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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Georgia Heads Home Winless

Georgia left its first World Cup on Tuesday without a win after going down 24-12 to Uruguay.

Who's the Biggest Loser?

A coup d'?tat has taken place in Russia. The law enforcement agencies have seized power.

Who's the Biggest Loser?

Every so often, the arrest of one man involves more than the charges he may face and his fate before the court.

Television Trying to Forget 'Nord Ost' Tragedy

The tragedy that played out on Oct. 23, 2002, at the Dubrovka theater has been called the ""Russian 9/11.""

Sony to Slash 20,000 Jobs, Change Focus

Sony Corp. said Tuesday it would cut its workforce by 13 percent or 20,000 jobs in the next three years, while focusing on cutting-edge semiconductors to revive an aging product lineup and overhaul its struggling electronics business.

China Urged to Reform Quickly

U.S. Commerce Secretary Don Evans on Tuesday urged China to move faster to meet market-opening commitments, warning that lack of progress is fueling sentiment in the United States to restrict Chinese imports.

EU Expansion to Bring a Modern Tower of Babel

It has been described as a modern Tower of Babel. The European Parliament will echo with up to 20 different languages when the EU expands next year, and each will be instantly translated into the others.

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