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A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

More Glory for Russia's Tennis Queens

Maria Sharapova and Yelena Dementyeva both lifted titles Sunday to underline Russia's domination of the women's game.

The West Should Engage Moldova

Even as President Vladimir Putin is liquidating Russia's federal system, Russia and the OSCE's U.S.-led Moldova Mission persist with a project to appoint Russia as the main ""guarantor"" -- with troops in place -- of a new Moldova-Transdnestr ""federation.""

Why No One Is Writing to the Colonel

One day Vladimir Vladimirovich™ Putin got a call from the head of his administration.

The Case Against a Lapdog Judiciary

President Vladimir Putin's proposals to take full control over the appointment of regional leaders and to eliminate independent voices from the State Duma have yet to receive final approval.

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