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Vedomosti. Companies and Markets
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A federal law regulating political parties came into effect Monday. Self-described parties are now required to rename themselves. These bodies are also stripped of the right to participate in elections. (1, 3)

LUKoil vice president Sergei Kukura was abducted by a Smolensk criminal group last year. The results of an investigation into the matter show Vladimir Vinokurov as head of the criminal group. Vinokurov was murdered one day after the release of Kukura. Authorities are searching for the remaining criminals at large. (1)

In an interview, Konstantin Totsky, former director of the Federal Border Service, speaks about the Russian cooperation with NATO. (1, 3)

A group of scientists of the International Science Assistance Fund headed by academy scientist Vyatcheslav Cherednichenko held a press conference on weather management. Scientists believe that it may be possible to manage the weather with special equipment. (2)

The Unified Russia faction is preparing for parliamentary elections in December. Ivanovo mayor Alexander Groshev was excluded from the party's ranks Monday for actions that discredited the party. The decision on his exclusion was made Thursday at a Unified Russia session. (2)

Al Arabia Arabian television company has distributed an audio recording of an al-Qaida announcement. The voice said that a group of the Iraqi branch of al-Qaida, not Saddam Hussein, was behind the armed resistance against U.S. forces in Iraq. (4)

The Rothschilds are strengthening their positions. Lord Jacob Rothschild, head of the English branch of the Rothschilds, will take over the reigns of Yukos in the case that present top managers are unable to fulfill the position. A story gives details. (4)

The Audit Chamber has announced the start of a new audit of Gazprom, focusing on its structural reform. Mezhregiongaz, a branch of the company, is now an issue of concern for auditors. (5)

The government is intending to freeze the level of electricity tariffs for three years. The Federal Energy Commission believes this will contribute to economic growth in Russia. Analysts believe that big business will continue to earn large profits due to low electricity prices. (5)

LUKoil has added independent directors Mark Mobius and Richard Matske to its board of directors. In an interview, Richard Matske, former vice president of LUKoil speaks about oil business projects. (5)

Over the first six months of 2003 all European automobile producers have decreased their sales in Russia due to the strength of the euro. The Japanese automobile industry is increasing in profitability in the Russian market for the same reason. (6)

Transportation and property ministries will not grant Sheremetevo airport the chance to appoint a new chairman of the board of directors. Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Yury Isayev will be appointed to the post by the government. A story gives details. (6)

The Moscow city Duma has initiated a form of neighborhood watch. The city Duma is considering a bill that would encourage Moscow authorities to recruit informants from every apartment building. A story looks into details of the initiative. (7)

An apartment belonging to the regional governor of Nizhny Novgorod has been robbed. Gold and jewelry were stolen from his apartment while he and his wife were staying at their country house. (8)

The prosecutor's office of Chukhotka has finished an investigation into the case of Vyatcheslav Zolotaryev, former vice governor of the region. Zolotaryev is accused of abusing his power. A story looks into the investigation's details. (8)


Prosecutors are continuing investigations into economic activity. The Prosecutor General has opened a criminal case into businessman Andrei Andreev, who claims that some individuals forced him to cease his business activities, including those at Ingostrakh. Experts believe that authorities will put pressure on Oleg Deripaska next. A story looks into the latest pursuits of the prosecutor's office. (1)

Diamond monopolist Alrosa aims to sign a strategic partnership agreement with Lazare Kaplan International that would bring an end to their agreement with De Beers. A story comments on Alrosa's activities. (1, 5)

The Election campaign for the post of St. Petersburg's governor is turning scandalous. Valentina Matvienko gained more competitors Monday, including vice governor Anna Markova and Mikhail Amosov, head of the Yabloko faction in the city assembly. A story comments on the candidates' biographies. (2)

Omsk regional governor's elections are scheduled for September 7. Governor Leonid Polezhaev announced his intention to run for office Monday. His main competitor will be Leonid Mayevsky, a State Duma deputy from the Communist faction. A story comments on the governor's pre-election preparations. (2)

Yukos held a press conference Monday devoted to actions taken by prosecutors against the company. Prosecutors stormed a Yukos office Friday accompanied by armed and masked men and spent 16 hours inspecting the oil company's archives. The prosecutors' actions triggered another large-scale sale of Yukos shares. The pretext for the prosecutors' visit was the case against Platon Lebedev, a top Yukos shareholder. (3)

A funeral ceremony for officer Georgy Trofimov took place Monday at the FSB cultural center. Trofimov died heroically during an attempt to prevent a bomb from exploding on July 10. A story comments on the ceremony's details. (4)

Regional orthodox churches will unite as the True Orthodox Church in order to defend their property rights. This decision was made Monday at a pontifical conference in the Moscow clinic of St. Joann. A story comments on details of the discussion. (4)

Rustam Arifjanov, chief editor of Versiya Newspaper, resigned Monday. Versiya journalists believe the newspaper is declining in prestige. (4)

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Resin announced Monday that the Moscow Investment Construction Company will be founded and registered in St. Petersburg. The company will invest in construction in St. Petersburg, helping Valentina Matvienko to fulfil her election promise of constructing 4 million square meters of housing. (5)

A representative of American International Group (AIG), an international insurance giant, will be included on the board of directors of Soglasiye Insurance Company. AIG president Bengkt Westergrain is the most likely candidate for the post. A story comments on the Soglasiye merger with AIG. (6)

The Economic Development and Trade Ministry and the Telecommunications Ministry cannot find common ground on the "Electronic Russia" program. The two agencies are failing to agree over who will is responsible for IT-initiatives. A story comments on the details of the disagreement. (7)

Volzhskiemotory has stopped supplying motors to UAZ (Ulianovsk automobile plant). Volzhskiemotory representatives attributed the stop to a disagreement over legal suits. (7)

The public court of the city of Shenyan, China, sentenced Chinese multi-millionaire Yan Bin to 18 years in prison Monday. He was accused in six criminal charges, A story comments on the Chinese model of fighting corruption. (9)


Gazprom directors' board chairman Alexei Miller has reshuffled his team of top managers. Alexander Krasenkov, responsible for the company's active projects, left Gazprom on Monday. Lentransgaz company director Sergei Serdyukov has resigned as well. Gazfond pension fund Viktor Tarasov is scheduled to leave his post in August. (A1)

The constitutional court has given exporters permission to return VAT taxes by presenting any document that proves a product's export. A story comments on Tax Code regulations for exporters. (A1)

Prosecutors have started an investigation into Yukos' activities after another deputy's inquiry. Yukos now is facing serious problems. Communist Deputy Nikolai Daihkes said Yukos-controlled companies illegally received tax privileges in the Sverdlovsk area. A story comments on details on relations of Yukos and ZATO Lesnoi. (A2)

A court in Shenyan, China on Monday sentenced Chinese multi-millionaire Yan Bin to 18 years of imprisonment. He was found guilty of six criminal charges, A story comments on Chinese anti-corruption activities. (A2)

The government commission on protectionist measures intends to approve a system of sugar sales for 2004. Officials intend to distribute free meat quotas among historical importers. The commission will also consider increasing tariffs for cheap furniture imports. (A3)

The Svyazinvest telecommunications holding, which recently signed a multimillion dollar deal with Oracle, is now facing problems with minor shareholders. Minor shareholders think $25 million is a low price for RTK-Leasing. A story comments on analysts' opinions. (A5)

General Electric president Jeffrey Immelt has arrived to Moscow to meet with Russian officials and to participate in a corporate exhibition "A Day of GE." In an interview Immelt discusses in which Russian economic sector General Electric is going to invest. (A6)

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

The Leningrad hotel was constructed in the Tri Vokzala square in Moscow in 1954. The Moscow city government has decided to sell a controlling stake in the hotel to individual investors, who must invest no less than 40 million dollars for its reconstruction to win the stake. The competition will take place in autumn. (B1)

Mosenergo, the largest regional energy grid and the owner of 6500 hectares of land, is considering buying more. Mosenergo already has property in the center of Moscow. Mosenergo's net profit reached 646 million rubles ($21 million) under IAS standards in 2002. (B1)

The prosecutor general has started a criminal investigation founded on a complaint by businessman Andrei Andreyev, who alleges that some individuals forced him to give up his business activities including Ingosstrakh. Experts think that authorities will now put Oleg Deripaska under pressure. A story looks into prosecutors' activities. (B3)

The coffee boom in Moscow seems to be waning. There are about 150 coffeeshops in Moscow by now. Coffeeshop network owners are expanding their activities into Russia's regions. A story comments on the details. (B5)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

A Rossiiskaya Gazeta reporter recently visited the parents of Zulihan Elihajieva in Chechnya. Elihajieva was one of the suicide bombers who detonated a bomb in at a rock concert last week. A feature story examines the 14-year-old's difficult life in an attempt to shed light on her decision to execute a suicide bombing. (1, 2) (MN 1)

A federal law was passed on Monday that prevents severely debilitates parties that have failed to officially register with the government. A story examines the new measure, focusing on its potential political effects. (1, 9) (Gazeta 3)

Moscow police chief Viktor Trutnev left for holidays Monday. There is speculation that he will hand in his resignation upon returning to Moscow, opening the post to Viktor Golovanov. A story examines Golovanov's biography. (1)

Britain's Prince Charles arrived in St. Petersburg late Sunday for a three-day visit to celebrate the city's 300th anniversary. A story details the prince's St. Petersburg itinerary. (2) (Nezavisimaya Gazeta 4, Komsomolskaya Pravda 5)

A funeral ceremony for Georgy Trofimov took place Monday at the FSB cultural center. Trofimov died on Thursday in Moscow while attempting to defuse a bomb dropped by a Chechen rebel. A story comments on details of the ceremony. (3) (Komsomolskaya Pravda 2)

A human rights conference opened Tuesday in Moscow. In an interview, Ella Pamfilova, the head of the president's commission on human rights and Ludmila Alexeeva, the head of Moscow Helsinki group, speak about the major issues to be discussed at the conference. (3)

The Al Arabia television station has distributed an audio recording of an official al-Qaida announcement calling for armed resistance against the United States occupying forces in Iraq. A story provides details and examines the current security situation in Iraq. (4)

The new Iraqi governing council announced a decision to name Monday April 9 as the approximate date of Saddam Hussein's fall from power and an official national holiday. A story comments on the current activities of the new council. (4)

In an interview Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko comments on the current state of economic cooperation between Russia and Japan, focusing on the automobile industry. (6)

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

The Kremlin intends to postpone Moscow mayoral elections from December 2003 to March 2004. A story comments on the reasons behind the decision. (1, 2)

The campaign for the upcoming presidential elections in Chechnya is currently gathering steam. The article examines the key figures involved in the race. (1, 2)

Russia's Audit Chamber plans to audit Gazprom's records, focusing on the company's past financial investments. Gazprom chairman Alexei Miller has already made several key appointments in an effort to restructure the company's administration. An article examines the new appointments and lists the key officials who have already left the company. (3)

In an interview, Kalmykia President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov comments on the social and economic the republic is currently facing. (4) (Gazeta 4)

Moskovskiye Novosti (15/07/2003)

Oligarchs consider the current Yukos investigation a first step in reversing the privitization deals of big businesses in Russia. Prosecutors accompanied by armed men wearing masks stormed a Yukos office on Friday and spent 16 hours inspecting the oil company's archives. The prosecutors' actions triggered another mass sale of Yukos shares. A story details the search and provides an update on the investigation of Yukos shareholder Platon Lebedev. (6, 7, 8) (Gazeta 2)

The Economy Development and Trade Ministry has appointed Anatoly Kostrov as its deputy director. A story assesses the new administrative appointment. (13)