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Press Review

IZVESTIA (22/3/2004)

A NATO high-placed official has admitted that what is happening in Kosovo today is ethnic cleansing committed by Albanian radicals. President Putin has ordered Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu to go to Kosovo to find out how Russia could help the Serbs there. The story describes tense developments in the region, noting that Russia is willing to intervene. (1, 2, Vremya Novostei, 1, Gazeta, 5, Noviye Izvestia, 4, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 6)

Many enterprises are violating the tax legislation and do not transfer deductions to the Pension Fund to add to pensions of their employees. The gives concrete facts to illustrate the point, saying what victims should do in such cases. (1, 13)

The gvt has reported at last about tax reform that will last for the next 2 years. The story concentrates on its priorities, focusing on a major amendment to the tax legislation that is expected to be passed next year. (1, Kommersant, 1, 13, Vremya Novostei, 1, 6, Gazeta, 9 )

Primorye customs agents have detained a Chinese truck loaded with parts of rare animals, including 800 bear paws and 6, 000 sable, squirrel and Siberian polecat pelts. Besides, there was 50 kilograms of frog grease. The story describes the case, saying that the contraband of animals in the Far East threatens to the existence of the whole species of rare animals. (2, Kommersant, 6 )

The Congress of Patriots of Russia held in Moscow on Saturday revealed serious differences inside the left-wing forces. Gennady Semigin, head of the Executive Committee of the People' s-Patriotic Union and Communist Gennady Zyuganov' s rival for influence, announced the creation of a new left-centrist coalition and election bloc on the basis of different patriotic organizations. The story describes the Congress, its discussions, decisions and the new coalition. (3, Kommersant, 4, Vremya Novostei, 4, Gazeta, 4 Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1, 2, Zhizn, 2)

In an interview Rodina faction member Viktor Gerashchenko, deputy head of the State Duma Property Committee, shares his view on the reorganization of the gvt, on current reforms and on several other issues. (3)

Estonia has deported two Russian diplomats. This was reported by the Estonian newspaper " Eesti Paevaleht" . Brief. (4, Kommersant, 11)

Georgia' s Fund for Development and Reform that has been launched by American financier George Soros will pay monthly additional sums to the salaries of the republic' s top leadership. Thus, President Mikheil Saakashvili will get $1, 500 in addition to his monthly state salary. Brief. (4)

The French Consulate in Moscow has extended the deadline of considering applications from Russians for receiving visas. The brief looks at the reason. (4, Kommersant, 7, Vremya Novostei, 3)

A big scandal around governor Vladimir Tikhonov' s new apartment has erupted in the Ivanovo region. The regional Prosecutor' s Office has instituted criminal proceedings against Alexei Yemanishkin, former chief of the Construction Board of the Regional Administration, who signed contracts on building the governor' s housing. The story details the case. (5)

The Russian army in 2004 for the first time over the past 10 years is expected to receive 30 modernized and most modern tanks T-90. Before they were exported to India. The story describes the tank and the stages of its modernization, saying why super -modern equipment is not mounted on the domestic tanks. (6)

The NATO Council on Wednesday without waiting for the official entry of the Baltic states to the alliance, decided to station anti- aircraft defense forces on their territory. Meanwhile, the ratification of the adapted Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (or DOVCE) is being artificially delayed. At whose fault? Who is interested in the collapse of the DOVCE regime? In an interview First Deputy General Staff Head Yury Baluyevsky answers these questions. (7)

The Severodvinsk Machine-Building Plant on March 19 launched a construction project of a new nuclear submarine of the 4th generation that will be called Alexander Nevsky. The story describes the project. (7)

The feature story describes the Pritzker Architecture Prize that in St. Petersburg on May 31 will be awarded to Iraqi architect Zakha Hadid (Sp. ?) . (9)

The City Building Council under the Mayor on Friday decided the fate of the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall that will be restored for 6 months. The story looks at the restoration project. (11)

The story describes new city facilities that Mayor Yury Luzhkov with his team inspected as usual on Saturday. (11)

Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov and head of the gvt administration Dmitry Kozak agreed that ministers have too many deputies. The Zhukov commission on Tuesday that is developing a new structure of the gvt and then on Thursday the Cabinet will discuss proposals on re-distributing functions, personnel and budget money among the remaining ministries. The story examines the situation, saying that rapid reform, as the president would like it to be, is impossible. (12)

The Central Bank' s Board of Directors on Friday decided to lower, starting April 1, the rate of the banks' deductions to the Fund of Obligatory Reserves. The story comments on the decision, saying how the market will gain from it. (13, Kommersant, 14, Vremya Novostei, 7)

The Russia-Belarus gas conflict is snowballing. The Russian gas monopoly Gazprom hoped that the extreme measure -- complete switching off of gas transportation along Belarussian territory will make the republic' s leadership sign an agreement on the delivery of Russian gas on Russian conditions. Gazprom' s major condition is the creation of the international joint venture to manage the gas transportation system of that country. The story examines the bilateral continuing conflict. (14, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1, 6)

KOMMERSANT (22/3/2004)

The story examines and explains Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov' s first difficulties in keeping the promise he gave to the president -- to make all personnel appointments in the new Cabinet before the end of the past week. (2, Gazeta, 3)

The governor of the Evenki Autonomous Area, Boris Zolotaryov has protested against upcoming administrative reform, the changes of the Budget Code and against the unification of regions. He stated his protest at a news conference in Krasnoyarsk late last week. The governor believes that all these actions will lead to catastrophic consequences in his Evenkia. (4)

Presidential envoy in the Southern Federal District Vladimir Yakovlev over the weekend made his first trip to North Ossetia and Stavropolsky Krai to see what is happening in his region. . The story features what he saw there. (4)

The FSB on Friday for the first time in its history had to admit officially that it was keeping two Qatari citizens in a Russian prison. The story describes what has urged the FSB to admit the fact and how it explained it. (5, Vremya Novostei, 1)

The Smolensk Leninsky District Court intends to question as a witness former Natural Resources Minister Vitaly Artyukhov on the criminal case concerning swindling in building the Staraya Smolenskaya Road. The story details the case. (5)

Chechen saboteurs planned to explode an apartment block in Lyubertsy (Moscow region) , but, luckily, their attempt was abortive. The story describes the planned terrorist act. (5, Gazeta, 1, 3)

Tatarstan' s law-enforcers have brought a new indictment against former State Duma deputy Sergei Shashurin. This time he is accused of slandering Tatarstan' s Interior Ministry. The story examines the case. (6)

St. Petersburg police have arrested Oleg Makovoz, Vice-President of the North-West Humanitarian Programs Fund. He is suspected of involvement in several contract killings. The story details his case. (6)

Yukos and Sibneft have received decisions from the Anti-Monopoly Ministry on filing a case in court on violating the anti-monopoly legislation. The story examines the company' s " fault" . (13, 14)

ALROSA can create a new agency to control the activity of its subsidiaries. The story comments on the company' s intention, saying why it' s significant today. (13, 14)

Boris Simonov, former head of a department in the Industry and Science Ministry, has been appointed chief of the Federal Service on Intellectual Property, Patents and Trade Marks. The story comments on the appointment. (13, 15)

Irkutskenergo shares last week were the most successful and. profit-making securities. Over 5 days they went up in price by 24 percent. The story gives s other figures to show the company' s progress. (13)

De Beers, starting today, is raising diamond prices by an average of 5 percent. The story explains the measure that is the second one this year. (14)

Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov on Friday signed a directive on appointing Director-General of the state-run transportation Rossiya company Nikolai Shipil to the post of head of the Federal Air Transport Agency. The story comments on the appointment. (15)

Rosneft President Sergei Bogdanchikov stated in Krasnoyarsk on Friday that his company is completing the talks on buying from Slavneft two oil deposits in Krasnoyarsky Krai. The story examines the deal. (16)

The Surgutneftegaz shareholders on Saturday endorsed dividends for 2003. Brief. (16)

VEDOMOSTI (22/3/2004)

Russia in the next 3 years will not take the path of doubling the gross domestic product -- such is the essence of the social and economic forecast for 2005-2007 that the Economic Development Ministry has submitted to the gvt. (A1)

Mezhprombank has suddenly lost its desire to contest in court the results of the competition for management of Airport Sheremetyevo and revoked its suit. The bank has launched negotiations with the competition winner --Alfa Group -- on joint management of Sheremetyevo or on buying out the rights. (A1)

The LUKoil company has resumed its business in Iraq, true as a supplier so far The Russian company' s subsidiary LITASCO has signed a contract with American Refinery Associates of Texas, Inc, that has won a tender for fuel deliveries. Analysts believe that this contract will help LUKoil in its struggle for the oil deposit" Western Qurna" -2. (A1)

The stabilization fund by the end of 2004 will amount to no less than 250 billion-300 billion rubles. This was stated by First Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Ulyukayev. Brief. (A1)

Iraq at the exhibition in Bahrein has presented more than 700 rehabilitation projects worth over $4 billion. This was reported by the newspaper " Ash-Shark al-Ausat" . Brief. (A1)

The USA over the year since the beginning of war in Iraq has failed to persuade other states and Americans themselves of the need in its military presence in this country. The USA' s allies may withdraw their troops from Iraq. (A2)

The Economic Development and Finance ministries have agreed at last on how to complete tax reform. The story examines how it will be done. (A3)

The Audit Chamber during its check-ups has found several serious violations of budget spendings in Chechnya with former Chechen Premier Anatoly Popov behind them. Experts believe that such results of the check-up benefit Chechen President Akhmat Kadyrov, who has long been trying to extend the powers of the republic' s leadership. (A3 )

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has proposed to all oil companies, working in Russia to acknowledge their activity as potentially dangerous for ecology. What will be the company' s reply? (A3)

In an interview Alfa-Bank President Pyotr Aven, head of the Board of Directors of Golden Telecom, reveals his bank' s plans toward telecommunication and banking businesses. (A5)


The company Sutgutneftegaz intends to take part in monetary auctions to sell generating companies in order to preserve its influence on Surgut electric power stations. Bureaucrats, however, say that they will not allow concentration of big energy assets in one' s hands. . (B1)

The RTS Exchange in an attempt to draw brokers' attention to its subsidiary Stock Exchange RTS has made an unexpected proposal to them. The story examines it in detail. (B1)

Three big juice producers (they are named) last year controlled by 25. 5 percent each of the domestic juice market. This is stated in the press-release of the domestic Union of Juice-Makers. The story examines such a situation on the market. (B1)

The presidents of Ukraine and Turkmenia Leonid Kuchma and Saparmurat Niyazov decided to sign an agreement in early May on the delivery of Turkmen gas to Ukraine. The treaty will work since 2007 up to 2032. Brief. (B1)

Russian Railways is completing to draft a new price-list that will regulate tariffs in the sphere of passenger transportations. This was stated by the company' s Vice President Sergei Kozyrev. Brief. (B1)

German Volkswagen has given a preliminary consent for the revamping of the auto plant in Gyandzh (Azerbaijan) . This was stated by its Director-General Musa Abdullayev. Brief. (B1)

Rosneft President Sergei Bogdanchikov stated his company' s intention to buy from Slavneft the Tagulskoye and Suzunskoue deposits in the Krasnoyarsk region. Brief. (B1)

Rusinkor Group owning several coal basins in the Kemerovo region intends to build a vertical integrated holding. The group has consolidated 66 percent of voting shares of the Murmansk port, through which coal is exported and bought up about 30 percent of shares of Vologdaenergo. (B2)

The UES Management Board today is expected to endorse a new structure of managing the energy holding. All subsidiaries will be united into several business units that will be headed by today' s UES top managers. (B3)


Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko intends to demand from Russia a many billion dollar debt for services in the military sphere. A source in the Belarussian gvt stated that Lukashenko has instructed his siloviki to urgently prepare a package of documents on Belarus' financial claims to Russia in the sphere of military cooperation. The story comments on Lukashenko' s plan to punish Russia for its gas policy toward Belarus. (1, 6)

In an interview (on the occasion of the first anniversary of the beginning of war in Iraq) UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan shares his view on the situation in that country. (1, 6)

Andrei Vaganov, Executive Editor of the NG Nauka (Science) Supplement, shares his negative view on the new structure of the Cabinet of Ministers, saying that it can lead to serious consequences. (2)

The State Duma on Friday voted for the draft bill concerning the creation of Permsky Krai that was submitted by President Putin. The story focusing on the amendment that Putin proposed at the last moment before voting. (2 )

Domestic political scientists assure that Russia is on the threshold of creating a new opposition. What do policy-makers think of that? How many opposition parties does Russia need? Who could create them? Five politicians share their views on the issue. (2)

The story examines reaction that has been caused by Education Minister Vladimir Filippov' s recent statement saying that all school-graduates will serve in the army for 6 months. (2)

OPEC, starting April 1, is expected to lower the oil extraction quotas by 1 million barrels a day. This was stated by OPEC President Purnomo Yusgiantoro (Sp. ?) , who commented on the current situation on the world oil market. (4)

Russian Railways Vice-President Sergei Kozyrev stated that his company in 2003 sustained 63 billion ruble losses and this year its losses are expected to be almost the same. The story examines what measures Kozyrev proposed to improve the situation. (4)

The year 2003 was a record one by the number of mutual investment funds. According to statistics, their total assets increased 6-fold --up to 76. 2 billion rubles from 12. 7 billion. The number of funds increased by 2. 5 times-- up to 154 from 62. Last year brought more such funds that all the previous years taken together. The story names several companies came the most successful in this sphere. A pie-chart. (5)


The Moscow Regional Duma later last week passed a draft bill, according to which the religious organization have received limitless economic benefits. There is doubt that all other regions will soon do the same. The story examines the bill, saying that the Russian Orthodox Church is becoming an offshore zone not only de facto but also de jure and that the Moscow eparchy is becoming an ideal place for laundering money. (1, 7)

Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov has banned beards and moustaches, making men of all ages in his republic indignant. In view of this, he has called on the gvt to intensify control over disobedient citizens, especially young men. The story comments on his order with a critical eye. (1, 4)

The gvt within the framework of tax reform has proposed to its citizens to deduct an additional 4 percent of their monthly salaries to the accumulative part of their future pensions. Deductions so far will be made on a voluntary basis. This was stated by Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin on Friday. The story reveals the essence of his statement. (1, 3)

The Moscow City Court after a 6-month interval has resumed a trial over Igor Sutyagin, a research associate at the Institute of the USA and Canada, who is accused of high treason. The story details his case. (2)

In an interview Yelena Matrosova, Director of the Center for Macroeconomic Studies of the BDO Yunicon company, says how to preserve savings from inflation. (3)

The Education and Science Ministry has compiled a list of 130 institutes and universities, in which migrants will take an examination in the Russian language in order to receive Russian citizenship. The examination has been allowed by the law concerning the citizenship of the Russian Federation. The story describes the examination procedure. (7)


State Duma deputies have applied to FSB Director Nikolai Patrushev with a, inquiry to find out how former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov had made his money. The story examines the inquiry and what is connected with it. (2 )

The jury court has found ex-co-Chairman of the Liberal Russia party Mikhail Kodanev guilty of organizing the murder of State Duma deputy Sergei Yushenkov. The story describes Boris Berezovsky ' s unsuccessful efforts to make liberalism take hold in Russia. (3)

Vladimir Lukin, a founder of the Yabloko party has been appointed ombudsman. In an interview he reveals the essence of the notion " human rights" in Russia, saying how he will defend human rights in this country and from whom. (4)

The story explains why notorious " marine strategist" Vladimir (?) Kuroyedov has made idle the flagship of the Russian Fleet -- rocket-carrier cruiser Pyotr Veliky. (6)

NG special correspondent in Chechnya Anna Politkovskaya gives a concrete fact showing how Chechens are banned to enter Ukraine on the basis of undeclared agreements. (7)

The feature story highlights Moscow professional hairdresser Olga, focusing on her job, earnings, taxes and bribes. (8)


The Moscow monorailway has not begun functioning yet, but a one-way ticket has gone up five times in price already. The story comments on the decision of the City Transport Department. (2)

Mayor Yury Luzhkov has signed the city program on boosting the fauna and flora in the city. The city comments on the program offering two opposing experts' views on it. (2)

Specialists forecast an unprecedented flood in the Moscow region this spring. Will it hit Moscow? (5)

Six - and seven-year-old children, starting April 1, will be enrolled in first grade. Moscow City Education Department specialists answer questions from KP readers about how it will proceed. (7)

Several stories are devoted to private aviation and its owners. One of the stories s describes an air field with private aircraft in Myachkovo (Moscow region) where planes are practically not guarded. (12, 13)