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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Press Review

Nezavisimaya Gazeta
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The chief editor of the Toliattinskoye Obozreniye newspaper Alexei Sidorov, 31, was murdered Thursday on his way home from work. The newspaper is famous in Toliatti for its investigative articles. Sidorov's recent articles had been devoted to the struggle for control of the city and its VAZ automobile plant. (1, 2, Kommersant 4)

Tatyana Slivyenko, who on Thursday won her case against Latvia in the European Court for Human Rights was due to arrive in Moscow on Saturday, where she intends to hold a meeting with her lawyers. In court, her right to live in Latvia with her family was asserted in addition to an award of 30,000 euro from the Latvian authorities. In an interview, Tatyana's lawyer, Alexander Asnis, speaks on details of the case. (1, 2, Gazeta 1, 3, Rossiiskaya Gazeta 1, 3).

Channel One is to start transmission of the final series of the popular "Last Hero" program Saturday. Both movie stars and ordinary people will participate in the program. In an interview, project producer Sergei Kushnerev comments on how participants managed to find common ground. (1)

French authorities have arrested Tunisian citizen Mohammed Tabai, who saved President Jacques Chiraq's life in 2002, for infringement of migration regulations. Tabai has been illegally living in France for 10 years and will be deported in the next few days. A story comments on details of the incident when Tabai saved the president's life. (1, 2)

On Friday customs officials conducted an inspection of boutiques belonging to the Mercury company on Tretyakov Pereulok. A story comments on the significance of the inspections. (2)

Akhmad Kadyrov, the newly elected president of Chechnya, spoke Friday on his program at a press conference. A story comments on the details of Kadyrov's plans. (3)

As many as 80 percent of Russia's population are strongly against compulsory participation in elections, according to the results of a Public Opinion Fund survey. However, two-thirds of those questioned consider that the more people that vote, the better the chances of the people's will being heard. A story comments on ways of attracting citizens to participate in elections. (3)

Elections commissions in the cities of Tyumen, Ishim and Nizhny Tagil have not registered a single candidate for mayoral elections, which are scheduled for December 7. A story comments on possible reasons for the lack of candidates. (3)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov arrived Friday to Dagomys to participate in Kuban-2003, the second such international economic forum. Kasyanov explained the position of the government concerning the reform of Gazprom. He said that there is nothing bad in the fact, that Gazprom is a monopoly, especially as the state controls it. A story comments on details of the Kasyanov's speech. (4, Kommersant 1, 2)

In an interview, the president of the Liberal Mission Fund and head of the Higher School of Economics, Yevgeny Yasin, speaks on how the economy is determined by elections and how elections reflect the state of the economy. (4)

Scientist Alexei Abrikosov, who has been staying in United States for 12 years, took the Nobel Prize for Physics Tuesday together with Vitaly Ginzburg, a physicist of the academy of Sciences' Lebedev Physics Institute, and British scientist Anthony Leggett. A story comments on Abrikosov's biography and scientific discoveries. (5)

The World Climate Change Conference, as initiated by president Vladimir Putin, finished its work in Moscow a week ago. The Kyoto Protocol was the key issue for the discussion at the congress. A story comments on why Russia does not want to ratify the accord. (5)

A story is devoted to scientific research into a catastrophe that befell humanity 30 thousand years ago. (6)

Participants of the recent World Climate Change Conference in Moscow last week demonstrated an observatory in a rail carriage created to monitor the atmosphere across the trans-Siberian route. (6)

A page is devoted to education reforms. The plans, initiated by the Ministry of Education has shocked many by the fact that attention is not paid to subjects like mathematics and geography. In an era of computers and science, a lot of subjects have lost their necessity, according to certain state officials. (7)

A page is devoted to medical discoveries American Paul Lauterbur and Briton Sir Peter Mansfield took the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine in 2003. A story comments on their scientific research and discoveries. (8)

A story discusses what a "real" Muscovite is like. For example, how do they talk? (9)

Lenkom theater producer Mark Zakharov, who on Monday celebrates his 70th birthday and 30 years at the helm of Lenkom, produced a personal work titled "The executioner's Lament." Zakharov in his show takes stock of the society in which he has worked for five decades. A page is devoted to Zaharov's achievements. (14)


On Thursday an attempt was made on the life of Andrei Andreyev, former owner of Autobank and Ingosstrakh. Andreyev's Mercedes was fired at on Moscow's Moldavskaya street, not far from his house. The western area prosecutor's office believe that the case is connected with Andreyev's fight for the businesses he lost. (1, 4)

The Prosecutor General's Office on Friday announced that the main goal of its investigations into oil giant Yukos is to investigate connections between Yukos' security service and the state authorities. The Prosecutor General's Office now intends to investigate the circumstances around possible abuses of power and illegal activities by Yukos' security service and state authorities. (1, 3, Kommersant 3, Gazeta 4)

President Vladimir Putin held a ceremony to award the elite of the nation Friday. Among the recipients was the Mayor of Moscow. A story comments on participants of the ceremony. (2)

State Duma deputies on Friday made an attempt to investigate the events of October 1993. Representatives of LDPR fraction, Yabloko, the Communists and the Regions of Russia group submitted four alternative drafts on what happened 10 years ago. A story comments on the possibility of an investigation into the activities in 1993 of former-president Boris Yeltsin and former head of the Supreme Soviet Ruslan Khazbulatov. (2)

A Stavropol Court started processing the case of former Karachayevo-Cherkesiya president Vladimir Semyonov on Friday. It is claimed that Semyonov canceled the results of the republic's presidential elections. A story comments on the case. (3)

On Friday the State Duma approved, in its first reading, an amendment to the decree on the education. The amendment would make certain military study compulsory for all students. (3)

Lawyer Alexander Prozorov, who represented Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov, was shot dead on Thursday in Novosibirsk. A story looks into the investigation of the case. (4)

The State Duma's banking committee on Friday approved a draft decree on the reform of the system of automobile insurance. In accordance with the amendment, a coefficient that increases the price of compulsory automobile insurance will be cancelled. Automobile insurance companies intend to protest against decision due to the fact that this amendment would force insurance companies to carry big losses. (5)

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

A two-day summit between President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder produced more than a dozen commercial and political agreements ranging from railways and electricity to tourism and medicine. On Thursday, Putin criticized the European Union for pressing Russia to raise domestic energy prices as a condition for joining the World Trade Organization. A story comments on details of the negotiations, and includes comments by Schroeder on the close relations between Germany and Russia. (1, 4)

Due to a recent mandate that Ukrainian-based oil factories register all oil and gas export contracts starting from the middle of September, Ukraine is facing an oil supply problem. The majority of these companies are Russian-owned. A story comments on the issue, including the reasons behind the new regulations and the potential commercial consequences. (1, 3)

Russia's accounting chamber is drafting a decree on its own restructuring. If the proposal is passed, State Duma auditors will belong to the executive power branch. The presidential administration appears to support the draft. A story provides details. (1)

The Kremlin is drafting a decree that would increase the Justice Ministry's administrative powers. The deputy director of the presidential administration, Viktor Ivanov, and presidential advisor Anatoly Pristavkin both support the bill. A story comments on details of the proposed bill. (2)

Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov on Thursday consulted with NATO defense ministers on an apparent change in Russian nuclear policy. A story comments on the Defense Ministry's current efforts to draft a new official state military doctrine, explaining reasons behind the change in strategy. (5)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

The chief editor of the Toliattinskoye Obozreniye newspaper Alexei Sidorov, 31, was murdered Thursday on his way home from work. The newspaper is famous in Toliatti for its investigative articles. Sidorov's recent articles had been devoted to the struggle for control of the city and its VAZ automobile plant. (2)

Alexander Prozorov, an renowned Russian lawyer, was shot to death on Thursday in Novosibirsk. A story looks into the investigation of the case. (2)

In about a year, traffic police will lose a favored method for extorting bribes -- that is, by issuing automobile road-worthiness certificates. This decision was one of several reached at an administrative reform meeting on Thursday, aimed at revamping the country's bureaucracy by stripping ministries and other state agencies of some of their powers. (3)

Russia's Central Election Commission on Friday submitted the official list of Union of Right Forces candidates to the State Duma. A story comments on details of the registration. (4)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov arrived Friday in Dagomys to participate in the second international economic forum. During the conference, Kasyanov explained the government's position concerning Gazprom, defending the state-controlled monopoly. A story gives details of his speech. (4)

Irkutsk regional legislative assembly chairman Sergei Shishkin submitted his resignation Friday. A story comments on Shishkin's decision, citing a number of accusations made against him. (5)

Moskovsky Komsomolets (11/10/2003)

Vitaly Ginzburg, a physicist at the academy of Sciences' Lebedev Physics Institute, received the Nobel Prize for Physics on Tuesday. He won the $1.3 million award for work on superconductivity and superfluidity jointly with Russian scientist Alexei Abrikosov, who works at the Argone National Laboratory in Illinois, and British scientist Anthony Leggett also from the University in Illinois, who are both now U.S. citizens. In an interview, Vitaly Ginzburg speaks on what he feels about the remarkable event and his future plans. (3) (Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 8)