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Press Review

VEDOMOSTI (9/11/2004)

Imported equipment is playing an essential role in the modernization of domestic enterprises. This year the import of autos and equipment to Russia can reach $30 billion. Domestic makers of oil equipment are even complaining against the domination of foreign suppliers. (A1)

The tanker Tropic Brilliance belonging to the Russian Sovkomflot company on Saturday paralyzed the work of the Suez Canal. Its administration for 3 days of idling will lose about $20 million, and other ship-owners and their clients can file suits in courts against Sovkomflot. (A1)

The International Financial Corporation would like to know the last owners of Megafon, otherwise it refuses to give a $100 million loan to the Russian operator. Megafon does not view it as big trouble, but analysts believe that the absence of transparency and conflicts with shareholders cost a dear price to the company. (A1)

More than 40 percent of CIS migrants in Russia would like to get Russian citizenship and remain here for ever. Such information is contained in a sociological report prepared by the World Labour Organization. Brief. (A1)

The Saratov Regional Prosecutor' s Office has initiated a criminal case on the fact of spreading rumours about the accident in the Balakovskaya nuclear power plant. True, no one has been detained, but local siloviki say that in this way they only wanted to calm down the public. (A2)

The regions will feel the drawbacks of budget reform only in 2005. Preliminary estimates show that their expenses will remain almost the same, but revenues will slightly decrease. In reality, due to confusion in laws the regions will have to spend considerably more money on the monetarization of social benefits than federal authorities planned. (A3 )

The Russian Railways company is sick and tired of state guardianship. The company would like independently to establish prices on the transportation of individual commodities, in which the state-run company' s share is less than 35 percent. (A5)

The State Duma has proposed to change the calendar of holidays. How do businessmen regard this initiative ? Six experts share their views. (A4)

In an interview Sergei Bogdanchikov, the former Rosneft President and now Director-General of Gazpromneft, who was appointed to this post early this month, talks about his new job. (A5)


The Aeroflot Board of Directors last week approved a new scheme of funding the construction project of Sheremetyevo-3, and early next year Aeroflot hopes to select a project contractor. The story examines the project. (B1)

Slovakia' s authorities would like to get back 49 percent of shares of the Transpetrol pipeline company that was sold to Yukos two years ago. They have sent their corresponding proposal to the Russian gvt. Yukos is willing to part with the Slovak pipeline. The story reports on how gvt officials regard this issue. (B1)

The South-African gold-extracting Gold Fields company on Monday called on the shareholders of another South-African gold-extracting company --Harmony Gold-- to vote against the proposal on a merger between the two companies. Brief. (B1)

Gazprom in the 9 months of this year received 102. 259 billion rubles in net profit, which is by 26 percent less than the figure for the same period last year. Brief. (B1)

Norilsk Nickel this year intends to sell 10, 000 tons of nickel from its working reserve. This was stated by a source in the company. Its Deputy Director-General Viktor Sprogis earlier stated that in 2004 the company intends to make and sell 240, 000 tons of nickel. Brief. (B1)

Six companies has received permission from the federal Anti-Monopoly Service to buy a 17. 84 percent state-run package of shares of the Magnitogorsk Metals Combine (or Magnitka) at an auction scheduled for December. (B1)

The obligation to deliver diesel engines only to Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch for autos made by the Gorky Auto Plant does not suit Ruspromavto. The Volzhskiye Motory enterprise, part of the holding, has complained to the Anti-Monopoly Service, saying that this norm limits the rights of other suppliers of the auto plant. (B3)

Yukos minorities that have filed suits in the New York Court against Yukos co-owners and managers and Group Menatep have been joined by holders of the company' s convertible shares that were released 2 years ago. Plaintiffs believe that Yukos co-owners and managers concealed from investors a true state of affairs in the company. (B3)


ikhail Shvydkoi, head of the Federal Culture and Cinema Agency, examines specific features of administrative reform in his agency, saying why this reform does not work and why it is being opposed by many officials, who should be its locomotives. (1, 3)

A new procedure of counting the minimum and maximum size of the unemployment allowance will be imposed, starting 2005. The story examines the new procedure. The full text of the corresponding document is published. (2, 7 )

The Higher School of Peoples Arts that was founded in St. Petersburg in 1911 by Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna has resumed its work after a long interval. The School was visited by First Lady Lyudmila Putina, who has done a great deal to restore it. Photo caption. (3)

Political scientist Leonid Radzikhovsky shares his negative view on State Duma deputies' initiative to abolish the Nov. 7 Accord and Reconciliation Holiday and replace it with Nov. 4, the People' s Unity Day. (3)

The worsening demographic situation in Russia makes specialists seek new ways of raising the birth rate The abortion ban is one of them. The Public Forum sponsored in Moscow last week by the Russian Orthodox Church and the presidential envoy in the Central Federal District recommended to cut the number of women' s consultation centers and ban abortions. In an interview Professor Pavel Krotin, head of the St. Petersburg Reproduction Center, shares his view on these acute issues. (6)

Mayor Yury Luzhkov has signed a directive on stepping up security measures for big shops, trading centers, market places and restaurants in the city. The story comments on the document. (6)

The Central Bank and the Finance Ministry have " managed" to almost fully lose monetary control over inflation that in October alone soared up to 1. 1 percent. The story examines the worsening inflation situation. Rossiiskaya Biznes-Gazeta Supplement. (1, 2)


The funeral services in Moscow without any economic reasons will go up in price by 25 percent, starting Nov. 10. The story examines the situation in these services, commenting on Moscow authorities' decision. (1, 3)

There is a re-alignment of political forces in Ukraine before the second round of the presidential elections. Former presidential candidate and former Prime Minister Anatoly Kinakh on Monday signed an agreement on support of Viktor Yushchenko. And the Political Council of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) on Saturday called on its supporters to vote for the opposition candidate. In an interview SPU leader Alexander Moroz talks about the specific features of this stage of the election campaign. (1, 4)

The bodies of seven shareholders of Kavkaztsement were found in Karachayevo-Cherkessia on Monday. They disappeared in the early hours on Oct. 11. The story describes how they were found, focusing on a tense situation in the republic. (1, 6)

Chechnya' s First Vice-Premier Ramzan Kadyrov is continuing to insist that Aslan Maskhadov wants to surrender. He stated this on Sunday. The story comments on his statement, saying what factors have provoked him to make it. (2)

The PACE fall session that opened on Thursday is heatedly discussing political power reform in Russia. Presidential federalism and local government adviser Sergei Samoilov has made a report. In an interview he says how the PACE session has regarded the Kremlin' s initiatives. (2)

In an interview Yevsei Gurvich, head of the Economic Expert Group, answers the following questions-- What currency results are awaiting Russia at s the end of this year? What will happen to the dollar and euro rates? Where is it better to keep money -- at home or in a bank? Will the gvt be able to keep the inflation in the planned limits? (3)

The story describes the only Orthodox cafe that was opened in the center of Moscow two years ago. Its Director Natalya Nazarova explains why her place is very popular. (7)

Agvan LobsanTentszin Gyatso (better known as His Holiness Dalai-Lama XIV is expected to arrive in Elista in the afternoon on Nov. 13. This was stated by Kalmykia' s President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Since the mid ' 90s the spiritual leader of the Buddhists, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, have been unable to visit Russia, even by transit. And now he is likely to again become the persona grata, let it be in one small republic. The story examines the program of the visit. (7)


The public operation " Podrostok" (Teenager) was conducted in the Moscow region in May-September. In an interview Lyudmila Tropina, Chairwoman of the Commission on Teenagers' 'Affairs and on the Defense of their Rights, examines the operations' main aims and results. (6)

The story describes a new service of Moscow banks -- so-called express crediting. This service helps Muscovites to quickly make their dreams come true. (7, 8)

In a far-ranging interview Lieutenant-General Vladimir Pronin, head of the Moscow Interior (Police) Department, sheds light on several high-profile criminal cases in the city. (14, 15)

Businessman and journalist Konstantin Borovoi has completed his new book about prostitution and prostitutes that will be on sale later this month. In an interview he says why young girls become prostitutes. (18, 19)