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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Europe Fields 'Hippest-Ever' Mission to Mars

On Christmas Day, Europe's first planetary explorer is expected to touch down on Mars, pop open like a clamshell and belt out a catchy little tune by the British pop band Blur.

Staid Seoul Opens Sex Museum

An upscale neighborhood a block from the presidential residence in Seoul has a new cultural icon: South Korea's first museum of sex.

U.S. to Select Iraq's Interim Leadership

In a major shift, U.S.-led occupation authorities have abandoned the idea of letting a national conference of Iraqis select an interim government, instead opting for a plan that gives the United States a direct role in choosing the country's leaders.

Zimbabwe Police Arrest MDC Leader

Zimbabwe police quashed opposition protests Monday, arresting party leaders and firing tear gas to stop demonstrations aimed at driving President Robert Mugabe from power.

Evading the Evil Eye When at 12,000 Meters

Azeris are a superstitious lot. In homes all over the country you'll see bunches of dried thistles hanging from door frames and circular pieces of blue glass with black and white rings in the middle that are supposed to ward off the evil eye.

Bear Market for President

The Russian economy depends entirely on the export of oil and gas. The state of world financial and commodity markets, therefore, determines the country's political future to a significant extent.

Iraqi Businesses Battle Import Invasion

Shakir Thiab and his Al Bayltha candy factory survived the U.S. military invasion without a scratch. But the invasion that followed has all but shut him down.

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