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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

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Commentary on tense Russian-Georgian relationships particularly due to Georgia's anti-terrorist military operation in the Pankisi Gorge. Russian leadership questions the efficacy of the operations and has mentioned all President Eduard Shevardnadze's problems when he was a Communist Party Central Committee member and the Soviet Foreign Minister. (1, Kommersant, 3, Vremya Novostei, 2, Vremya MN, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 5, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 4, MK, 2)

In an interview Georgia's former Security Minister Igor Georgadze makes serious accusations against President Eduard Shevardnadze that require proof. (1,7)

A feature story describes the latest developments in the Pankisi Gorge where Georgian special services Wednesday launched a new round of anti-terrorist operations. (1,7, Kommersant, 6)

The Disciplinary Control Committee of the Football Union Wednesday announced its verdict on the Sychev case: striker Dmitry Sychev has been disqualified for 4 months, starting Sept.4. A story comments on the decision. (1,11, Kommersant, 1,16, Gazeta, 1,6, Vremya MN, 4, Vremya Novostei,1, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, Novaya Gazeta, No. 65, p. 2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 20,21, MK, 2)

Lord Jadd, co-chairman of the joint working group of the State Duma and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) arrived in Chechnya on Tuesday. A story features his visit, noting that judging by the foreign parliamentarians' reaction, the September PACE session will again discuss the Chechen problem in an manner unfavorable for Russia. (1,2)

The Earth Summit in Johannesburg ended on Wednesday and participating countries reached accord on a restricted number of issues written into the concluding document "The Plan of Action". A story examines these issues. (2, Kommersant, 6, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1,2

The Audit Chamber Wednesday made public a program of its checkups this year. The non-government Sibneft oil company has been included. A story looks at the company's reaction. (2, Kommersant, 2)

In Tokyo the defeat of the so-called Russian group of diplomats and policymakers, headed by arrested deputy Munzo Sudzuki, has paradoxically led to an unprecedented number of parliamentary contacts between the two countries. Since summer more than 30 Japanese legislators have visited Moscow. A story describes Japanese guests and top officials they have met with in Moscow. (2)

The Moscow city government announced Wednesday that Avtoframos, the joint venture between Moscow City Hall and the French Renault concern will begin to make autos this month in the former Moskvich plant, first assembling the Clio Symbol sedan that previously was already made in Russia. Later the company is expected to launch an assembly of a new auto. (2, Kommersant, 11, Gazeta, 7, Noviye Izvestia, 1)

American special-purpose units will no longer seek terrorists in Afghanistan and hunt for Osama bin Laden, said U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld on Wednesday. A story comments on factors that have allowed him to make such a statement. (3)

The Moscow City Duma Wednesday canceled its own decree on selling city historical architectural ensembles to individuals. Brief. (3, Gazeta, 3)

A Christian cemetery with mostly Russian graves has been destroyed in the Uzbek Fergana city by order from local authorities. A story describes the decision. (3)

Experts say that a wave of everyday criminal terrorism has begun in Russia. (3)

Polish student Karol Kotlinowski, 21, has disappeared in the Nizhny Novgorod region. His father, Marek Korlinowski, leader of the Right and Justice faction in the Polish Sejm, arrived in Moscow on Wednesday to look for his son. A story gives details. (3)

Deputy Foreign Minister Valery Loshchinin Wednesday passed to Belarus President Vladimir Putin's message that again addresses Russian-Belarussian integration. A story examines the content of the message. (4, Kommersant, 2, Gazeta, 3, Vremya MN, 5, Vremya Novostei, 3, Rossiiskaya Gazeta (Soyuz Belarus - Rossiya Supplement), 1, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 4)

State Customs Committee head Mikhail Vanin Wednesday met with President Vladimir Putin to discuss customs duties collection and the its successes in the Far East. A story comments on the results of the meeting, saying that it could positively affect Vanin's further fate in the present conflict between his committee and the Prosecutor General's Office. (4, Kommersant, 2)

President Vladimir Putin Wednesday presided over a government session to discuss the acute problem of cracking down on drug addiction. The president called the existing measures ineffective and demanded new proposals. (4, Kommersant, 2)

A document has been drafted in Estonia on handing over 15 Orthodox churches to the Russian Orthodox Church. The final variant of the document will be considered by the Estonian Cabinet of Ministers on Sept. 10. (4)

Agrarian Party leader Mikhail Lapshin stated that his party will not join any other parties in the elections to the State Duma. A story comments on his decision. (4

The notorious Rusatommet company will initiate external administration in the Saratov region that owes it and its clients a lot of money. A story examines the company's intentions, explaining why it will hardly manage to put them into effect. (5)

A story examines several negative consequences of this year's bumper crop of grain. (5)

The Shtern Tsement company, a big cement supplier to Moscow, lowered prices of its products on Wednesday for municipal housing builders. A story comments on the measure. (5)

A story examines the situation on the Moscow elite housing market focusing specifically on the sale of secondhand elite apartments. (6)

The Emergency Plan, a military operation against Saudi Arabia, has been drafted in the United States. A story examines the draft, focusing on circumstances that have caused its appearance (8)


President Vladimir Putin Wednesday received UES head Anatoly Chubais in his Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow to discuss preparations for winter. The major issue they discussed was the postponement of the deadline of the end of the company's reform -- not to make it coincide with the presidential elections. (1, 10)

Rostelecom Wednesday announced a revision of its financial accounts for 2001, which happened two weeks after the US Securities and Exchanges Commission warned that the heads of the companies whose shares are traded on the American stock market, are personally responsible for the authenticity of bookkeeping information. (1)

The Omsk Prosecutor's Office has filed a suit over abolishing the local chapter of the Russian National Unity movement. A story looks at results of an investigation of the movement's activities by the prosecutor's office. (3)

The Chechen Prosecutor's Office Wednesday announced preliminary results of the investigation into the circumstances of the deaths of 8 militiamen in Shali. Prosecutors stated that it was a terrorist act by Chechen rebels. (3)

The U.S. State Department today will sponsor a conference where experts will discuss and analyze reasons behind growing anti-American sentiments and propose ways to change the situation. (5)

The government intends to raise the value-added tax (VAT) for small businesses starting Jan. 1, 2003. A story explains why the government has changed its previous decision. (9)

LUKoil President Vagit Alekperov on Wednesday met with Polish Prime Minister Leszek Miller in Warsaw to discuss LUKoil's intention to ally with British Rotch Energy to buy the Polish Rafineria Gdanska holding. A story describes the meeting and its decisions. (9)

The Property Ministry told journalists at a special briefing on Wednesday how the state-run unitarian enterprises are handing over their shares in banks to the ministry. A story looks at the procedure. (10)

Dmitry Ponomaryov, head of the non-commercial partnership Administrator of the Trade System spoke Wednesday about the future of the electricity market. Though the market will work to full capacity in mid-January 2003, ATS is actively preparing for this event now. (10, Gazeta, 9)

The Novosibirsk Arbitration Regional Court Wednesday ruled in favor of Aeroport-Service in its suit on handing over to it the most profitable part of the business of the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachovo. (11)

American Accomodate Business Holding Limited, which owns 10 percent of stock of Kemerovsky Azot, managed on Wednesday to push its representative to the Overseeing Council of the Russian company after several months. (11)

Soyuzplodimport owner Yury Shefler's lawyer Alexander Gofshtein met with journalists Wednesday to tell them about new details of his client's case. Brief. (11)


After almost a two-year break, the French Renault company has decided to resume assembly of its cars in Russia. The joint venture Avtoframos in Moscow will assemble the Renault Symbol up to the end of this year. The story comments on the decision, citing analysts' views. (A1)

Starting Sept. 3, The Financial Times began to publish quotations of stakes of leading Russian companies. This will enhance the image of the Russian market. The story comments on the event (A1)

"Fortune" magazine on Wednesday published a list of the 40 wealthiest young people outside the United States. The list includes five from Russia. The story offers their names and describes their fortunes. (A1)

This year in the Moscow region has become the driest for100 years. Similarly scorching heat was registered in 1938 and in 1972, but even then there was no water shortage. Brief. (A1)

The Central Bank's gold and currency reserves on Aug.23-Sept. 1 decreased by $100 million down to $44.3 billion. In August the reserves increased by $1 billion. The share of foreign currency in the reserves as of Sept. 1 amounted to 91.4 percent. Brief. (A1)

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday sent to Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko a letter in which he proposed to discuss three varieties of integration. The story looks at them all. (A2)

The presidential property department decided to separate business passengers from state employees in airport departure halls. The story describes how it will be done. (A2)

The Economic Development Ministry and the Central Bank would like to make borrowers more disciplined and credits cheaper. Bureaucrats propose to create credit bureaus that will collect information on the companies' and citizens' payment habits. (A3)

The government commission on protective measures on foreign trade tomorrow will consider an issue on lowering duties on copper and aluminum. The story looks at what analysts think of the proposed measures. (A3)

The Finnish Fazer concern took a risk when it bought the controlling stake of "Khlenby Dom"| (Bread House ), because the bread-baking industry is not so attractive for investors as retail trade or brewing . Khlebny Dom Director-General Valery Fedorenko, however, is sure that in two-three years international companies will come to the Russian market. In an interviews he talks about successful cooperation with Fazer and about his company's optimistic plans. (A5


The Moscow-InterBank Currency Exchange and the Reuters Agency have developed a new indicator of the Russian shares market of shares -- the RMX index. The story focuses on its distinguishing features. (B1)

AvtoGazbank (Nizhny Novgorod) plans to place an additional issuance of shares worth 500 million rubles up to mid- October. This was stated by the bank's Security Department. Brief. (B1)

Tatneft by 2010 will cut oil extraction down to 23 million tons per year from 24 million. This was stated by state councilor Renat Muslimov. Brief. (B1)

The Arbitration Court in the Yamal-Nenets Area Wednesday ruled in favour of the majority of SIBUR creditors. The story looks at creditors' suits. (B2)

The Baring Vostok investment fund has bought the controlling stake in Teploozersk Cement Plant (Jewish Autonomous Area). Baring Vostok officials believe that the fund will continue to buy up cement producers in this region. (B2 )

Moscow, a leading domestic borrower, announced its market strategy to investors. It plans to place ruble bonds worth 7 billion rubles up to the end of this year. The story comments on the plans. (B3)

Citigroup on Tuesday decreased the cost of its stock by 10 percent. The story looks at problems the company is facing on the judicial, regulating and crediting fronts. (B3)

The Bankruptcy Court on Tuesday blockaded a deal between the German media-concern Bertelsmann and the American Napster company. This means death to Napster. The story says why. (B5 )

A new production of plastic packing will be launched in the Leningrad region in late September. The story describes a new plant that will be put into operation by the St. Petersburg Mir Upakovki company. (B6)

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

Moscow writer Oleg Blotsky on Wednesday presented his book " Vladimir Putin: The Road to Power". The story describes the origin of the book, saying that with First Lady Lyudmila Putin being the focus, the book should be called "Lyudmila Putin and her Darling". (2)

The Unified Energy Systems company next Monday is expected to launch an experiment on holding free electricity tradings. (3)

The Russian Aluminum company (RA) has announced a project aimed at expanding aluminum production and putting into effect large-scale investment projects. RA Director General Alexander Bulygin talks about his company's strategy for the next few years, focusing on what RA is doing to enhance its investment appeal. (3)

Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov today begins his official visit to Afghanistan, the preparations for which were kept under wraps for some time. A ministry source stated that Moscow and Kabul are expected to sign an inter-governmental agreement. The story reveals the program of Ivanov's visit, saying why Russia has decided to expand its military contacts with Afghanistan. (5)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov is expected today to present his book titled "Accusing Terrorism" at the 15th Moscow International Book Fair. The story reviews the book. (1)

Presidential special representative Dmitry Rogozin has returned from Brussels -- where he held consultations with European Commission members on the Kaliningrad issue. The story looks at proposals that were made by the Russian side at those consultations. (1,2)

Noviye Izvestia

Moscow Health Committee head Andrei Seltsovsky says that smog hanging above Moscow has brought discomfort, but no-one has applied for medical aid. Brief. (1,4, Vremya MN, 1 , Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 7)

An Saratov pensioner, 77, was shocked late last week when he received a letter from a special commercial ritual agency with a proposal to sign an agreement regarding his own funeral (ritual services, a grave stone, etc.) More than 700 people in Saratov have already received such letters. The story examines their reaction, commenting on the issue. (1,5)

According to the Central Statistics Committee, the average cost of per capita minimum foodstuffs, the subsistence minimum for the Russian citizen in August decreased by 3.2 percent and amounted to 955 rubles and 10 kopeks. The brief mentions several expensive cities in Russia and the cost of foods there. (1)

SPS leader Boris Nemtsov has applied to Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov asking him to put a stop to wire taps on his office telephones. In the State Duma, Nemtsov stated Wednesday that he is drafting an official appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office regarding the transcript published in "Sovetskaya Rossiya" of his telephone conversation with an opposition leader in Belarus. The story comments on Nemtsov's statement. (2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta ( his interview ) 1,2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 5)

Novaya Gazeta

A criminal case has been filed on the murder threat to NG correspondent Anna Politkovskaya. But a suspect of this crime -- Lapin-Kadet, who is also under investigation on other serious crimes, is at large, because the prosecutor's office believes he is "not socially dangerous." The story offers the newspaper's view on the issue. (2)

Moscow resident Inga Margoshvili has four children, who she takes every summer to visit their grandmother and grandfather living in the Pankisi Gorge. She recounts her recent visit there and the situation. (3)

The current terrible smog has been caused by forest fires and burning peat bogs in the Moscow region. The only serious method of combating the forest fires is turning the peat bogs into marshes. Dmitry Ochagov, expert at the All-Russian Nature Research Center of the Nature Ministry, discusses the problem. (4)

Mosvodokanal Press Secretary Yevgenia Bogomolova has explained why her business may impose a tough water -saving regime at the end of this year. (5)

Sociologist Boris Kagarlitsky describes the current political situation in Chechnya, commenting on the latest attempts to launch peaceful negotiations and proposing the only possible method (in his opinion) to reach peace there. (5)

September is traditionally the beginning of a new television season when channels present new schedules, new projects and new host . The story offers novelties in central television channels. (10)

Krasnaya Zvezda

The Military Prosecutor's Office of the Moscow Military District is marking its 80th anniversary. Chief Moscow Military Prosecutor Alexander Vertukhin talks about the origin and history of his agency and also about specific features of his job. He focuses on the present criminal situation in his military district. (2)

Military reform is in full swing in the Strategic Rocket Troops (SRT). And how are they provided with housing? SRT Commander Colonel-General Nikolai Solovtsov answers this question. (1,2)

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Several State Duma deputies and government officials Wednesday visited the 15th Moscow International Book Fair that opened at the All-Russian Exhibition Center on Wednesday. The story describes their visit. (3)

On Sept. 7-8, the Mozhaisky District in the Moscow Region will be celebrating the 190th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino. The story offers an extensive program of the military and historic Festival "The Day of Borodino". (6)

According to new laws concerning social benefits for servicemen, the latter have been deprived of six previous ones. The story examines them and several new social benefits. (8)

The Moscow government by City Day promised to open three new roads to traffic, and it has kept its promise. The story describes these new roads. (8)