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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

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A blast in two bombs in a commuter train, in the southern Stavropolye early Wednesday morning left six people dead and 49 injured. A story gives details, focusing on terrorists' unexpected new targeting of railways. (1, 2, Kommersant, 1, 4, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1,2, Noviye Izvestia, 1,3, Vremya Novostei, 1, 2, Gazeta, 1, 3, Novaya Gazeta, No. 65, p. 5, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1,7, Krasnaya Zvezda, 1, Trud, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 4, MK, 1,2, Sovetskaya Rossiya, 1)

The State Council Presidium's visiting session in Rostov-on Don on Wednesday, presided over by President Vladimir Putin discussed the critical situation of water resources use. A story examines State Council members' proposals and the session's decisions. (1, 2, Kommersant, 2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 9, Noviye Izvestia, Gazeta, 2, 4, Vremya Novostei, 2, Trud, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2, )

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma at the 16th Moscow International Book Fair presented his book "Ukraine Is Not Russia." In an interview he explained the essence of its title, saying how he envisions the joint future of Ukraine and Russia. (1, Kommersant, 11, Gazeta, 4, Vremya Novostei, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 5)

Spanish specialists have conducted a study on the psychological state of holidaymakers resuming work after their vacations. A story examines interesting results, saying that many of then often experience stress and depression. (1,12)

An editorial is devoted to the 16th Moscow International Book Fair that has several specific features. (2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, 2)

Enterprises' complaints about the high cost of industrial land established by the Land Code have been heard. The Economic Development and Trade Ministry has submitted draft bills to the government to considerably reduce the cost of land under private enterprises. A story examines the ministry's proposals. (2, Kommersant, 6)

State Duma Work Organization Committee Chairman Oleg Kovalyov and Duma head Alexander Lotyrev at a session on Thursday will tell deputies about the results of the summer overhaul of the building and about the House of Receptions in the courtyard of the Duma complex. (3)

Central Election Commission head Alexander Veshnyakov on Wednesday conducted the first session after the start of the election campaign. A story points to several issues he singled out in his pronouncements. (3, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3, Gazeta, 2)

State Duma Yabloko faction deputy leader Sergei Ivanenko said Wednesday that his faction intends to submit to the Duma an alternative 2004 draft budget that equally distributes revenues between the federal government and the regions. Brief. (3)

Chechen State Council Chairman Husein Isayev in his statement on Wednesday called on law enforcement to stop the illegal arrests of the republic's citizens. Brief. (3)

A radical new product Medialogia, a system of monitoring and mass media analysis, has appeared on the market. It was presented by the company under the same name, with its head Alexei Volin, a former deputy head of the government bureaucracy, speaking about the system, its origin and their aims. (3)

The British Charity Commission has frozen the bank accounts of the Interpal Palestinian Aid and Development Fund. Its accounts in the United States were previously frozen since most of the money went not to hungry Palestinian families but to Hamas rebels. U.S. lists of Hamas sponsors, except Interpal, contain another three charity organizations working in Europe. A story examines their activities. (4)

The government has shaken up the commission in charge of reforming the electrical energy sector. Top officials -- Economic Development Minister German Gref, Federal Energy Commission head Georgy Kutovoi, Energy Minister Igor Yusufov and Gosatomnadzor boss Andrei Malyshev -- have been withdrawn. Their deputies will take their jobs. A story comments on the decision. (5)

Russia exported 567.3 thousand tons of grain in July, including 336.3 thousand tons of wheat, which is less than the previous month. A brief gives other figures on grain exports. (5)

The domestic agricultural machinery market, one of the largest in the word, is evaluated at 75 billion to 80 billion rubles ($2.6 billion). This was stated by a Science and Industry Ministry official. Brief. (5)

Alaniaregiongaz, a company of Gazprom's subsidiary Mezhregiongaz, has suspended gas deliveries to four regions of North Ossetia due to nonpayment. Brief. (5)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov on Wednesday signed a decree creating wholesale generating companies. This was announced Wednesday by Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Sharonov. Brief. (5)

UES head Anatoly Chubas has sent his company's specialists to the United States to find reasons for the August blackout and to propose measures to avoid such accidents in the Russian energy sector. A story comments on the UES head's decision. (5)

The State Fishery Committee on Monday submitted draft documents that would make it possible to boost the fishing industry. A story examines the reworked concept. (5)

The Ukrainian government on Wednesday refused to consider creating a single economic zone of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. In its opinion, this concept is not in line with Ukrainian laws. A story examines the Ukrainian government's stand on the issue. (5)

The overall volume of future pensioners' accumulations to be covered by government pension reform is estimated at 170 billion rubles ($5.5 billion). Working women under 45 years of age, and men under 50 should this year select a company to manage their money. At first the deadline was Oct. 15. Now Pension Fund head Mikhail Zurabov believes that this deadline should be extended to Dec. 1. A story examines his viewpoint on the issue. (6)

The Central Bank in mid-September will lift almost all limits on the repatriation of foreign investors' funds on special bank accounts. This was announced by Central Bank deputy head Konstantin Korishchenko. Brief. (6. Kommersant, 6)

Vneshtorgbank has opened a cashier's office in the State Duma for deputies and State Duma employees. Brief. (6)

Vneshtorgbank plans to double the volume of credits being issued to individuals by the end of this year. This was announced by Vneshtorgbank deputy head Gennady Soldatenkov. Brief. (6)

A story analyzes skyrocketing gold prices on the world market, saying that gold jewelry prices are also on the rise, but not in Russia. Three experts share their views. (7)

The state-run Smolensk diamond cutting plant Kristall and the Council of the Saudi Commerce and Industry Chambers has signed an agreement Wednesday that says Russia will launch direct diamond deliveries to Saudi Arabia. Brief. (7)

Severnaya Kazna-Prom holding has bought the assets of bankrupt Ural Automotor Plant for 70 million rubles ($2.28 million), and on its basis created Autos and Motors of the Urals. Brief. (7)

The number of cellular telephone users in Russia in August amounted to 28,480,000 people compared with more than 18 million as of the beginning of 2003. Brief. (7)

Severalmaz, a subsidiary of Alrosa, on Thursday launched the development of the Lomonosov deposit, one of the largest in Europe. In order to get 350 million for its whole project, the company intends to put its stakes on the stock exchange in London. A story reveals the company's plan. (7)

The government this year has established rate increase ceilings for 2004 on the services of natural monopolies: Unified Energy Systems, Gazprom and the Railways Ministry. A story examines them in detail. (8)s

Several stories are devoted to numerous cultural events in Moscow, which will be celebrated on City Day on Sept. 6 and 7. (9)

The Chief Military Prosecutor's Office has indicted Captain Sergei Zhemchuzhny, who was in charge of the towing of the scrapped K-159 nuclear submarine that sank in the Barents Sea. A story details his case. (11, Kommersant, 1,3 )

Mikhail Paperno, 57, vice-president of the 095 Print Mass Media Support Fund, was killed in his apartment on Leninsky Prospect on Wednesday. Brief. (11)


The scandal in St. Petersburg around President Vladimir Putin's participation in the gubernatorial election campaign of Valentina Matviyenko, the presidential envoy in the Northwestern Federal District, is continuing. Rlections are scheduled for Sept. 21. A story gives details, reporting on how Matviyenko's opponent vice governor Anna Markova plans on discrediting her. (1,3)

Yevgeny Kiselyov, the former director-general of the NTV television company, was appointed editor-in-chief of the Moskovskiye Novosti newspaper. Brief. (1)

Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov on Wednesday appointed Eduard Denisov, the prosecutor of St. Petersburg, to the post of prosecutor for the Moscow Region. A story comments on this appointment. (2)

According to a decree signed Wednesday by acting Chechen President Anatoly Popov, the Chechen Press Ministry headed by Bislan Gantamirov has been merged with the Nationalities and Foreign Relations Ministry. Gantamirov is now jobless. A story comments on the situation, making clear who stands behind it. (3

The Finnish-Swedish TeliaSonera company is willing to propose an exchange of telecommunication assets with Alfa-Eko. The Scandinavians would like to receive 25 percent of the stock in Megafon that Alfa received as a result of a deal with LV Finance. A story examines what both sides would like to get from each other. (5)

Former President Boris Yeltsin's decree stating that 75 percent of diamonds extracted in the Perm region should be sold on its territory, was cancelled Wednesday. This is a serious blow to the interests of Israeli businessman Lev Levayev, who is controlling the region's only diamond-cutting enterprise, Kama-Kristall. (5)

Pension Fund head Mikhail Zurabov and Vneshtorgbank President Andrei Kostikov signed a cooperation treaty Wednesday. Now the special depositary belonging to Vneshtorgbank has the right to control all deals with pension accumulations. (5)

The Federal Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region has ruled against Soyuzplodimport in its suit annulling the vodka trade mark Okhottnichya. Brief. (5)

Garegin Tosunyan, president of the Association of Russian Banks, said Wednesday that he intends to create a credit bureau and that he has already received support from leading banks. He also said that he would do away with the law on credit bureaus. A story examines his plans. (6)

The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development on Wednesday presented a forecast for the world economy up to the end of 2003 and 2004. A story examines the results, noting that the dollar in 2004 will continue to grow. (6)

The number of quotas in a delivery of Ukrainian large-diameter pipes to Russia will be increased this year. This was agreed upon in Ukrainian-Russian negotiations on Wednesday. A story comments on the results. (7)


Over the next several weeks viewers will not see political parties' advertisements as due to monitoring agencies' estimates, they have already spent millions of dollars before the official start of the election campaign. (A1)

The Finance Ministry has allowed employers to send their employees' pension accumulations to private managing companies. After signing agreements with the Pension Fund, the companies will be able to send their employees' applications to the fund by e-mail. (A1)

The dollar/ruble rate has been growing over the last 10 days. Many financiers are now talking about a fall of the ruble's value as a new tendency, while the Central Bank recommends not jumping to any conclusions. (A1)

Due to a large traffic jam in the German city of Bohum, a 42-year driver has lost 100,000 euros. A brief mentions how it happened. (A1)

Thanks to a Finance Ministry agreement with several nonmembers of the Paris Club on regulating Soviet-era debt, Russia's foreign debt has been reduced by approximately $1.3 billion. This was announced by Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Kolotukhin. Brief. (A1)

Kremlin administration staff aide Gleb Pavlovsky has been unmasking Kremlin power agencies officials, who he suspects are not loyal to the Putin cause. Pavlovsky has received a reply from one of them, Senator Sergei Pugachev, threatening Pavlovsky with court action. A story details the case, saying that conflict inside the presidential administration have drastically sharpened. (A2)

The liberalization of the gas market may lead to unpleasant surprises for consumers: The Economic Development and Trade Ministry has calculated that the reform may lead to skyrocketing gas prices for consumers. A story examines the ministry's proposal on liberalizing the gas market. (A3)

The new Customs Code has caused problems not only for customs brokers and importers, but also for Russian participants in talks with the World Trade Organization. A story examines the major problems. (A3

In an interview Colonel-General Viktor Cherkessov, who was this year appointed head of the State Committee for the Control of Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances in March, speaks about his new positive results so far. (A5)

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets& MARKETS SUPPLEMENT

Alfa Bank is not only exchanging budget debts of Svyazinvest's subsidiaries. It is also helping to fund a large-scale deal of Svyazinvest with Oracle. A story examines this is being done. (B1)

UBS Brunswick and leading domestic issuers offers clients raw materials that they extract: oil and palladium. With the help of such a strategy, Brunswick hopes to reduce the risks of investments for Russian securities. (B1)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov on Wednesday signed a government decree creating wholesale generating companies. This decree had been kept in the process of approval for almost 12 months. (B1)

The second stage of construction of the Nizhnekamsky oil refinery will be launched in 2005. This was announced by its director-general Khamza Bagmanov on Wednesday. (B1)

Participants in the Kovykta project, which ships gas from the Kovykta gas condensate deposit to China and Korea, does not exclude that the project may have problems with the Natural Resources Ministry. Brief. (B1)

Gazprom plans to launch delivery of natural gas to Kyrgystan's southern regions, the company's management board deputy head Alexander Ryazanov said. Brief. (B1)

The European Union's antimonopoly agencies have approved General Electric's big for the Finnish company Instrumentarium for $2.3 billion. Brief. (B1)

A new player, The New Transportation Company, has emerged on the oil and oil product transportation market. It was founded by Severstaltrans structures and MMK-Trans management. A story describes the new company. (B2)

The current conflict between Sibmashholding and Rostselamash has been caused by fierce domestic competition between the plants. A story describes its origin and essence. (B2)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

Unified Energy Systems head Anatoly Chubais, co-chairman of the Union of Right Forces party, on Wednesday officially confirmed his candidacy for the State Duma. In a letter to his subordinates he said his decision does not impose any political obligations on them. A story comments on his decision. (2)

The Moscow government has decided to borrow money from Muscovites for city needs for the first time after the 1998 default. It will release bonds to a value of 1 billion ruble ($32 million). A story comments on the decision. (2)

Political analyst Vitaly Tretyakov analyzes the start of the State Duma election campaign, focusing on factors that make him concerned about the fate of any future parliament. (3)

Chechen authorities in two weeks are expected to begin compensating Chechens for the housing they lost during the wars. In an interview the Chechen government head Anatoly Popov, who has been appointed acting president of Chechnya, speaks about his new duties. (5)

The Yabloko party will hold a Party Congress on Sept. 6. A story describes the forthcoming event, saying how opponents of Yabloko's leader, Grigory Yavlinsky, are preparing for this event. (5)

The Audit Chamber recently completed an audit of the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund. In an interview auditor Gennady Batanov and OMS Federal Fund Director Andrei Taranov talk about the results of the audit. (6)

Noviye Izvestia

A story describes new school notebooks with images of President Vladimir Putin that are being sold in several cities. The firm that has made them has been strictly reprimanded. (1,7, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 3)

Levan Ardzinba, a relative of the Abkhazian President Vladislav Ardzinba, was killed Tuesday evening. A story reflects on several possible motives, including a political one. (1)

The State Duma Legislation Committee intends to submit draft amendments to the law on alternative civil service. A story examines the major proposed amendments. (2)

Chief Military Prosecutor Alexander Savenkov on Wednesday made public statistical data on military crime over the first six months of this year. Hazing cases increased by 30 percent as compared with the figure for the same period last year. A story looks at some other facts and figures. (2)

State Duma deputy from Chechnya Aslambek Aslakhanov, running for president of the republic, at a news conference Wednesday shared his view on the upcoming elections, saying that no one is able to guarantee the safety of voters or presidential candidates. (2, Vremya Novostei, 2)

A story comments on the victory of National Bank head Mustafa Batdyev in the recent presidential elections in Karachayevo-Cherkessia, viewing it as a significant event revealing new social tendencies. (2)

Vladivostok and Artyom declared a state of emergency Wednesday due to water shortages. Energy specialists say that because of the water crisis the city may freeze in winter. A story describes the alarming situation. (3)


Observer Grigory Pasko reflects on whether the nuclear reactors of sunken submarines are still dangerous. (2)

Submarine sailors and officers at an extraordinary meeting Tuesday decided to create a special charity fund to help the families of sailors who died when the K-159 nuclear submarine sank in the Barents Sea. Navy commanders, as a rule, do not even inform them about such tragedies. A story describes factors that have prompted the sailors to launch the fund. (3)

The State Duma's first reading of the 2004 draft budget is scheduled for Sept. 19. Various policymakers have showered it with compliments. A special polygraph tried to determine how honest five top politicians were in their praise of this major financial document. (3)

Political observer Boris Kagarlitsky, director of the Institute of Globalization Studies, shares his view on several politicians who are leaders of political parties and participating in the State Duma electoral campaign. He says they're committing political suicide. (4)

Special correspondent in Chechnya Anna Politkovskaya discusses the poor results of the amnesty in Chechnya, saying it was nothing other than a way of building up Chechen administration head Akhmat Kadyrov's own army. (8,9)

Analysts are trying to determine factors determining the alignment of forces in any future State Duma -- will it be dependent on the Kremlin's policy, the country's economic situation, the relationships between the authorities and oligarchs, the parties' skills, or the mass media's freedom of speech. They discuss how the stand taken by some interior agencies could become a decisive factor. Conclusions can also be drawn from the current developments in St. Petersburg, as it has become a testing ground for new election techniques. A story features developments. (9)

A feature story by historian Anatoly Rubinov highlights Moscow when it was only 800 years old. (10, 15)

A story paints a political portrait of Krasnoyarsk regional governor Alexander Potanin, viewed as one of possible candidates for president in 2008. (16, 17)

Komsomolskaya Pravda

In an interview State Duma deputy Gennady Raikov, leader of the Duma faction People's Deputy, speaks about his family, about his stand on capital punishment and on the quality of life today. (5)

Komsomolskaya Pravda gives several effective recommendations on where university students are able to earn money in Moscow today. (14)

NTV is launching a new midnight program called "Night Muses," with poet and bard Natella Boltyanskaya as its host. A story describes its content. (22)

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Education Minister Vladimir Filippov has presented his colleagues in the government with a new book titled "Learn to Speak Good Russian." A story examines this language reference book that will help ministers pronounce and use Russian words and phrases correctly. (1, 2)

The Economic Development and Trade Ministry has endorsed the criteria that make it possible to classify hotels according to their quality of service. A story examines them in detail.

Moscow environmentalists will open five new springs in the city on City Day. The cleanest of them will open on Sunday, Sept. 7 in the east of Moscow during the ecological holiday "Live on, Spring!" (1)