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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Bush to Lecture Wall Street on Ethics, Penalties

On Tuesday, Bush will move to seize a prominent place in the reform campaign by going to Wall Street to deliver a stern lecture on ethics to business leaders.

Merck Inflated Revenues By More Than $14Bln

Merck & Co. shares fell 8 percent to 44.80 euros ($43.46) in Europe on Monday after news that it recorded revenues of more than $14 billion from its pharmacy-benefits subsidiary Medco that the unit never actually collected.

Study: Globalization Cuts Poverty

Far from creating poverty as critics claim, rapid globalization of the world economy has sliced the proportion of abject poor across the planet.

WorldCom Executives Face Federal Grilling

WorldCom Inc. executives were due to face tough questions from U.S. lawmakers Monday about how a $3.85 billion accounting error escaped notice for more than a year.

Survey Says $2.6 Trillion Lost in 2001

Rich investors on both sides of the Atlantic lost $2.6 trillion -- or 6 percent of their wealth -- in 2001's plunging markets, according to a survey.

A Decade of Consciousness

More than anything, ten years of reforms have increased the population's capacity to think critically.

President Putin and Europe's Last Dictator

With most of his neighbors preoccupied with the war on terrorism or crises in the Middle East and South Asia, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko was enjoying a quiet year until recently.

U.S. Offers Aid to Bombed Village

A top U.S. commander has returned from a visit to an Afghan village that was mistakenly bombed by U.S. aircraft last week, pledging humanitarian help and a beefed-up military presence to prevent any more such accidents.

Modernity Lures Orthodox Jews

When ultra-Orthodox Jews decide to question their relationship with God, a secular Israeli organization is there to help them find their way.

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