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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Russia, U.S. Win World Cup Openers

Home Depot Center workers mistakenly had Russia's flag upside down when they first hoisted it up the pole on the stadium's north side hill, an international faux pas that was corrected before kickoff.

A Confessed Uzbek Bomber's Trail of Terror

As Azizbek Karimov tells it, he was given a satchel of explosives, thousands of dollars and a plan to hunt down Americans. If the embassy was too well protected, he was to blow up a hotel catering to foreigners. His Arab commanders wanted revenge.

They Can't Knock Lenin Off His Pedestal

He towered over the city's main square for a dozen years after his successors were knocked off their pedestals, pointing to the bright socialist future that never arrived and glowering at any who doubted.

Watered Down and Up: The Borzhomi Method

""Yes, this is reception,"" snapped the woman behind the desk at the Likani Sanatorium. ""But I haven't got time to speak to you now. Come back later.""

Big Business of Party Lists

The nomenklatura did its best to look like the bourgeoisie. But at some point, the process reversed.

Gulag Survivor Fights Against Cold Oblivion

In the dying settlement called simply by the Russian word for ""cold,"" there is one woman left who remembers.

Wary Folks Resist Big Move

Alexander Talanov came to this rebellious settlement bearing an ultimatum. There will be no heat this winter, he said, and no more help from the government.

UN's Baghdad HQ Attacked by Bomber

A suicide car bomber killed himself and an Iraqi policeman at a road checkpoint behind the UN headquarters in Baghdad on Monday as the United Nations debates expanding its role in Iraq.

Iran Shows Off Its Missile Capabilities

Iran, under mounting pressure to dispel fears it is developing nuclear arms, on Monday paraded six of its newly deployed medium-range missiles that military analysts say could reach Israel or U.S. bases in the Persian Gulf.

China Takes Seat at Top of Policy Table

Last weekend's G-7 meeting will reverberate through currency markets, but if it earns a place in the financial history books it will be for another reason: China's arrival at the top table of economic policy-making.

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