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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Sitting beneath a mural of cupid, diplomats ganged up to debunk the Bush administration's case against Iraq.

Foraging for Extra Food in the Far Eastern Fleet

Without their daily ration of butter, the officers aboard the escort ship started to get restless.

N. Korea Celebrates Kim's Birthday

North Korea marked leader Kim Jong Il's birthday Sunday by urging the military to be on alert and the people to ""burn with hatred"" against the United States.

WHO Seeks Pact to Curb Smoking Worldwide

Despite Switzerland's high cost of living, cigarettes are cheaper than in any other Western European country, and the number of cancer deaths is rising.

Columbia Probe Focuses On a Hole

Two weeks after Columbia was destroyed, a hole in the spacecraft's aluminum skin that would have left it vulnerable to super-hot gases has become a suspect in the space shuttle's disintegration.

Congress Allocates Record $400Bln

The U.S. Congress has hastily approved a $397.4 billion spending package for special-interest projects covering everything from shiitake mushrooms to beaver management.

IMF: War Won't Mean Recession

International Monetary Fund head Horst Kohler said in an interview that he did not believe the world economy will fall into recession as a result of a war in Iraq.

WTO Talks Stall Over Farm Tariffs

Ministers from more than 20 countries wrapped up divisive World Trade Organization talks Sunday, failing to find common ground on the key issue of agricultural trade reform.

Nigerian Oil Strike May Kill Exports

Nigerian oil workers on Saturday launched an indefinite strike that could shut down crude exports in the world's sixth-largest oil exporter.

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