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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Russia Banned From Qualifiers

The International Rugby Board on Wednesday expelled Russia from the 2003 World Cup qualifying tournament following an investigation into the eligibility of three South African-born players.

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Armitage on Chechnya MOSCOW (AP) -- The United States is working ""very closely"" with Russia ""about the process of designating some Chechen terrorist groups as foreign terrorist organizations,"" U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage said Thursday. Armitage, who is in Moscow for talks primarily on U.S.-Russian cooperation in counterterrorism, spoke about Chechnya as he fielded a range of questions on Iraq, North Korea and U.S.-Russian relations during an interview with Ekho Moskvy radio. ""Anyone who kills civilians for political aims is anathema to us,"" he said. He added that the United States was counting on ""the Russian Federation to respect those rights of Chechen citizens who are not involved in terrorism."" Armitage also said Russian and American cooperation in counterterrorism was good and Russia was doing a good job in guarding its own nuclear facilities in order to prevent proliferation.

An Exit Strategy for Dear Leader? But Siberia?

Sometimes called Paris-on-the-Amur, this graceful city has long been known for wide boulevards, soaring Russian Orthodox churches and 19th-century fur trading houses. Now, this snow-encrusted jewel of the Trans-Siberian Railroad could one day be known as Dear Leader's Miami.

2 Centrist Parties Split Dutch Vote

The winners of Dutch elections began what could be months of political wrangling to assemble a workable government coalition Thursday, after voters returned a verdict split between two centrist parties and relegated the party of murdered populist Pim Fortuyn to the far-right fringe.

A Feathered Clue to Evolution

Chinese researchers announced Wednesday the discovery of a feathered dinosaur that glided on four wings -- a diminutive plumed dragon that could be a long-sought evolutionary link between dinosaurs and the first true birds.

Plans for Postwar Iraq Made in the Pentagon

U.S. President George W. Bush, already planning for what Iraq would look like after a U.S. invasion, has created a Pentagon-based office to help rebuild Iraq's schools, roads, hospitals and other critical building blocks of a civil society.

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