidedly low-key.
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