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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

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Nezavisimaya Gazeta
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The mass media links the president's "new course" with the recent personnel reshuffles in the presidential administration and with the Prosecutor General's Office's continuing attacks on the Yukos company. Aside from that, several rules of the political game are expected to change during the State Duma and then presidential election campaigns. A story examines eight major new rules that could take effect during the president's second term of office. (1)

The story looks at the presidential team after the resignation of Kremlin chief of staff Alexander Voloshin, focusing on the major personnel reshuffles. (1,2, Kommersant, 1,2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2,3, Gazeta, Oct. 31, 1, Krasnaya Zvezda, 1,Zhizn, 2,Komsomolskaya Pravda,1,2,Pravda, 1 , MK, 1, 2)

Nine political scientists and policy makers share their views on the Kremlin administration reshuffles. (3)

The story reports on how the Western press has regarded Kremlin chief of staff Alexander Voloshin's resignation. (3)

The newly appointed Kremlin chief of staff, Dmitry Medvedev, defended his dissertation at the Civil Law Department of the Judiciary Faculty of St. Petersburg University. In an interview, Professor Yury Tolstoy, who reviewed and assessed Medvedev's research work, talks about his pupil's strong character and research achievements. (1,3)

During his recent visit to New York, the architect of perestroika, Mikhail Gorbachev (better known in the West as Gorbi) pecked a Harvard post-graduate named Miranda four times on the cheek in a hotel elevator. She planned Gorbi's tour in America. A story describes the incident, telling how the magazine "The New Yorker" featured Gorbi's kisses. (2)

The Prosecutor General's Office has completed an investigation into the criminal case of Yukos-Moskva Director-General Vasily Shakhnovsky, who is accused of tax evasion. Shakhnovsky, whom the Evenki parliament has elected to the Federaion Council, is continuing to enjoy immunity. Evenkia's Prosecutor General, Nikolai Okolesnov, unexpectedly tendered his resignation Friday. A story comments on the case. (2, Kommersant, 1,3 , Gazeta, Oct. 31, 3, MK, 3)

Czech President Vaclav Klaus began his working visit to Russia on Saturday. In an exclusive interview, he says how he envisions the Prague-Moscow relationship after his country's accession to the European Union. He also examines the current state of the Czech Republic's relations with Russia. (2)

On Friday, President Putin visited the Perm region and the Komi-Permyatsky Autonomous Area, the participants in the "pilot" merger project. The president supported the initiative. A story explains the project, commenting on Putin's statements. (2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 4, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2, MK, 2)

Highly regarded economist Alexander Livshits shares his positive view on the need for the so-called stabilization fund that, above all, should be legalized as soon as possible. (2)

On Friday the Central Election Commission determined the order in which 23 parties and blocs will stand in the electors' ballots. A story describes the casting of lots, focusing on the winning numbers, and a list of the numbers of the 23 parties. (3, Kommersant, 3, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 5, MK, 2)

Federal authorities have already begun to give out Yukos' former oil deposits to other companies. Thus, the Natural Resources Ministry reported on Friday that the temporary license for the development of the Talakan oil deposit had gone to Surgutneftgaz. Vladimir Bogdanov's company has won the right to extract oil on the central bloc of Talakan for one year or up to the time when this stretch is put up for a tender. A story comments on the ministry's unexpected decision. (4

The international Standard & Poor's rating agency has lowered Yukos' forecast rating from "stable" down to "negative." Brief. (4)

The Nizhny Novgorod regional Arbitration Court on Friday froze the property of the Sokol aviation plant, part of the Kaskol group. A story explains the aim of the measure. (4)

Russia's grain exports in September exceeded the August figure. A story gives figures to illustrate the point, saying how analysts regard this trend. A graph shows the dynamics of grain exports from Russia in 2002-2003 and 2003-2004. (4)

Severstal plans to buy the American plant Rouge Steel. A story examines this possible deal. (4)

The Anti-Monopoly Ministry has found a violation of the rules of fair competition by Sberbank ? this time on the collector services market. A story describes the violation in detail. (4)

The volume of the monetary base in Russia as of Oct. 27 amounted to 1,216.6 billion rubles. The Central Bank's foreign and public relations department gave this statement Friday. And as of Oct. 20 the figure was 1,218.0 billion rubles. Brief. (4)

The European Space Agency's probes will observe the performance of LUKoil's oil extraction in the D-6 (Kravtsovskoye) deposit on the Baltic shelf. Brief. (4)

Goskomrezerv, Ukraine's material reserve committee plans to buy 300,000 tons of grain for the state reserve before the end of this year. Goskomrezerv head Nikolai Pesotsky stated on Friday that the committee plans to buy 158.7 thousand tons over the next two weeks from Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada and the United States. Brief. (4)

The NIKoil financial corporation has bought about 14 percent of the stakes in UralSib bank for $40 million at a special auction. Those stakes were the property of Bashkiria. NIKoil head Nikolai Tsvetkov stated this on Friday. Brief. (4)

The Izvestia Supplement is devoted to Science (Discoveries and Commentaries.) (5-8)

The story describes a powerful flash in the sun on Tuesday, the cloud of super-hot gas of which reached Earth in the second half of the day on Wednesday. This cloud has caused the most powerful magnetic storm in 12 years and has been adversely affecting people's health. (5)

Russian scholars are among those nominated for the annual Descartes Prize, worth 1 million euros ($1,162,206), to be awarded in Rome on Nov. 20. A story describes the prize, some of its past winners and new candidates. (5)

Viktor Sidnev, the newly elected mayor of the science town Troitsk, has made public a program for social prosperity on the basis of a large-scale application of this town's intellectual possibilities. A story examines the program's major provisions. (5)

Moscow authorities have offered school pupils an interesting entertainment program for the weeklong school vacations. The program's events will begin this Sunday and will last until next Sunday. A story looks at the program. (9)

The Federal Security Service on Thursday conducted a 14-hour-long search of Novosibirskenergo's offices. A story describes the search and its aims, saying how the Novosibirskenergo leadership commented on it Friday.

An unidentified assailant in Vsevolozhsk (Leningrad region) on Friday killed Lyudmila Pomazova, Director-General of the Drofa- Peterburg publishing company, which prints school textbooks. A story describes the case, reflecting on its possible motives. (10, Kommersant, 4, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, MK, 2

Yelena Nemirovskaya, founder and director of the Moscow School of Political Studies, is the first Russian in the country's history to be awarded the Order of the British Empire. The award ceremony took place on Friday in the residence of the British Ambassador, Sir Roderick Lyne. In a short interview, Yelena describes her award. (12)

In an interview, Chief Sanitary Physician Gennady Onishchenko talks about epidemics to be expected this winter. (12)


Hasan Ruhani, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council , during his visit to Moscow tomorrow will name the date of Iran's signing of an additional protocol to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. A highly placed official in the Russian Nuclear Energy Ministry stated this. (1)

The Prosecutor General's Office on Friday reported that it unfroze part of Yukos' stakes that were frozen Thursday. But the securities belonging to big co-owners of the Gibraltar offshore group Menatep were not unfrozen. A story comments on the PGO's behavior, saying what it should mean. (1,5)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov in Nalchik on Friday made several statements that clearly show he views the law-enforcers' actions as destructive for the economy. A story comments on his pronouncements. (2)

The Tver Election Commission on Friday completed the registration of 10 candidates for the gubernatorial seat, including current governor Vladimir Platov. The elections are scheduled for Dec.7. A story examines major rivalries. (3)

The Karachayevsk convicts Yusuf Krymshamkhalov and Adam Dekkushev went on closed-door trial in the Moscow City Court on Friday. They are accused of an involvement in the apartment block bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk in September 1999. A story describes their case. (4,Izvestia, 10, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 6 , MK, 2)

Sheremetyevo International Airport's board of directors on Friday endorsed the procedure of conducting a competition for handing over airport management to a private company. A story examines the project, its two-day discussion and the final decision. (5)

A story describes the last working day of the week in the domestic stock market on Friday when it showed complete uncertainty . (5)

The Evroset network of cellular communications salons has launched an unusual marketing project ? the company plans to open a Moscow mobile telephone boutique, in which visitors will be serviced by gay managers. A story examines this extraordinary marketing project. (5)

The Unified Energy Systems board of directors on Friday endorsed an agreement on reforming Mosenergo with the participation of the Moscow government and Moscow regional administration. A story views it as a victory of Mayor Yury Luzhkov. (5)

The Tulaugol shareholders' meeting on Oct. 31 decided to curtail operations, the last existing company working in the Moscow region coal basin. Tulaugol's debt today amounts to almost 2 billion rubles ($66,777,963) Brief. (6)

Lycos Russia, a subsidiary of Lycos Europe, announced on Friday its upcoming closure. The company is part of the Spanish-American Terra Lycos holding. Brief. (6)

Rossiya, an association of regional banks in Russia, after considering the Central Bank's draft provision on organizing internal control in credit organizations and banking groups, sent its remarks to Andrei Kozlov,the CB's first deputy head. The brief looks at the remarks. (6

Today's domestic financial markets fail to cope with the role of mediators in transforming savings into investments. Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov stated this in Nalchik on Friday. Brief. (6)

The Management-Tsentr managing company on Friday announced the purchase of 100 percent of stakes of Teleexpress (better known as the television channel M1). A brief reveals the details of the deal. (6)

The Finance Ministry in November will pay off $237.47 million in foreign debt. The ministry stated this on Friday. Brief. (6

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

The controlling stake in Yukos was frozen on Friday, causing prices to fall on domestic and foreign stock markets. (1, 7)

The Constitutional Court's Friday verdict will seriously change the relationship between the media and the authorities during the election campaign. A story examines the verdict, which will allow the media to cover the campaign without any restrictions. (1, 2)

Nezavisimaya Gazeta offers a list of Russia's 100 most influential politicians for October. The list was compiled on the basis of an opinion poll conducted from Oct. 20 to 24. A story comments on the list. (1, 11)

Rumors about Unified Energy Systems head Anatoly Chubais' resignation were circulating on Friday, when Chubais was attending many public events. A story describes his day, reflecting on reasons behind the rumors. (1, 3)

Kommersant on Thursday published an appeal to Russian political parties by Boris Berezovsky. A story focuses on some parties' reactions. (2)

Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Arkady Dvorkovich on Friday harshly criticized the recent actions of executive agencies. He became the first highly placed state official to express openly his disagreement with the Kremlin line. (2)

Rosbalt on Friday reported that State Duma Deputy Vladimir Dubov, a holder of a 4 percent stake in Yukos, had emigrated to Israel. In a telephone interview, Dubov gave his reasons. (2)

A story reports on how Yukos head Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Sibneft president Yevgeny Shvidler will divide power in YukosSibneft. (3)

Liberal Democratic Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky held a news conference during his two-day visit to the Sverdlovsk region, at which he criticized businessmen, policymakers and governors who have been elected to a third term of office. The story comments on his "promises" and how human rights activists responded to them. (4)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

A feature story is about a British farmer who went to Dubinka, Novosibirsk region, ten years ago, and stayed. (10, 11)

Special video devices have allowed 22 monitors at a video observation center on Samotyochny Pereulok to see what is happening in the center of Moscow. Such devices will be mounted in all city districts by the end of 2004. A story describes the devices and their operators. (1)

An unidentified assailant in Peredelkino on Friday night killed famed actor Vladimir Mikhailov, 51, from the Moscow's Soprichastnost Theater. Mikhailov, the father of three, lived in Peredelkino. (1, MK, 1)

According to the results of the 2002 census, 67.6 million men and 77.6 million women live in Russia. A story comments on these figures, saying that the number of married women is much higher than the number of married men. (5)

A story describes how Halloween is being celebrated all over the world, including Russia. (7)

The cornerstone was laid for a plant in Krasnodar that will make farming equipment for the German company Klaas. A story examines this important project. (12)

In an interview, film actress Yelena Yakovleva talks about her recent roles. (13)

Film actor Lev Durov has become artistic director of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, where his wife Irina and daughter Katya are leading actresses. In an interview, Durov talks about his first productions. (21, MK, 3)

A feature story is about Tsar Nicholas II's daughter Grand Princess Olga, who was killed with the whole royal family in 1918. Historians, however, say that she had a chance to survive thanks to her last love. (26, 27)

The Theater Center, the dream of many actors, has opened in Moscow on Strastnoi Bulvar. It was built by the Union of Theatrical Workers, led by famed actor Alexander Kalyagin. A story describes the opening ceremony. (30)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta offers a list of the 50 most influential entrepreneurs in the third quarter of this year, when the rating of Yukos head Mikhail Khodorkovsky markedly lowered due to his continuing conflict with the Prosecutor General's Office. A story comments on the list, with Unified Energy Systems head Anatoly Chubais taking the top spot. (9)

Komsomolskaya Pravda

A story comments on the appointment of Dmitry Medvedev as presidential chief of staff, noting that President Vladimir Putin makes it clear with this appointment that all the rumors about the transformation of Russia into a totalitarian state are groundless. How do Washington analysts regard Medvedev? (2)

The usually cautious Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov commented on the freezing of Yukos' shares. (3)

Miss Universe 2002, Oksana Fyodorova, has decided to run for the State Duma. She announced her decision on Thursday at the Political Center of Moscow State University. (5)

The 10th Moscow International Ski Salon, an impressive exhibition of downhill equipment produced in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe, has opened in Moscow's Gostiny Dvor. (7)

Sergei Veremeyenko, a member of the Mezhprombank board of directors, has been declared the Best Manager of Russia. In an interview, he explains the notion of "modern management," saying what factors determine its success. He also explains why successful businessmen today are giving up big business in favor of politics. (8)

In an interview, Sergei Pakhomov, a Moscow finance official, explains why it is more profitable to keep money in securities than in deposits. He says where Moscow loan bonds are sold and where they may be purchased. (12, 13, MK,1)

In an interview, Alexander Konovalov, director general of Vladimir Dovgan Personnel Agency, talks about the origins of the personnel business. (19)

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Moscow region authorities plan to build several dozen small hotels and motels in the region over the next three years. A story examines the project. (1)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has signed a directive to increase the number of members of the Academy of Medical Sciences starting in 2004. (1)

Starting Dec. 1, Russians will not be able to enter Britain if their foreign passports will expire within six months. (1)

The government of Moscow has released savings bonds for Muscovites. The securities, costing 1,000 rubles each, are sold at Sberbank, Vneshtorgbank and the Bank of Moscow, and will ensure a 10 percent annual interest rate for private investors. (1)

In an interview, police Lieutenant General Vladimir Pronin talks about the latest successful police operations to seize werewolves with epaulets. (2)

A story describes in detail how 44.1 percent of Yukos shares was frozen on Thursday by the investment bank Trust. A pie chart shows the owners of Yukos shares. (3)