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Press Review

IZVESTIA (11/11/ 2003)

President Putin is expected to sign an anti-corruption documentrafted by a group of specialists headed by Economic Developmentinister German Gref and First Deputy Kremlin Administration Headmitry Kozak. Law-enforcers have also taken part. The mainuestion is whether these efforts will be able to break thexisting System of the fusion of state bureaucracy andusiness. A story comments on several issues relating to theocument. (1, 2, Kommersant, 2, Vremya Novostei, 1, 2)

The Evenki leadership with governor Boris Zolotaryov as itsead on Monday had to be questioned in the Siberian Board ofhe Prosecutor General' s Office on circumstances of electingormer Yukos-Moscow head Vasily Shakhnovsky Senator from Evenkia. o one, however, appeared for questioning. A story givesetails of the scandal. (1, 2, Kommersant, 3, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, remya Novostei, 3, Gazeta, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 9, MK, 2)

The Kharkov Drama Theater has made a production of Nobel Prizeriter Alexander Solzhenitsyn ' s novel without asking for hisermission. This has made the writer indignant. In an interviewis wife Natalya Solzhenitsyna comments on the conflict. (, 13, MK, 4)

The newly-elected Kremlin administration, Dmitry Medvedev, ononday signed a directive on distributing duties among hiseputies. A story gives their names and their new duties, ocusing on two major characteristic trends of the directive. (, 3, Kommersant, 1, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 9, Gazeta, 1, 3, Vremyaovostei, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 6)

A special law-enforcement commission, starting today, willaunch several check-ups in Yukos enterprises in theamal-Nenets Autonomous Area to see how they observe theature-conservation legislation. Brief. (2)

Domestic and Western mass media have reported on a possibleale of the channel NTV-Plus to the Rupert Murdoch Newsorporation. Both sides have rejected the information. A storyries to determine its source. (3, Gazeta, 1, 2, Vremyaovostei, 2)

The political situation in Bashkiria that on Dec. 7 will electts president is very tense. Local authorities and thepposition have asked the Kremlin to take control over thelection campaign in the republic, where the terrorist act onov. 5 left two people dead. A story describes the situation. (3 Kommersant, 3)

The Iranian gvt stated on Monday that Tehran has suspended itsranium enrichment program. This sensational news was madeublic during the Moscow visit of Hassan Rowhani, head of theupreme National Security Council. A story comments on theecision, viewing it as the Kremlin' s victory. (1, Kommersant, , Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2, Vremya Novostei, 5, Krasnaya Zvezda, 1)

India' s Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpai (Sp. ?) with 100ntrepreneurs is arriving in Moscow today on an official stateisit. In an interview (on the eve of his trip) the primeinister assesses the state of Indian-Russian relations today, ocusing on bilateral cooperation in various spheres. (4, ommersant, 10, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, 4, Vremya Novostei, 6, Trud, , Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 6)

Gazprom is considering the possibility of purchasing the Iteraompany for $500 million. Both sides Monday denied thisnformation. A story says that the deal can take place, buthe point of contention today is the price. What donalysts think of it? (5, Kommersant, 13, Gazeta, 9, Vremyaovostei, 7, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1, 3)

The World Trade Organization Monday ruled that the US tariffs onmported steel are illegal. A story examines the ruling, aying that there is little hope that the USA will follow theTO' s recommendations and lower the tariffs. (5)

The ConocoPhillip company intends to buy 15 percent of shares ofussian LUKoil. This was reported by The Financial Times ononday. A story comments on this news, saying how analystsegard it. (5, Kommersant, 13)

The gvt at a session today will discuss measures aimed atoosting the financial markets, which is collective work byeveral departments exercising control over the market andlaiming the role of the single supervisor and controller. Atory examines some of the measures. (6, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, )

The London Arbitration Court in a couple of days is expected toonsider a case on the disputable credit that Dresdner Bank years ago released to a private Kaliningrad fund. A storyescribes the case. (6)

The Swiss Nestle company has bought Ukrainian Volyn-Holding. Atory examines the deal, saying that it will help Nestle takeold on the Russian market. (6, Kommersant, 17)

The feature story is devoted to Kamchatka, where peoplen their cold apartments are living in despair without anyope for a better life. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Mayor Yuryolenishchev and governor Mikhail Mashkovtsev have failed torepare the region for winter and will answer for their pooranagement in court. (8)

The 10th national honey fair will open in the Manezh Centralxhibition Hall that will work till Nov. 24. As many as 320oney producers from 50 regions are taking part. . Brief. (9, omsomolskaya Pravda, 9)

Alexander Bochanov, a senior school pupil in the Pionerskyillage (Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous Area) , was killeduring a military training session on Sept. 5. His parents' fforts have made the local prosecutor' s office 6 weeksfter the tragedy open a criminal case on the fact of theiron' s perish. . A story describes the case. (10, ommersant, 1, 8, Gazeta, 1, 3. Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 9, Zhizn, 2)

In an interview Dmitry Ayatskov, the governor in the Saratovegion, talks about his contacts with First Presidentoris Yeltsin, about his region' s serious problems, modestchievements and some failures. (11)

KOMMERSANT (11/11/2003)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov today is expected to sign airective appointing Sukhoi aviation holding Deputyirector-General Valery Toryanin to the post of s Director-Generalf the Russian Aircraft-Building Corporation MiG (RSK) . A storyomments on the appointment. (1)

Prosecutors in Matrosskaya Tishina on Monday met with formerukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Their visit was connected withhe Moscow City Court session today that will consider aomplaint filed by Khodorkovsky' s lawyers about theirlient' s arrest. Khodorkovsky stated his wish to be present athe court session today. A story examines the situationround the case. (3)

KPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov on Monday made a statement, inhich he viewed as a provocation the attempt to open a museumevoted to him as the party leader in his native village. rief. (3)

Two highly-placed officials (their names and posts are given) rom the Nature Ministry ' s Far-Eastern Department have beenrrested in Ussuriisk on charges of receiving a $200, 000ribe. A story describes the case. (5)

Fifty-five future priests in the Moscow Internet-Education Centern Monday were taught how to use the Internet. The trainingessions will last for 2 weeks. A story describes theducation program. (7)

The story gives details of the closed-door negotiations ononday between Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze and thepposition. The meeting was organized by Russia and the USA. 10, Vremya Novostei, 1, 5)

The story examines results of the tender for developing areative part of the Interior Ministry' s advertising campaignimed at improving the image of the domestic militia. Theender was won by the BBDOs advertising group and the McCannrickson agency that are members of the Union of Socialdverticement Creators. A story looks at the origin of thedvertising campaign idea. (13)

Tatneft, the sixth large domestic company, has publishedts consolidated financial US GAAP standards -based operativeeport for the first 6 months of this year. A story examines sitsajor points. (13, 20)

AvtoVAZ Monday made public its accountancy report for the first months of this year. Its net profit for this period almostrebled. The brief gives figures to illustrate the company' schievements. (13)

The platinum price on Monday reached the $760 per ounceark-- the record index after 1980. A story looks at theradual growth of platinum prices starting November 2001. Araph. (14)

The Moscow gvt Monday submitted to the Moscow City Duma a draft billoncerning state control over the observance in Moscow of therocedure of applying regulated prices that will be establishedy City Hall. A story reveals the essence of the bill. (15)

Who will buy the Moscow famous Department Store " Moskva" hat on Oct. 30 was closed due to a serious conflictetween its old and new leadership. A story reveals thessence of their conflict. (17) VEDOMOSTI (11/11/2003)

The Tax Ministry in order to make its work with taxpayersffective would like to get the duties of power agencies, uch as to withdraw any documents and property fromnterprises and to question their employees and clients. Taxinister Gennady Bukayev (in the magazine " The Russian Taxourier" ) describes a new type of tax audits that his ministryants to impose. (A1)

The Interior Ministry would like with the help of advertisingo restore the population' s trust in the militia. With thisim in view, the ministry has signed an agreement on cooperationith the BBDO and McCann-Erickson agencies that will make andlace 800 billboards (showing militia' s work) on streets ofoscow and 25 other big cities(A1)

State officials in a record short time have followed theresident' s instructions and have drafted a document onnti-corruption measures. A story looks at the draft, ocusing on what observers think of it. (A1)

The Economic Development Ministry has proposed to the gvt toonsider an issue concerning the expediency of the Central (CB participation in the capital of Sberbank and the Moscow Inter-Bankurrency Exchange, since the CB' s presence among shareholders ofhese organizations leads to the monopolization of the sector, olding back its development. Brief. (A1)

The story examines a new management structure in the Kremlindministration that was shaped after the resignation oflexander Voloshin. (A2)

Iran has officially agreed to sign a protocol on checks byAGATE its nuclear facilities, saying that it has suspendedranium enrichment. (A2)

The Finance Ministry has developed a method of distributingeans from oil products excises among all regions. The sumf money that each of them will receive depends on the lengthnd capacity of roads in the region. (A3)

Amtel Holding is the first domestic tire producer to havennounced its intention to become a public company. Amtel lasteek completed the deal to sell a package of its shares to thenternational Templeton fund. In an interview Amtel President Sudhirupta talks about his company, focusing on its recentecision and plans. (A5)

VEDOMOSTI. COMPANIES & MARKETS SUPPLEMEN The state would like to make all companies it controls payt in the form of dividends up to 100 percent of profit. Theconomic Development Ministry and the Property Ministry haveroposed to endorse such a dividend policy at a gvt session onov. 27. State -owned companies are likely to dislike this idea. B1)

Finance Ministry inspectors have launched a comprehensiveudit of the financial activities of Novosibirskenergo. The briefays who has initiated it. (B1)

Gazprom intends to buy shares in two Romanian gas distributaryompanies --Distrigaz Sud and Distrigaz Nord. with the aim ofeceiving a direct access to European consumers. This was statedn the company' s press release. (B1)

Itera owners would like to withdraw from the main business. Itsresident and major co-owner of the corporation Igor Makarov ononday announced that he is in talks with three companieshat want to buy it. A story reports on what analysts thinkf it. (B1)

A rapid automobilization in Russia has led to expanding a newusiness -- the processing of wasted auto tires. Expertsay that this business is rather profitable, but difficultiesinked to collecting raw materials for it are holding backts development. (B2)

Norilsk Nickel has decided to take up new business -- theroduction of hydrogen fuel elements. Thus, the company intendso expand the sphere of applying palladium. The company intends tonvest $40 million every year in the study connected withoosting hydrogen energy and fuel elements. (B2)

The new models of UAZ that will be assembled in 2004 canctually become foreign autos, since the share of importedarts in them will amount to 40-70 percent. Analysts viewhe enterprise' s orientation to make expensive cars asustified. (B2)

The USA decided to considerably increase the expenses on theestoration of Iraq. Another $15 billion will be added to thelready planned $2. 2 billion investment. Fifty percent ofhis money will be spent on the construction of electrical powertations and on reviving the oil infrastructure. (B3)

Tatneft plans to create its own infrastructure for exporting oilroducts. With this aim in view, the company will build a marineil product terminal in the Arkhangerlsk region with an annualapacity of 2. 5 million tons. (B3) NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA (11/11/2003)

In an interview highly regarded psychoanalyst and clinicalsychologist Alexander Kantor, Member of the Russiansychoanalytical Association and of the European Association ofniversity Psychoanalysis Teachers, assesses President Putin' sehaviour and pronouncements from the psychological point of view. 1, 3

Prof. Valery Tishkov, Director of the Ethnography andnthropology Institute, examines serious changes in thethnic structure of the Russian nation that have beenetected during the national census in 1989. (2)

National Policy Minister Vladimir Zorin stated on Monday that theational census registered 14. 5 million Muslims living inussia, which is 10 percent of its population. A storyxamines the ethnic composition of the Russian Federation. Aist of nations living in Russia. )2)

Five State Duma factions, offended by the United Russia party' srrogance, intend to vote for the obligatoriness ofre-election teledebates. A story describes who hasroposed this initiative that has been supported by everore deputies. (2)

Yukos new head Semyon Kukes does not see any need to mergeis company with any Western oil company. He state this to theewspaper The Wall Street Journal. A story comments on histatement. (3)

Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov Monday arrived in Yerevan to sump results of Armenian-Russian military cooperation this yearnd to sign a plan of action of both countries' defense agenciesn 2004. A story examines some results of bilateralilitary cooperation this year. (5)

A group of State Duma deputies has made a statement that canause an international scandal: they are protesting against theonstruction in Moscof the Veda Cultural Center. Prime Minister of India Atal Bihariajpai arriving in Moscow today plans to participate in a ceremonyf laying down the first stone A story explains the deputies' rotest. (6)

The Moscow Ballet Academy, one of the oldest educationalstablishments in Russia is marking its 230th anniversary. Inn interview its Artistic Director Boris Akimov speaks abouthe academy' s glorious traditions, teachers and pupils. (7)


The story examines political parties' major tasks at theoncluding stage of the election campaign that has startedhis week. (1, 6)

Russia and France has signed an agreement on launchingocket-carriers " Soyuz" from a cosmodrome in French Guyana. Atory comments on the document' s major provisions. (2)

The gvt has determined the indices of subsistence minimum inhe third quarter of this year. A story gives figures tohow its dynamics over the recent several years. (2)

Miners from the Zapadnaya mine (Rostov-on Don region) thatas flooded late last month are demanding wages that theyave not seen for many months already. Miners say that they areeady to launch a protest act. A story describes theirtandoff with the regional coal administration. (2)

It' s the third day today when parties vying for seat s inhe next State Duma have been conducting teledebates. In annterview Andrei Przhezdomsky, co-Chairman of the Overseeingouncil " Elections 2003" , comments on the current electionampaign. (2)

Highly - regarded film and theatrical actor Nikolai Volkovas died after a long illness at the age of 70. Photoaption. (2, Gazeta, 13, Vremya Novostei, 10)

The gvt decree (its full text is published in this paperoday) has nearly halved the quota for foreign workforce nextear. A story comments on the document. (3, 9)

A 2 day- meeting of foreign ministers from 10 countrieslanning to join the European Union began in Kiev on Monday. Atory examines its agenda, participants and discussions. (4)

The factory " Goznak" has begun to print election voting ballotsor the Dec. 7 parliamentary elections. A story describes theroject, saying that it will be completed by the end of thiseek. (5)

In a far-ranging interview UES head Anatoly Chubais, o-leader of the Union of Right Forces (SPS) party. sharesis view on the domestic political developments, on thecandalous situation around the Yukos case, on the alignmentf political forces today, and on the inner strugglen the authorities-business- society triangle. (5)

Document. The Pre-Election Platform of the Communist Party of theussian Federation. The full text. (10)

Document. The schedule of television free air time foreledebates that has been distributed among the politicalarties and election blocs participating in the electionampaign. (12, 15)


The more SPS co-leader Anatoly Chubais criticizes Presidentladimir Putin, the more chances for trouble for him and theore chances for him to move toward the presidential seat. t' s precisely Chubais (if he dares to do this) , who couldhrow a challenge to the existing regime. Igor Malashenko, theirst President of the NTV channel, reflects on who couldlaim the presidential seat in 2004, focusing on reasons whyhubais could do it. (7)

The Publishing House " Zakharov" in late November will publishndrei Kolesnikov' s book titled " The Unknown Chubais" , in whichhe author does not wish his hero to be a member of thepposition, though he does not exclude such a fate for him. Atory reviews the book. (7)

In an interview Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov shares hisiew on the Yukos case. He also talks about his party' solicy and allies in the election campaign today andbout the possibility of coordinating his party' s furtherctions with those, who are opposing the United Russia party. 8, 9)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov most likely does not havehances to preserve his post for a long time. A story examinesour possible candidates, who could replace him. (10)

Domestic mass media have written a lot about Lordothschild' s contacts with Mikhail Khodorkovsky and about aossible invitation for him to head the Yukos company. eantime, Lord Rothschild has been long and successfullyollaborating with Russian organizations in the cultural andharity spheres rather than in business. In an interview hisssistant Peter Trouton (Sp. ?) talks about how his boss' ooperation with Russians started. (12)