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Press Review

IZVESTIA (15/11/ 2003)

President Vladimir Putin Friday attended the 13th Congress of thenion of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (or RSPP) on the agreedondition that the words " Yukos" and " Khodorkovsky" would not beentioned. Though the major question was not put to the president,e answered it in the following way:" The return to the past willot take place--it' s impossible" . A story comments on Putin' s shortpeech and on the report by RSPP head Arkady Volsky (1, 4, ommersant, 1, 2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, Gazeta, Nov. 14, p. 1, 10,rud, 1, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1, 3, Zhizn, 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda,, MK, 1, 2)

In an interview head of Adzharia Aslan Abashidze, who Friday visitedoscow for talks with Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, speaks abouthe continuing tense situation in Georgia, focusing on furtherossible developments there. (1, 2, Kommersant, 1, 3, Rossiiskaya azeta, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 5, Gazeta, Nov. 14, p. 4, Trud, 2 Komsomolskaya Pravda, 15, Zhizn, 2, MK, 2)

In an interview Frenchwoman Yelena Kollong-Popova, who as aitness in the Yukos case, is threatening the companyith high-profile exposure, talks about her collaboration witht in 1995-2000 that has left her without money. (1, 2, omsomolskaya Pravda, 1, 4, 5, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 7, Trud, 1, 4)

The Learned Council of the State Humanities University (SHU) at alosed-door session on Friday refused to make a decision oniring Yukos shareholder Leonid Nevzlin from the post of SHUector. The Council on Nov. 20 will hold another session toecide the fate of Nevzlin, who most likely will beired. Despite all this, Yukos promises to continue to sponsorhe University. A story comments on the Council' s discussions andecisions. (2, Kommersant, 1, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 5, )

Criminal investigators have managed to decode information fromhe Yukos computer sever that was confiscated during the searchonducted in Zhukovka (Moscow region) . The number of documentsxceeds 70, 000. Besides that, a note from Mikhailhodorkovsky was confiscated from his lawyer Olga Artyukhovan Matrosskaya Tishina on Nov. 11. Brief. (2, Kommersant, 3)

A group of private persons has launched an advertisingampaign in 40 cities with the aim of drawing Russians' attentiono a vital issue -- whether the existing political systemontributes to their well-being. The organizers of this campaignre trying to persuade Russians that not only the upcoming Stateuma elections are nothing else but a " concert program" but thathe whole election system does not allow the country' sitizens to have worthy authorities. A story examines thedvertising campaign. (3)

An unprecedented event took place in Ishim (Tyumen region) on Oct.9 when the statue of Stalin was unveiled on the Komsomol' snniversary day, and the city administration supported the event. story describes it in detail. (3)

The new law concerning communications will take effect on Jan. 1,004. A story comments on the document' s major provisions, sayinghat, according to the law, the state has the function ofistributing radio frequencies and regulating their use. (3, ossiiskaya Gazeta, 4)

The gvt intends to discuss the possibility of resubordinating therosecutor General' s Office to the Justice Ministry. This wastated by Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov on Friday when he saidhat such a decision could be made within the framework ofdministrative reform. A story comments on the issue, saying howustice Minister Yury Chaika regards it. (3, Kommersant, 2)

United Russia leader Boris Gryzlov on Friday visited studentst one of MGU departments, where he called on students toote for his part. The brief says what he promised them. (3)

The Audit Chamber' s press release on Friday stated that work in 2002o utilize and destroy chemical weapons, including themplementation of international agreements, was funded only by 81ercent. Brief. (3)

Armenia should work out a strategic program aimed at closing thermenian nuclear power plant. This was stated in Yerevan on Fridayy American Ambassador to Armenia John Ordway (Sp. ?) . Brief. (3)

Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Kolesnikov in the State Duma onednesday harshly criticized the Central Bank for its creditolicy. A story examines his criticism with a critical eye. (4, azeta, Nov. 14, p. 3

In an interview entrepreneur Sergei Veremeyenko, President of theund on Boosting Regions, who is claiming the post ofashkortostan' s President, talks about inter-ethnic problems thatave markedly aggravated in his republic lately. (4)

The Izvestia Supplement is devoted to Science -- Discoveries andommentaries. (5-8)

The UN Program experts in Moscow on Tuesday presented a report Concerning the Development of Human Potential in Russia" . The reportontains the forecast of an unfavourable demographic development ofussia and a negative assessment of Russian scientists' inabilityo affect the population' s high mortality rate. A story examineshe report. (5)

The Academy of Sciences and the Mining-Metals Company Norilskickel have signed a cooperation agreement in the sphere ofydrogen energy and fuel elements. A story examines theocument, focusing on its significance. (5)

The All-Russia Congress " The Healthy Nutrition" completed its workn Friday. A story offers its participants' effectiveecommendations, saying what to eat in order not to put oneight. (8)

India' s Health Minister Sushma Swarai (Sp. ?) stated that theualification of over 7, 000 Indian medics does not meet theequirements established by the Indian Medical Council. Theajority of them, who are graduates from Soviet, and CISedical institutes, can lose the right for medical practice. Atory describes the situation. (8)

Mayor Yury Luzhkov at the annual exhibition " Evrika" in Brusselsas awarded a high decoration of the Belgian Chamber of Inventions-The Star of Honoured Officer" . Luzhkov' s inventions lately haveeen regularly put up in Brussels Evrika salons. A storyescribes his inventions. (9)

The construction of a new road to connect Zvenigorodskoye Shossend Novorizhskaya out-of-town highway began in Moscow on Friday. story describes the project in detail. A map. (9)

KOMMERSANT (15/11/2003)

Group Menatep' Gibraltar offshore owning 44. 1 percent of shares ofukos, announced on Friday the appointment of Steven Curtis,eniour partner of the judicial firm " Curtis & Co, to the postf the company' s Managing Director. A story comments on theppointment. (1)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov together with UES headnatoly Chubais on Friday opened the second energy unit ofhe Nizhnevartovskaya electrical power station. A story commentsn his pronouncements at the opening ceremony. (2, Rossiiskaya azeta, 2)

Chechen prosecutors Nadezhda Pogosova and Alexei Klimov, wholmost 12 months ago were abducted by rebels in Chechnya,ere released in Ingushetia on Friday Nov. 14 as a result of apecial police operation. A story gives details. (4, Rossiiskaya azeta, 1)

The International Publishing House was opened in BishkekKyrgystan) on Friday when US Deputy Secretary of Statelizabeth Jones (Sp. ?) , attended the opening ceremony.pposition newspapers, above all, will be printed there. Atory describes the event. (4)

A terrorist blast in the Sunzhensky District of Ingushetia onriday left 5 OMON soldiers killed. A story describeshe tragedy. (4)

The first working day of the 7th annual American- Russiannvestment symposium ended in Boston on Thursday late at night. Itad to discuss the diversification of the Russian economy, butnstead the first day was devoted to discussions of the state ofusssian legality and investors' attitude to Russia after thevents around the Yukos oil company. A story describesiscussions and conclusions. (5)

The story examines personnel reshuffles in the Russian aluminum r Rusal) company that became known on Friday. Rusal-Managingompany head Alexander Bulygin became the company' s newirector-General, and Rusal owner and former Director-Generalleg Deripaska took up the post of Chairman of the Board ofirectors. A story comments on these personnel changes. (5)

Gosstroi deputy head Leonid Chernyshov at a news conference onriday spoke about the new rules of housing exploitation. . Atory examines several rules. (5)

The Moscow River Steamship-Line and Ukraine' s State Propertyund have launched on the parity basis the Volzhsky-Dneprovskhipping Company. The new company will have 8 Russian light cargohips and 8 Ukrainian passenger cruise liners. A story describeshe new joint company. (5)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday held the secondll-Russian Conference on problems concerning the alcohol market.eputy Economic Development Minister Vladimir Strzhalkov' statement on the need to abolish the alcohol purchase quotasecame a hit of the event. The story comments on the idea, sayinghat it was not supported by the Agriculture Ministry thatistributes the quotas. (5)

The formation of SUAL International that will include the industrialssets of SUAL Group, of Access Industries and of the Britishleming Family and Partners will be completed in the seconduarter of 2004. This was stated by SUAL Holding Board of Directorsead Viktor Vekselberg. Brief. (6)

The Financial Monitoring Committee (FMC) intends to deliver toelarus technical and consultative aid in creating andonsolidating the system of countering the laundering of dirtyoney. This was stated on Friday by the FMC press-service.rief. (6)

The Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) in 2004 could invest in theortgage bond market up to $1 billion if the mortgage securitiesarket were able to absorb this money. This was stated by PFRanagement Board head Mikhail Zurabov. Brief. (6)

The profit of 30 domestic banks in January-September of 2003ncreased by 18. 2 percent--up to 65. 1 billion rubles from 55. 1illion. Brief. (6)

BCEN-Eurobank stated that the 2001 deal to sell 66 percent of theurofinans bank to Gazprominvestholding was done in line withhe legislation of Russia and France. The brief reveals the essencef the BCEN-Eurobank statement. (6)

The Privatization Commission under the Slovak gvt decided to allowhe Unified Energy Systems (UES) of Russia to take part in aender to privatize the Slovenske Elektrarne energy company. Tenompanies (they are named) have submitted their applicationsor participation. Brief. (6)


Having refused to extradite to Russia Chechen emissary Akhmedakayev, the London Court let it be known that the West doesot trust Russia to the extent Russia would like. A storyomments on the court' s decision, citing judge Timothyorkman' s (Sp. ?) conclusions. (1, 2)

A diplomatic scandal erupted in Moscow late last month whenwitzerland' s Ambassador to Russia Walter Fecherin (Sp. ?)urriedly left Moscow. He quit his post two months earlier theeadline. There are several versions of reasons behind hiseparture. A story looks at some of them. (1, 6)

The Amnesty International organization is considering an inquiryrom several well-known human rights advocates (their names are iven) on granting Mikhail Khodorkovsky the status ofolitical prisoners. A story says that Amnesty Internationalan give him either the status of prisoner of consciencer political prisoner. (2)

Authorities are evicting former Kremlin administration headlexander Voloshin from his state-owned dacha earlier thant' s stated in the rules. A story reflects on variouseasons behind this absurd decision. (2)

International Monetary Fund (IMF) head Horst Keller (Sp. ?) inoscow on Friday was received by President Putin, who madet clear that Russia is interested in equal cooperation withMF rather than following its instructions. Putin' s meetingith the IMF head took place on the following day when theoody' s monitoring Russia again confirmed its credit rating.he IMF, however, failed to agree with it. A story says why.3)

The gvt on Friday discussed how the reforming of the defense-ndustrial complex was proceeding. Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanovas not pleased at its slow pace. A story examines what haseen done in this direction. (3)

American financier and philanthropist George Soros when speakingt the 7th annual investment symposium in Boston (USA) on Friday stated that the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky will adverselyffect Russia' s political and economic development. A storyomments on his statement. (3)

The Moscow Patriarchate is willing to discuss with the Vaticanhe possibility of a meeting between Alexy II and Pope Johnaul II. Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill, head ofhe Moscow Patriarchate' s Foreign Church Relations, stated whate expected from the meeting. (3)

The story reports on what Muscovites will gain fromwning the so-called " Social Card of the Muscovite " . Whereill they use their cards?) 4)

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko this week has approved draft decree that is considerably complicating theankruptcy procedure of enterprises. A story examines theocument, saying that it' s called upon not to allow such aedivision of state property that has already taken place inussia. (%)

The newspaper offers a list of Russia' s best lobbyists in October003. After the resignation of Kremlin administration chieflexander Voloshin, Anatoly Chubais, UES head, is on top ofhe list. An expert' s commentary. (11)


The story describes the route of Father Frost (or Santa Claus from his residence in Veliky Ustyug that he will leave onec. 20. Why he will stay in Kostroma longer than in otherities is explained. (3)

Document. The gvt decree on introducing amendments to theustoms tariff of Russia in relation to cars. Full text. (4)

The story describes the continuing crisis with coldnd hot water supply in Primorye, focusing on itsuthorities' efforts to improve the situation. What doesovernor Sergei Darkin think of the situation? (5)

In an interview GAI Main Board chief Viktor Kiryanov explainshe reason behind traffic jams in Moscow, behind anncreased number of road accidents and behind so manytolen cars in the city. (7)

KRASNAYA ZVEZDA (15/11/2003)

Nov. 15 marks the Day of the Rocket Troops and the Artillery. Inn interview Colonel-General Vladimir Zaritsky talks about howhese troops are manned and equipped today. (1, 2)

The Russia-NATO Council on Friday held a session in Brussels athe level of general staff chiefs. Anatoly Kvashnin, head of theeneral Staff, took part. A story examines issues discussedt the session and its decisions. (2)

President Putin on Thursday presided over a joint session ofhe Security Council and the State Council Presidium thatiscussed measures aimed at defending infrastructureacilities significant for the country' s national security. Atory describes the session and its results. (1, Trud, 2)

Despite the efforts of the world community and centralfghan authorities, the situation in the republic remainsxplosive: groups of Talibans are continuing to attack foreignilitary bases, gvt troops, humanitarian organizationsfficials and peaceful populations. A story describesalibans' aggressive actions, saying that over the past 3onths alone they killed over 400 people in Afghanistan. (3)

TRUD (15/11/2003)

The story examines priority tasks in the Federal Program " Theouth of Russia" for 2004, one of which is assistance inousing construction for young families. Their number on theousing waiting list is about 270, 000 families. (2)

In an interview children' s diet specialist Valery Sergeyevalks about proper meals and food for pre-school-agedhildren that should be rich in vitamins. Sergeyev also giveseveral effective recommendations concerning children' s dailyutrition. (3)

Moscow authorities since summer have stepped up theirtruggle against illegally living people in Moscow ithout registration and residence permit) . Over this period asany as 9, 600 so-called illegals had received one-way ticket. story looks at Moscow authorities' resolute measures toleanse Moscow from illegally living people. (3)


Kaliningrad prosecutors early this week conducted a searchn the KP editorial office and confiscated computersith all newspaper information, due to which the publication ofeveral issues was foiled. A story describes the localrosecutors' behaviour. (3)

Russian-American diplomatic relations today Nov. 17 markhe 70th anniversary. This day, however, is becoming cloudedy a new American federal program " US Visit" that will takeffect, starting Jan. 1, 2004. The program concerns theoughening of the visa regime. A story examines therogram with a critical eye. (8)

First Deputy Mayor Oleg Tolkachev at a news conference onriday stated that Moscow is effectively managing itsroperty, and the supposed overall volume of revenues to theity budget from realty operations this year will amount to 23. 5illion rubles. Tolkachev also spoke about the fate of Airportnukovo, the controlling stake of which was recently boughty the Moscow gvt. (8)

The fundamentals of United Russia' s program are containedn the list of priority draft bills that the party hasubmitted to the State Duma. The list will become the party' s treaty" not only with its voters but with all people. A storyxamines some of the draft bills. (8)