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Guerrillas Overrun Iraqi Police Station

Guerrillas overwhelmed an Iraqi police station west of Baghdad, meeting little resistance as they went room to room shooting police in a bold, well-organized assault that killed 23 people and freed dozens of prisoners, officials said.

Haiti Rebels Take 2 More Towns

Haitian rebels seeking to topple the president brought in reinforcements from the neighboring Dominican Republic, including a former death squad leader and a former police chief accused of fomenting a coup, witnesses said, as police fled two more northern towns.

Questions Linger About Bush's Military Records

WASHINGTON -- When the White House released hundreds of pages of U.S. President George W. Bush's National Guard records on Friday night, the immediate conclusion from Washington political analysts was that there had to be something incriminating buried in the two-inch stack. For most modern administrations, Friday night has been a favored time for unloading bad news aimed for the relative dead air of the weekend. But by Saturday morning, when it became clear that there was nothing significantly new in the repetitive, disorganized stack, the real reason for the release appeared to be a combination of the president's impatience and White House officials' eagerness to defuse the damage from decade-old charges that they say the Democrats are using more aggressively this year than ever before.

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Losing Russia

It's hard to believe it was just last September when President George W. Bush stood beside President Vladimir Putin at Camp David and announced, ""I respect President Putin's vision for Russia."" Since then, things have turned decidedly sour.

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