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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Men and the Art of Seducing Women

Philipp Bogachyov says he has no problems getting women. In fact, the burly 25-year-old claims he usually has four girlfriends at any given time. And for more than a year now, he has been divulging the secrets of his alleged amorous expertise to other Muscovites -- for a price, of course.

Bogachyov is the man behind a seminar called "The Russian Model of Effective Seduction," which attracts men willing to fork over 500 euros to learn how to pick up women successfully.

According to Bogachyov, since the inaugural seminar in May 2002, more than 500 men, primarily up to age 25, have enrolled in the course.

"We've also had some women who signed up, but then didn't show up," he said.

One seminar consists of nine two-day sessions, held on weekends over the course of six months, which focus on boosting students' confidence and offer diagrams of the logical steps for interacting with the opposite sex.

"The main problem is that men are confident, but not enough," said Bogachyov, who said the seminar is a hobby for him and that he works as a public relations and marketing consultant for several "large companies," which he declined to name.

"The classic example is the man who says 'I'm a great guy. It's just that women don't know that.'

"The most important thing is to believe in yourself."

Bogachyov also has been collecting fees to dispense such seemingly obvious advice at seminars abroad, in Israel and Germany.

And while he claims the principles he teaches can help men pick up women of any nationality, he points out the difference in meeting Russian women.

"In America, for example, it's easy to go up to a woman on the street and say 'Hi' and start a conversation, but that doesn't mean you're going to get her number," said Bogachyov, who said that he had spent a lot of time in Buffalo, New York, and Philadelphia. "If you manage to talk a girl up on the streets in Russia, it's likely you'll get her number if you do everything right. The hard part is just getting her to talk to you."

Over the past weekend, Bogachyov held a two-day session for more than 30 students -- all male -- in the Hotel Turist near the Botanichesky Sad metro station.

In the classroom, Bogachyov plays the role of stand-up comedian, peppering his lectures with lewd jokes while explaining interaction models drawn on the dry-erase board at the front of the room.

Bogachyov and his 25-year-old assistant, Olga Mitelina, expound on issues such as the correct environment in which to approach women and overcoming fear, while students diligently take notes.

In addition to the classroom theory, Bogachyov gives his students practical assignments to improve their confidence and allay the fear of talking to women.

In one assignment, students are instructed to approach random women on the street and tell the following joke: "Excuse me, did you know that Elvis Presley was a blonde? It's true. He dyed his hair to look like Roy Orbison."

The student then immediately abandons the befuddled woman to find another subject.

At Saturday's session, Bogachyov stressed volume as a key strategy for success.

"If you approach 50 women, 25 will tell you to go to hell and you'll have sex with the other 25," he said.

"That's not enough for you?" he asked rhetorically, prompting chuckles from the class.

Bogachyov later issued a different assignment, one that Mitelina referred to as "indecent."

Each student was required to approach a random girl on the street and hit on and harass her until she uttered one of the crudest phrases in the Russian language to get him to leave her alone.

Forbidding them to swear or use "unreasonable physical force" during the encounter, Bogachyov stressed that students were not to stop pestering until they heard those three magic words.

In subsequent real pickup attempts, the students would thus not be afraid of rejection, since they had already heard the worst.

"After I did this exercise the first time, I talked up a girl on the street and tried to get her number," said Sergei, 21. "She actually told me to 'fuck off,' and when she said it, I said 'Thank you! I've finally met a girl who can talk straight to me!' That shocked her a bit, and she warmed up to me after that. I actually ended up getting her number."

The pack was released Saturday afternoon to traverse the VDNKh fairgrounds searching for prey, with different approaches being employed to provoke the vulgar response from the female.

One student suggested to a pair of girls that they perform oral sex on him, while another resorted to rubbing a girl's thigh.

The former did not complete the assignment successfully, since he said he received an invitation to one of the girls' homes, while the latter finally let the accosted girl go and screamed "Yes!" after she served up the required obscene rebuke.

Roman, a 19-year-old student whose ex-girlfriend recommended the seminar to him, spotted two leggy teenage girls.

He darted up alongside the girls and began chatting them up while they sauntered arm-in-arm, occasionally flashing amused looks at him.

Roman appeared to be charming the girls more than vexing them, but after a 10-minute jaunt he finally veered off from the pair and returned to the trailing observation group with a smile on his face.

"About three-quarters of the way they were ready to give me their numbers," he said. "But then I started mouthing off, telling them they had yellow teeth and things like that. After that, they finally told me to fuck off.

"It's such a cool feeling," he added. "That which does not kill me makes me stronger."