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Press Review

IZVESTIA (6/12/2003)

As many as 41 people perished Friday morning in a kamikaze bomb explosion in a local train? passing Kislovodsk - Mineralnye Vody. More than 120 people have been wounded. That was the 4th railway explosion within the last 4 months. A story gives a map of actions of terror committed by kamikaze. (1, 2, Kommersant 1, 4)

Izvestia has finished the investigation into a system of explosive production and distribution in Russia. More than 500 firms and enterprises have got licensees on the explosive production in 1, 5 year. The state related plants are loosing their contracts. One may buy an explosive almost on a legal basis. (1, 11)

Parliamentary elections will take place on December 7. Totally 2027 candidates from 225 single-mandate regions are registered in Russia. A page is devoted to elections' regulations. (2, Kommersant 3)

Lithuania president Rollandas Paksas is facing the impeachment. Four leading parliamentarian fractions are pressing for it. The Lithuania Constitutional Court has doubted a legality of the president' s decision on giving the Lithuanian citizenship to Russian businessman Yury Borisov. A story comments on details of the scandal. (3)

Georgian revolution-makers Nino Burjanadze, Mikhail Saakashvili and Zurab Zhvania received Friday US defense minister Donald Ramsfeld. The sides have come to an agreement that Russia must call its military bases off the Georgian territory as soon as possible. A story comments on details of the negotiations and an unstable situation in Georgia in the pre-election period. (3, Kommersant 4)

St. Pete business elite is trying to divide elite lands of the Moscow area. A story comments on attempts of " Akron" , an oil-chemical holding of Nizhny Novgorod, to defend its rights on 2372 hectare in Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway, Moscow area. (3)

" Dubai Air Show-2003" air salon will start its work on Sunday. As many as 19 enterprises related to the military-industrial complex will present Russia in the air salon. Experts consider that Dubai salon will contribute to the Russian arms export growth up to $5 billion in 2005. (4)

Ukrainian vice-premier Vitaly Gaiduk announced Friday that Ukraine is not interested in a deal on Russian-Ukrainian gas transportation consortium. However, Gazprom leadership as well as the Ukrainian cabinet of ministers say that the announcement is a private opinion of an official. (4, Kommersant 1)he official results of the all-Russia census will be published in the first quarter of 2004. A story presents a certain part of records of the Russian population, education level and a general demographic situation in Russia. (5)

Archeologists of a joint expedition of Kharkov national university, " Hersones-Tavritchesky" national reserve, the South-Crimean expedition of the state Hermitage and the Crimean branch of the archeology institute have been making archeological researches of Balaklava, the Crimean area since 2000. Before that the Russian secret military base of submarines was located in the area. A story gives the results of archeological researches, which lead to a discovery of a middle-ages fortress. (5)

Academy scientist Vladimir Fortov, a secretary-academist of power engineering, mechanical engineering, and RAN management processes department, has been elected a member of the Royal engineering academy of Great Britain. In an interview he speaks on the recent developments in the scientific field. (6)

In an interview Anatoly Chasovskikh, the director of Kholomogorov' s school for talented children from far-away regions, speaks on his ways of selecting pupils for his school. (7)

In accordance with the world' s statistics, about 40 percent of citizens of big cities are suffering problems with sleeping due to a psychological pressure they are facing. US specialists have estimates that such problems bring $50 billion losses to the society. A story comments on details of the issue. (8)

The Moscow city mayor Yury Luzhkov made Friday a trial trip in a new metro line, which will be opened by the end of December in Butovo. After that Luzhkov opened the movement in two tunnels in Lefortovo, the last step in the third transportation ring construction. A story comments on details of recent constructions in the capital. (9)

The Moscow City Court will announce Monday a verdict to Viktor Malyuk, a 41 y. o. murderer. Malyk robbed his victims choosing them from Iz Ruk v Ruki newspaper. His total profit for 4 murders reached $2700. A story comments on details of the investigation. (10)

In an interview Gennady Onishchenko, the chief sanitary doctor of Russia, speaks on the flue epidemic spreading in Russia and methods of its preventing. (12)

KOMMERSANT (6/12/2003)

Yevgeny Baru, Platon Lebedyev' s advocate, made an attempt Thursday to take a secret letter with some instructions of his client out of Matrosskaya Tishina prison. The advocate destroyed the letter in order not to give a chance to the prison authorities to read it. A story comments on details of Baru' s visit to Lebedyev. (1, 3, Izvestia 10)

RAO EES Rossii directors board didn' t appoint Alexander Voloshin the staff chairman at its Friday session. In accordance with unofficial information the Kremlin has changed its decision on Voloshin' s post and a possibility of his appointment to YukosSibneft is now under discussion. (1)

A round table devoted to the Russian grain market development perspectives took place on Friday. Vice premier Alexei Gordeyev has expressed his concerns about European high prices for grain and initiated a program of Russian grain export limitation. A story comments on details of the discussion at the round table. (2)

Finance monitoring committee chief Viktor Zubkov and Drugs turnover control committee chief Viktor Cherkesov reported Friday to president V. Putin on their investigation into cases of money laundering and drug business. A story looks into details. (2)

The regional prosecutor' s office of Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatsk accused last Tuesday mayor Yury Golenishchev in criminal negligence, which lead to a failure in preparations to the heating season. However, Golenishchev had to stay in a hospital to recover his health problems till Friday. Golenishchev has released from the hospital and is now facing an imprisonment. (3)


A story gives a wide range of business structures, including YukosSibneft, which are competing for ex-chief of the Kremlin administration Alexander Voloshin. A. Voloshin may be appointed to the post of the chairman of RAO EES Rossii directors' board, as its head A. Chubais informed a few days ago. The Kremlin is considering several other options. (1, 3)

President V. Putin made Thursday a visit to Kolomna town of the Moscow area. Putin' s visit has contributed a lot to the promotion of Moscow area governor Boris Gromov, who accompanied the president during his visit. The president has discussed transportation machinery engineering at his meeting with related officials Gennady Fadyeev, Vadim Morozov and Andrei Fursyenko. A story comments on details of the president' s visit. (1, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda 5)

President' s advisor on economic issues Andrei Illarionov named Thursday Yukos' case an " anti-event of the year" . Illarionov said at a press-conference on economic results 2003 that Yukos' case may play a negative role for the Russian economy growth. (1, 3)

About 1200 foreign observers presenting 34 countries will be monitoring the parliamentary elections on December 7. Foreign observers have already noticed negative features of the election campaign, like the Unified Russia' s pressure upon the electorate. A story looks into details of observers' activities. (2)

The cabinet of ministers approved Thursday amendments to the decree on the alternative military service. The decree will come into force starting from January 1, 2004. Labor minister Alexander Potchinok expressed his hopes to attract about 1 million employees to social jobs. A story comments on details of the decree. (3)

Rostov region is receiving about 20 thousand of illegal migrants annually, in accordance with the official statistics. The region is considered to be leading in the field. Migrants from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan are employed in constructions and markets of different kinds. A story comments on migrants' conditions of leaving. (4)

People abductions are still taking place in Chechnya. Military commandant of Chechnya Grigory Fomenko has signed into force a decree on transport movement regulations. Transportation means without registration marks and windows covered with toner are not allowed to move in Chechnya, due to a fact that the main part of missing people have been abducted by terrorists driving cars without registration marks. Vice-premier of Chechnya Movsur Khamidov said last week that 400 people are missing in Chechnya starting from January 2003. A story comments on details of the issue. (4)

The second round of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations on dividing the Azov Sea and Kerch Channel area took place on Thursday. Deputy ministers of foreign affairs of Russia and Ukraine have headed the governmental delegations at the negotiations. A story gives details of the discussion. (5)

In an interview famed politicians - Andrew Kachins, the Moscow Carnegie center director, Sergei Karaganov, the SVOP chairman, Darion Tuburn, an analysts of the world markets research center, share their view on what will change in strategies of Moscow and Washington after Shewarnadze' s resignation. (5, Komsomolskaya Pravda 10)


Georgian prosecutor general' s office has started an investigations into a case of officials' negligence, in connection with Berezovsky' s staying in Georgia. HR service head Dali Sadatiyerashvili said that the prosecutor general' s office of Russia appealed to the prosecutor general' s office of Georgia with a query on explanations for the fact that Berezovsky was not arrested upon his arrival on December 3. (1)

As many as 41 people perished Friday morning in a kamikaze bomb explosion in a local train, passing Kislovodsk - Mineralnye Vody. More than 120 people have been wounded. That was the 4th railway explosion within the last 4 months. A story gives details of the tragedy. (1, 4, Trud 1, 2, MK 1, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda 2, 3, 4)

Moscow city mayor Luzhkov opened the movement in two tunnels in Lefortovo, which marked the last step in the construction of the third transportation ring in Moscow. A story comments on the Moscow city authorities' plans and recent developments in the field of constructions. (2, MK 1, Komsomolskaya Pravda 7)

The Moscow city mayor Yury Luzhkov and city officials made Friday a trial trip in a new metro line, connecting Buninskaya Allea and Starokachalovskaya stations, which will be opened by the end of December in Butovo. (3, Komsomolskaya Pravda 6)

The second international exhibition " Nature, hunting and hunters' salvage" opened Friday in Olympiysky sport complex, Moscow. A story comments on participants and visitors of the exhibition. (3)

The flue is spreading in Russian regions. In an interview Gennady Onishchenko, the chief sanitary doctor of Russia, speaks on methods of its preventing. (5, MK 2)

TRUD (6/12/2003)

Parliamentary elections will take place on December 7. President V. Putin has appealed to citizens to participate in the elections. A story comments on preparations to the event. (1, MK 1, 2)

A district court of Nizhny Novgorod has announced a verdict of no guilt to Yevgeny Mikhailov, who was accused in murder of famous Russian writer Dmitry Balashkov. The first verdict of the court was a sentence of 14 years imprisonment. A story comments on circumstances which made the court to cancel its first verdict. (1)