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Press Review

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

A Divisive War

A year after the misbegotten launch of the war in Iraq, its unresolved consequences continue to haunt us.

Carrots, Sticks Trump Guns and Bullets

The determination of Georgia's newly elected president, Mikheil Saakashvili, to tame separatism and crack down on corruption needs to be commended. With Abkhazia and South Ossetia already proclaiming themselves independent, Georgia simply cannot afford to lose Adzharia, as this would not only bury hopes of restoring the country's territorial integrity but might turn Georgia into a failed state.

Election Lingo Schizophrenia: Back to 1970s?

I was standing in my kitchen on Sunday watching the news as music from a brass band at our local polling station drifted in through my window.

Crude Prices Push the RTS Past 700

The benchmark RTS stock index pushed past 700 for the first time Thursday as oil prices trading near 13-year highs help fuel the country's longest economic boom in post-Soviet history.

Report: Oil From China Impounded

China National Petroleum Corp.'s oil exports from Kazakhstan, piped through the Caspian Pipeline Consortium's pipeline to Russia's Black Sea for shipping, have been seized on the orders of a Russian court, traders and industry sources said.

Election Numbers Do Not Add Up

Some 900,000 people seem to have disappeared from the country's lists of registered voters in the three months between the parliamentary and presidential elections, in what appears to reflect a clever effort to boost last Sunday's turnout figures.

Saakashvili Strikes Bargain in Adzharia

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered the lifting of a blockade on the country's defiant Adzharia region Thursday in return for a series of measures giving the central government control over the recalcitrant region.

4 Convicted for Yushenkov Murder

A Moscow jury found four of the six suspects in the high-profile murder of Liberal Russia co-leader and State Duma Deputy Sergei Yushenkov guilty Thursday.

News in Brief

Transvaal Probe MOSCOW (MT) -- A special group formed to determine the cause of last month's deadly collapse of the Transvaal water park has completed its investigation, but will not reveal its findings until the end of the month in order to coincide with the release of a separate City Hall investigation. Media on Thursday quoted the head of the group, State Construction Committee chief Nikolai Koshman, as saying that neither the building's foundation nor the construction materials used were to blame for the Feb. 14 disaster, which claimed the lives of 29 people and injured 100. Both Vedomosti and Izvestia reported Thursday that officials from both City Hall and the committee were focusing their attention on Transvaal's architect. Koshman's deputy, Anatoly Petrakov, has already cleared the builders and management of the park, Vedomosti reported.

Paper: Manezh Fire Was No Accident

Experts have ruled that an accident could not have been the cause of the fire that devastated the Central Manezh Exhibition Hall, Kommersant reported Thursday.

3,000 Said Missing in Chechnya

Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov said Thursday that around 3,000 people have disappeared in Chechnya, where federal forces, Chechen police and rebels have been fighting since 1999 in the second war in a decade.

Yukos Seeks to Replace Sibneft Boss

Yukos oil major wants to replace current Sibneft president Eugene Shvidler with Yukos CEO Stephen Theede, a source in Yukos said Thursday.

Business in Brief

Vimpelcom Wins Suit MOSCOW (Reuters) -- Vimpelcom, Russia's second-largest cellular operator, on Thursday said it had won a lawsuit against the state telecom regulator, which had challenged its right to sell services in Moscow. ""The court satisfied our complaint,"" Vimpelcom spokesman Mikhail Umarov said after the hearing. The public conflict between Vimpelcom and regulators erupted in January when regulators challenged Vimpelcom's Moscow license arrangements. Prosecutors also opened a case against the company, which was later dropped. Earlier this week Vimpelcom announced it has 6 million clients in Moscow and the surrounding region. Russia's most lucrative urban cellular market looks set to keep growing, the company said. Oil Majors Agitate MOSCOW (MT) -- Oil majors have sent a letter to the government demanding the right to build a partly privately owned pipeline, breaking state-owned Transneft's monopoly on oil export routes, they said Thursday, according to Agence France Presse.
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