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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

The Moral Fiber of Baku Drivers and U.S. Execs

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In response to "Reckless Streak Reigns in Nocturnal Baku," a column by Chloe Arnold on Aug. 6.

This column hits the nail right on the head. My colleagues and I have had a couple of incidents involving pedestrians and cars. In one instance, the taxi was driving (careering) along the sidewalk at about 1 p.m. and collided with a woman who was going about her shopping. But, hey, sidewalks are for taxis -- what was she doing there?

Peter Ross
Baku, Azerbaijan

Child Custody Rights

In response to "Kidnapping Denied," a brief by The Associated Press on Aug. 5.

I have to say that Patrick Garmyn, the man who went all the way to Moscow to bring his daughter back to the United States, would have been much better off fighting for custody for his child there.

In the United States, especially Napoleon, Ohio, where the case is being tried, men have very few and limited rights to their children. The father is only considered in the scenario for paying up to 60 percent of his wages for child support, even if it means supporting the mother's "other" children and her boyfriends. There is a real war on children in this world of ours, and it is seen daily in the way fathers are shut out of their children's lives by the U.S. court system.

Maybe if the judges would quit listening to the rhetoric from the social workers, American children might finally be figured into the picture. As it is, child support is big business, and fathers have little or no say in how their children are raised if the mother has sole custody.

I'm sorry for both parents in this struggle, but especially sorry for the little girl who is now separated from both and living with strangers who will never care about her the way her own family cares for her.

Jesse Ward
Cleveland, Ohio

K-19 Heroes

I've heard that the former crew of the K-19 submarine are upset that Americans view them as incompetent based on the recent movie "K-19: The Widowmaker." I want to assure the Russians that we do not.

I was a sailor aboard a U.S. submarine during the 1970s, when we considered each other as adversaries. We had respect for the Russians then, and we have even more now since we've learned about the terrible tragedies your sailors had to endure in the submarine service.

Most Americans have learned to watch movies from Hollywood with a jaded eye. The portrayals in the movie about K-19 will do nothing to lower the esteem we feel for Russian sailors.

Raymond J. Casella
Evans, Georgia

Morally Bankrupt

In response to "Global Eye -- Morally Bankrupt," a column by Chris Floyd on Aug. 2.

In America, like Russia, nothing is perfect, but when I compare newspaper articles in both countries I am led to the conclusion that newspaper writers share great similarities in both countries -- a little bit of isolated truth and a lot of hype and oversell to entertain or espouse the writer's point of view.

Greed and corruption can be found in every country on the globe, but the masses are doing quite well in America, and we do so rather consistently whether Democrats or Republicans are in power. The political and financial system has worked quite well as evidenced by history, and we congratulate you for moving in that direction, as well.

I wonder whether the average Russian who reads The Moscow Times comes to the same conclusion as we Americans when reading our newspapers -- lots of hype and little real truth?

Billy Humphries
Macon, Georgia

The frothing, fatuous fulminations of the fascist Floyd show all the world that the only true haters remaining are on the left. That being mutually understood, he is correct in his blistering assessment of the financial services industry. A more repulsive bunch of bloodsuckers would be hard to find short of his beloved, baby-killing abortionists and their conscienceless collaborators in murder.

Chesley Johnson
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Chris Floyd is the best political journalist on the planet.

G. Drallos
Garden City, Mississippi

Global Eye continues to be of great interest to me. The latest, the bankruptcy bill crime, is intimately close to me.

I, because of the Wall Street criminal fallout, lost my job, lost every cent of my retirement and, because of corporate fraud in the telecommunications industry, lost all my savings in the stock market. I bought one stock at $43 and had to sell at $4. It is now $1.66. Then, the banks that I borrowed money from to finance my retirement started calling incessantly. They finally filed a lawsuit against me, and I had no choice but to declare bankruptcy.

Here is the killer part. Once you declare bankruptcy, you can no longer file for another seven years. Hence, any debt you acquire, medical or anything, can't be wiped out in any circumstances until the elapsed time period.

The corporate criminals who stole away people's future with easy credit know this. They jump on this chance to enslave you for good. I now have more offers for credit than ever, promises to help me fix my credit.

These criminals are out of control. Crony capitalism is a farce in America. It will bring this country down as the infrastructure rots.

Dale Wooley
Bend, Oregon