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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

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Crop harvesting is no longer unprofitable and as a result has become a headache for authorities, because grain and vegetables are now being gathered by foreigners. A story gives several concrete facts showing how they are doing it these days. (1,2, 12)

The Moscow government Wednesday took special measures to combat forest fires and the smog in the Moscow region and to protect the population from the health hazards resulting from the situation. A story examines some of the measures taken. (1,2, Gazeta, 1,2, Noviye Izvestia, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 7, Rossiiskaya Gazeta 1, 12, Vremya Novostei, 1, Vremya MN, 1, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 6, 7, MK, 1)

U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham and Senior Undersecretary of State John Bolton launched negotiations in Moscow on Wednesday with top Russian officials aimed at making them give up cooperation with Iran in the sphere of nuclear energy. A story comments on the negative results of the first day of the negotiations, noting that mutual misunderstanding caused a scandal. Several experts comment on the issue. (2, Kommersant, 10, Vremya MN, 4, Vremya Novostei, 1)

Wage arrears owed to civil servants in 32 regions have increased to 3 billion rubles. The local administrations and the Finance Ministry have their own ways of explaining this acute problem and promise to resolve it by Sept. 1. (2, Trud, 7)

The body of Russian pilot Vladimir Kashlin, who died in Angola in the captivity of UNITA insurgents, will be brought to Moscow today. A special commission recently created in the Foreign Ministry and the Russian Embassy in Luanda helped find his remains. A story looks at Kashlin's tragic fate and focuses on several aspects of the work of Russian pilots in Angola. (3

The Karachayev-Cherkessia Prosecutor's Office Wednesday opened a criminal case against four Chechen rebels who on July 29 crossed the border from the side of Georgia and attacked 120 Russian and Ukrainian mountain-climbers. The brief gives some details. (3)

The Leningrad Region today is marking its 75th anniversary. It is the first region that was founded in the former Soviet Union. Brief. (3)

Mosvodokanal general director Stanislav Khramenkov at a news conference on Wednesday described the favorable water situation in the city, focusing on how city tenants use water and how much they pay for it. (3, Kommersant, 4, Gazeta, 2)

The FSB Public Relations Center Wednesday reported about the arrest of Linar Zinatulin, 36, former top official from the Property Ministry, on charges of embezzlement. A story details his case. (3, Kommersant, 3)

On Wednesday the Kunzevsky Inter-Municipal Court considered the unusual criminal case of three policemen accused of abuse of power. A story details the case. (3)

Almost 200 people have drowned in Moscow rivers and ponds since the beginning of this swimming season. A story looks at three groups of such people, focusing on how many of them rescuers manage to recover. (3)

The At the current ASEAN Forum in Brunei U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell Wednesday met with the North Korean Foreign Minister, marking the first contact between the two nations since the Bush administration took power. A story describes the forum and its significance, focusing on Russia's participation in it. (4, Kommersant, 6, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1,7, Vremya Novostei, 4, Noviye Izvestia, 3)

One month has passed since the new Criminal and Procedural Code was enacted. In an interview, one of its authors Ivan Popov, deputy chief of the Interior Ministry's Investigation Department, examines how the Code works. (4)

Turkey is willing to revise the results of a tender for the purchase of 145 modern military helicopters worth $5 billion that was won by the American "Bell" firm in favor of the Russian-Israeli helicopter K-50-2 "Erdogan". A story comments on reasons behind Turkey's intention. (4)

IBM on Wednesday announced its plan to purchase PwC Consulting, which was recently renamed as "Monday". A story comments on the deal. (5, Kommersant, 11)

State Statistics Committee Chairman Vladimir Sokolin has stated that the population's standard of living has reached the 1998 pre-crisis level. (5, Kommersant, 10, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 3, Vremya MN, 1, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3)

The Sedmoi Kontinent retail network announced Wednesday that it may sell a controlling stake to an international retail network so as to consolidate its position on the market. A story comments on the decision, focusing on several analysts' viewpoints. (5, Vremya Novostei, 5)

In an interview, Troika-Dialog's chief economist Yevgeny Gavrilenkov explains why the world's raw materials markets will continue to determine the pace of the economic growth and the inflation rate in Russia. (5)

On Wednesday the Moscow Gagarinsky District Court began to consider a criminal case opened against two former Sibur managers. Former President Yakov Goldovsky, and former Vice president Yevgeny Koshits are accused of abuse of power with the aim of embezzling company assets. A story details their case. (6, Kommersant, 3, Gazeta, 3)

The French government has decided to sell a 34.4 percent stake in Air France, thus cutting it share in the company to 20 percent. A story comments on the decision. (6)

The Finance Ministry on Wednesday submitted to the government 6 draft federal audit standards that on the previous day were adopted by the Council on Audit Activities. A story looks at the draft standards. (6)

The government late Wednesday agreed to part with its 6 percent package of stock of LUKoil. LUKoil President Vagit Alekperov, Economic Development Minister German Gref and Federal Property Fund leader Vladimir Malin have arrived in London to control the privatization process. (6, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3)

The new Arbitration Procedural Code will take effect on Sept. 1. Veniamin Yakovlev, Chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court, answers questions (on hotline) from Izvestia readers about how it will affect the life of many Russians. (6)

The Taschen Publishing House has published a book entitled "The Arts Today. 137 Artists at the Beginning of the New Millennium." A story looks at 10 such prominent artists. (8)


Belarus today has imposed a so-called fuel allotment that means that all oil suppliers have to give to the villages at no cost 27 kilograms of diesel fuel per ton of oil. This is how President Alexander Lukashenko takes care of the farmers' needs. A story comments on the measure. Eight economists and financiers share their views. (1)

The burning pit-bogs in the Shatura District (Moscow Region) have spread heavy smog to the neighboring districts, posing serious threat to people's health. A story describes a disturbing situation. (4)

Manhattan prosecutors at a news conference in New York on Wednesday announced that reputed mobster Alimzhan Takhtakhunob (also known as Taivanchik) has been arrested in Italy. A story gives details. (1, Gazeta, 1, Vremya Novostei, 1)

The three-party commission on improving inter-budgetary relations Wednesday held its first session presided over by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin. The commissions' aim was to remove differences on budget issues between the regions and the Center. A story looks at both sides' claims. (2, Vremya MN, 2, Gazeta, 3, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3)

A large-scale military exercise will begin today on the Caspian Sea. A story examines its aim, program, participants and commanders. (2, Krasnaya Zvezda, 1, 3)

Activists from the all-Russian public organization "Youth Unity" have initiated youth construction units that will take part in restoring and renovating housing in the south that have suffered from the floods. (4)

On Wednesday several top Russian state officials, including President Putin, placed the responsibility on Georgia for a new invasion in Russia of Chechen rebels from the Pankisi Gorge. It's not excluded that it's the last warning before Russia launches a force action on Georgian territory. (5, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1,2, Vremya MN, 2, Vremya Novostei, 1,4)

The Supreme Court Presidium Wednesday declared legal the Central Bank's provision obliging the exporters to sell their export proceeds only through the currency exchanges. A story comments on the court decision and also on its statement. (9)

The MTU-Intel company has made an unprecedented marketing step: starting today, its prices of switching up to the Internet on several lines within the framework of the "" project have halved. A story reveals the essence of this action. (9)

The Anton investment group Wednesday announced that it has signed an agreement with the British Millhouse Capital company that has agreed to manage Anton's shares in Tver-Pivo. A story comments on the deal. (11)

Many people view the idea of re-constructing Hotel Moskva as absurd. Why? A story tries to give an answer. (14)


The first court trial of former Sibur president Yakov Goldovsky and his deputy Yevgeny Koshits was held on Wednesday. Though Gazprom and SIBUR stated in court that they had withdrawn their suits against the defendants, both were left in custody. (A1)

Millhouse Capital, now managing the assets of its Sibneft owners, has decided to enter the brewing business. It was precisely in these interests that the Aton investment company bought a 40 percent stake in Tver-Pivo. (A1)

Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin stated Wednesday that the government may refuse to release $1 billion in Eurobonds in 2003. Brief. (A1)

State Statistics Committee head Vladimir Sokolin stated Wednesday that the consumer price index in July will surpass 100 percent. Brief. (A1

For the first time since the Civil War, a U.S. congressman has been ousted from the House of Representatives and taken into custody. Former Democratic Congressman James Traficant, 61, on Tuesday was sentenced to 8 years in prison for taking bribes and extortion. (A2)

AFK Sistema is one of the most transparent Russian private holdings and its head Vladimir Yevtushenkov has officially been recognized as a billionaire. In an interview, Yevtushenkov speaks about AFK's unique structure, his job in the company and about its foreign network and net incomes. (A5)

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

U.S. Ambassador to Russia Alexander Vershbow has complained about Russian defense enterprises, saying in his letter to Press Minister Mikhail Lesin that part of facilities making pirate CDs are located in such plants. (A1)

A story explains why the Brazilian financial crisis may bring a stronger blow than troubles on American financial markets. (B1)

Slavneft, despite a changeover in the company's leadership, has retained its interest in participating in the privatization of Belarussian enterprises related to petrochemical and oil refineries. Brief. (B1)

New Slavneft President Yury Sukhanov intends to give his predecessors designs in Iran, Iraq and Sudan. A story looks at some of them. (A2)

The Kuznetsk Metals Combine in October will launch a sale of its property within the framework of competition production. A story comments on its decision. (B2)

The turbo-motor plant in Yekaterinburg and the German engine- construction corporation "Deutz" Wednesday signed a protocol to create a joint venture to make diesel engines. (B2

Petrokommerts Bank has increased its charter capital by 500 million rubles up to 5 billion rubles through releasing privileged shares. Brief. (B3)

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

On Wednesday the Central Election Commission sponsored a scientific-technical conference to discuss the issue of when computers will be used to calculate votes. A story examines the event, its participants and results. (2)

Leading political and economic experts have presented the results of a study concerning the present economic and political situation in Russia and the achievements and failures of Vladimir Putin's administration. The focus of the article is the president's chances to win the next presidential elections in 2004. (1,2)

The Chinese Army on Thursday marked its 75th jubilee. A story features festive celebrations at the Chinese Embassy in Moscow. (3)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

In an interview, Vladimir Mau, rector of the Academy of the National Economy, answers questions regarding how recent developments on world stock markets will affect the Russian economy and how the government will change its economic policy as a result. Mau also touches the Central Bank's intention to liberalize the currency legislation. Finally Mau give an assessment of Russia's economic development in the first 6 months of this year. (1,3)

The Russian Orthodox Church on Wednesday commented on the results of Patriarch Alexy II's meeting with Federation Council Vice-Speaker Valery Goreglyad and head of the Agrarian Committee Ivan Starikov. (2)

Communist Party leadership is planning to conduct a national referendum this fall to ask people about their attitudes to the Putin administration's political and economic policies. A story examines the origin of this idea and looks at how it will be put into effect. (3)

Noviye Izvestia

Lieutenant-General Sergei Makarov has been appointed commander of the federal army in Chechnya. A brief details Makarov's career. (1)

More than 257,000 unemployed people were registered in the Siberian Federal District in the first 6 months of this year, which is by 38.2 percent more that the figure for the same period last year. A brief offers statistics on the number of unemployed in different Russian districts. (1)

A story comments on statement made by Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov that the Baltic Fleet command will take measures to ensure the security of the Russian continental shelf near the shores of the Kaliningrad. Ivanov made the statement while winding up a visit to Lithuania, (2)

On August 1 about 90 descendants of writer Leo Tolstoy living outside Russia are expected to get together in Moscow. This is the second such meeting organized under the initiative of Yasnaya Polyana Museum-Estate Director Vladimir Tolstoy. This time the writer's granddaughter Tatyana, who is 87, will visit the estate. A story describes a program of today's meeting. (5)

A story is devoted to the Jehovah's Witnesses religious sect and its vigorous efforts to win as many supporters in Moscow as possible. One of its numerous "meetings" in Moscow is on Chertanovskaya Ulitsa. The article explains what transpires at such meetings. (5)

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Highly regarded actor and filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov on Tuesday went to Volgograd, where he donated money to the Church of Ioann Predtechi. A story looks at his visit to the church. (4)

The metro bridge in Luzhniki will be opened after major renovation several days earlier than previously planned. Konstantin Cherkessky, head of the Metro press service, details the project's completion. (2)

Moscow regional governor Boris Gromov has instructed his economic experts that they draft a program of measures by Sept. 1 aimed at putting an end to forest and pit-bog fires in the future. (6)

Moscow city authorities have allocated 379.7 million rubles to conduct a nationwide census. A story describes several ways organizing a census, and explains that the United States remains the most efficient organizer of such events. (8)

RosBiznesKonsalting analysts make their forecasts regarding the influence money markets will have on consumer and food prices in August. (9)

A story looks at the flight Alexander Begak, a 28-year-old Muscovite, made Wednesday from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Begak has devoted this flight to St. Petersburg and to the first flight that was made from this city to Moscow in 1911. (10)

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Officially Tbilisi is threatening Russia with full-scale war as Georgian policy-makers call Russia an "aggressor that should be punished." A story looks at reasons behind worsening relations between the two countries. (1)

A story describes a tragic incident that took place on the outskirts of Novosibirsk earlier this week, when bullterriers attacked two female pensioners leaving one dead and the second seriously injured. A story describes the tragedy. (1,3)

Earlier this week surgeons in the Filatov State Children's Hospital performed a unique surgery on the lung of a 14-year-old teenager when they delicately removed a piece of glass that had been there for the whole 5 years. (1)

Specialists from the Health Ministry's Immunology Institute give recommendations on how people can protect themselves from negative effects of smog. (2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 6,7)

A story gives scandalous details of an American anti-terror military operation in Afghanistan that the White House is skillfully concealed not only from the public but also from journalists. (3)

Russian astronomers are expecting that a meteor shower called Perseida will begin in mid-August, heading to Earth from the Persei constellation. (6)

A story describes how Moscow veterinarians treated more than 100 dogs suffering from the heat stroke during the month of July. (6)