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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Gazprom's Poor Performance a Giant Disgrace

Foreign and domestic shareholders alike remain disgruntled with Gazprom's performance, and are becoming increasingly vocal.

Putin's Legacy as Modernizer Not Secured

It was John Maynard Keynes who observed that Russia's economy provided ample evidence to support contradictory theories. In this respect, things in Russia today are not much different from the 1920s.

U.S. Troops Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop

Though it's unrealistic to expect citizens of any land to cozy up to a conquering army, U.S. soldiers, somewhat belatedly, are learning and applying beneficial new tactics in dealing with civilians in Iraq.

In Europe, Mending Fences

A group of curious Europeans had a chance over the weekend to observe the man many suspect is a secret architect of Bush administration foreign policy, the neoconservative guru Richard Perle.

U.S. Court Backs Bush Over Terror Detainees

A U.S. federal appeals panel ruled Tuesday that the U.S. administration may conceal the identities of hundreds of people detained after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, saying disclosure of even one name could endanger national security.

Militants Kill Girl Despite Talks

Palestinian gunmen killed an Israeli girl on a road near the West Bank, feeding a cycle of violence that has battered a peace plan that U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell will try to rescue in a new Middle East visit.

Korea Tops ASEAN Agenda

Asia-Pacific foreign ministers urged a peaceful resolution to the North Korean nuclear crisis on Wednesday, but the North accused Washington of warmongering and threatened to build up its ""nuclear deterrent.""

Troops Kill 2 Demonstrators in Iraq

Edgy American troops killed two Iraqis on Wednesday after Saddam Hussein's former soldiers hurled stones during a protest outside the headquarters of the U.S.-led occupation authorities.

Blair Backs Intelligence In Face of 2 Inquiries

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, facing two investigations about his claims regarding Iraq's weapons, insisted Wednesday that Saddam Hussein had posed a threat to the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Vigilante Threat Keeps Protesters in Their Cars

Hundreds of Iranians demanding more freedom demonstrated for the eighth consecutive night early Wednesday and scores of protesters were arrested and some injured in rallies in seven cities.

Iranian Woman Kills Herself In Response to French Arrests

An Iranian woman set herself on fire in Paris on Wednesday in protest at a French crackdown on Iranian opposition group the People's Mujahedin and died of her injuries, police said.

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