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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

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The Audit Chamber has begun to check up how the Strategic Rocket Troops (SRT) used hundreds of millions of dollars they earned from commercial space launches in 1997-2001 when they launched 31 satellites. State Duma deputy Major-General Alexander Vinidiktov, former chief of the Svobodny Cosmodrome, has initiated the check-up. He stated that the Military-Cosmic Forces (MCF) that formerly were part of SRT failed to get a considerable portion of that money they earned. A story describes a long-standing and dramatic conflict between SRT and MCF. (1,2)

The most-awaited World Cup match between Britain and Argentina took place on Friday. The match had been hyped as much more than a game between two old rivals, but rather as a war taken to soccer pitch 20 years ago after the war in the Falkland Islands ended. A story describes what the match meant for both the English and Argentina. (1,3)

In an interview, Vladimir Pozner, president of the Television Academy and host of ORT's weekly news program "Vremena," shares his opinions regarding the future of the TVS company. (1,8)

A feature story looks at the life and work of Georgy Munarov, who in 1990 arrived from Tajikistan in the village of Bolshiye Brusyany in the Sverdlovsk region with only 6 rubles in his pocket. Today Munarov is a millionaire. (1,3)

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization held a summit in St. Petersburg on Friday. A story focuses on the issue of regional security, which President Vladimir Putin and his guests discussed. (2, Kommersant, 1,4, Noviye Izvestia, 3, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1,9, Vremya MN, 1, Krasnaya Zvezda, 1, Trud, 1, 4, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 3)

On Thursday the Stavropolye Duma passed a draft bill aimed at putting an end to illegal migration into the Stavropolye region. A story examines the document. (2)

On Friday the Reutovo City Court ruled in favor of the relatives of the sailors who perished on the Kursk nuclear submarine. The court demanded that the Northern Fleet begin making payments to the relatives from the special Nakhimovsky bank account which was created as a charity act by Russians and foreigners after the sinking of the submarine. (2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1, 2)

The 11th Exhibition of Contemporary Art--Dokumenta opened in Kassel in central Germany. A story describes this outstanding event, focusing on its main points of interest. (2, Kommersant, 8)

Crime. A 61-year-old Azeri trader was killed in the center of Moscow on Friday by a group of young hooligans. A story gives details. (2)

Over the past 2 years Russia has significantly decreased the number of annual commercial space launches. The Khrunichev Space Center, which should normally organize 8 launches a year, has become financially restricted as the budget provides for only one. Communications Minister Leonid Reinman commented on the situation. (2)

The Prosecutor General's Office has fired Alexander Lykov, prosecutor in the Nenets Autonomous Area. A story looks at possible reasons. (3)

Crime. Criminal proceedings were launched Friday against Mosenergo General Director Arkady Yevstafyev, who is accused of embezzlement. Brief. (3, Kommersant, 1, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1)

On Friday the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region approved the candidacy of Alexander Bespalov, head of the Unified Russia Party's General Council, to represent the governor in the Federation Council. In an interview, Bespalov talks about what he will do in the Senate. (3)

Central Election Commission head Alexander Veshnyakov stated Friday that the next State Duma elections will proceed according to the existing scheme. A new draft of the Election Law was submitted to the State Duma on Thursday. The newly worded law radically changes rules regarding election campaigns. (4, Kommersant, 2, Vremya MN, 1, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 3)

The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTSIOM) has conducted polls to see what Russians think of the recent summits and of Vladimir Putin's latest foreign policy acts. A story comments on results. Two pie charts. (4)

An unprecedented number of new parties have been created recently in St. Petersburg. A story comments on the process of instituting a new party and focuses on several of the new-created parties. (4)

The Belarussian State Television and Radio Company is asking the country to choose between 5 different variants of the national anthem. The winning selection will be officially performed on July 3 to mark the republic's Independence Day. (4)

The standoff among shareholders in Domodedovo Airlines took a new twist on Friday. A story looks at the shareholders' annual meeting and the decisions taken? (5)

After a prolonged dispute the Severstal-Magnitogorsk Metals Combine and the Russian Steel partnership have finally come to agreement on how to govern the company. (5, Kommersant, 5)

Primorye in early April announced its intention to build an oil pipeline to transport Russian oil to the countries of the Asian-Pacific region. (5)

U.S. President George W. Bush Friday announced the creation of the National Security Department, the second largest government structure after the Pentagon with 170,000 staff and an annual budget of $37 billion. A story looks at the duties and powers of the new agency. (6, Kommersant, 4, Vremya MN, 6)

In an interview, Leonid Parfyonov, author and host of the NTV's "The Russian Empire" project, speaks about several new parts of this popular serial that will soon be aired. (8)


On Friday the State Duma passed a presidential draft bill in the first reading, which could raise salaries for the employees of Russia's so-called power ministries. A story examines the draft. (2, Noviye Izvestia, 2)

After the St. Petersburg summit on Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko and his Kazakh counterpart Karim Maksimov signed an agreement on the transit of Kazakh oil through Russia. A story speculates on what the agreement could mean. (2, Vremya MN, 2)

On Friday the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a demand made by the Prosecutor General's Office to try the criminal case of notorious writer Eduard Limonov in the Saratov region. A story details the case, focusing on the court decision. (3)

The State Duma Friday passed a draft bill in the first reading, which concerns Russian as the country's official language. A story describes the absurd character of the discussion and focuses on presidential State Duma representative Alexander Kotenkov's negative view on the draft. (3, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2)

The Krasnogorsk Prosecutor's Office began criminal proceedings Friday in an act of vandalism on the Penyaginskoye Cemetery, where vandals destroyed 140 graves of German soldiers. A story gives details. (4)

The Economic Development Ministry and Gosstandart Friday held a public hearing of the draft bill concerning technical regulation. (5)

A story describes the negative results of recent negotiations between the Russian and Bulgarian prime ministers on the privatization of the Bulgartabac holding. A story expounds on the scandal surrounding Russian SK -Tabak 's participation in the tender. (5)

The 11th International Banking Congress wrapped up in St. Petersburg on Friday. (5, Noviye Izvestia, 2, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3)

LUKoil this month will begin to build a terminal on the island of Vysotsk in the Leningrad region. The cost of the project is $150 million. Brief. (6)

A representative from the AOL Time Warner company stated that its Vice-President and shareholder Ted Turner has sold a $5 million package of stock of his company. Brief. (6)

The Tyumenaviatrans (TAT) company will declare a closed tender to develop the company's new style. TAT General Director Andrei Martisorov spoke about the tender. Brief. (6)

Shareholders in Siberian-Urals Aluminum Company (SUAL) met Friday at the company's annual meeting. The brief mentions some of the decisions taken at the gathering. (6)

NIKoil shareholders have decided to increase the charter capital by 3.85 billion rubles. The brief explains how. (6)

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

A State Statistics Committee report on inflation indicated that in the month of May, the figure was 1.7 percent, having exceeded the April level by 1.2 percent. All in all, since the start of this year, prices have increased by 8.4 percent. All these figures, the story notes, do not foretell any signs of an impending catastrophe. (1,3)

In an interview, State Duma Popular Group leader Gennady Raikov explains the essence of his groups' amendment to the draft bill on farmland, which is now being prepared for a second reading. The amendment made bans the sale of farmland to foreigners. (2)

A story looks at the major provisions of a draft bill to crack down on extremism that caused heated discussion in the State Duma on Friday. (2)

Chief of the Belarussian Military Intelligence Service Konstantin Khrushchev has been released from him post with very little ado. A story examines the events leading up to his release. (5)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

On Friday the United States announced that Russia has at long last become a country with a market economy. Deputy Economic Development Minister Maxim Medvedkov commented on the event, focusing on what Russia will gain from the announcement. (1)

In an interview, Bolshoi Theater Director Anatoly Iksanov and Opera Group Director Makvala Kasrashvili reveal several secrets of their theater, including its repertoire policy and a grandiose program devoted to the closing of the 226th theatrical season. (1,7)

In an interview, Gleb Pavlovsky, head of the Effective Policy Fund, assesses the results of 2-years work of the institution of the presidential representatives, focusing on its further practical steps. (8)

A story examines the results of a comprehensive check-up of the financial performance of the Kurgan regional administration. Facts and figures cited in the story show that the region might possibly be declared bankrupt. (8)

Krasnaya Zvezda

Lieutenant General Deputy Defense Minister for personnel Nikolai Pankov, who also heads the Main Personnel Board of the Defense Ministry, gives an in-depth analysis of various aspects of the present system of military education. The author focuses on several methods of stepping up its efficacy. (1, 2)

Noviye Izvestia

A brief describes the newly designed electrical train, the "Moskovsky," which is to go into service on the Paveletsky Railway Terminal - Airport Domodedovo route as of Aug. 1. (1, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 10)

Former Chechen leader Aslan Maskhadov 's rebels are preparing new attacks on the federal forces in various regions of the breakaway republic. A story details the preparations. (2)

A delegation from the British Council of Visitors arrived in Moscow to visit Women's Prison No. 2 and the famous Butyrka Prison. A story reports on what impressions the British guests took away with them after having an inside look at the Russian prison system. (5)

Komomolskaya Pravda

The Sakhalin Prosecutor's Office has extended its custody of Alexei Igrunov, 22, a resident of the Kaliningrad region, who is suspected of killing Major General Vitaly Gamov, deputy chief of the Pacific Regional Board of the Federal Border Service. A story looks at how a man living 10,000 kilometers away from the scene of the crime happened to get himself into police custody. (2)

Law-enforcement officers on Friday found 5 aviation rockets in a cache not far from a Vnukovo airfield. A story reflects on the discovery. (5)

The Tyumen Oil Company announced Friday that 18-year-old national team player Dmitry Sychev will be coming back home from the World Cup to receive a new Porsche automobile from Tyumen. (6)

On Friday the State Duma passed several draft amendments to laws concerning education and higher professional education. In an interview, Alexander Shishlov, head of the State Duma Science and Education Committee, explains what these changes in the laws may mean for school children, students and university students. (7)

A feature story describes how illegal migrants from such countries as China, Vietnam and Afghanistan are seizing Russian territory in the Far East with ease. The story alleges that these immigrants arrive in Russia very poor, seize land, begin cultivating it and then rapidly become landlords without paying any debts to the local treasury. (8)

A story looks at the life of six-year-old Ablai, who lives on of Kazakhstans mountainous villages. The young boy suffers from a very rare disease called hypertrichosis, which has covered his face with a beard. A Russian medical specialist comments on the case. (9)

A story is devoted to a dog Konstantin, who from 1996 to 2002 waited on Tolyatti's Yuzhnoye Shosse, regardless of the weather, for his master who was killed in a road accident. Local residents have decided to unveil a monument to this dog. (12)

The TVS channel leadership stated recently that everything on TVS, including its name, could change in the near future. A story gives several details of the news conference of the new channel's leadership on Tuesday. (19)

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Moscow police at night on Friday managed to close down the Safari brothel in the center of Moscow, detaining 40 prostitutes. A story describes this police raid. (1,2, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 4,5)

In an interview, famous American dietician Oz Garcia, Hollywood's best diet expert reveals some of the secrets of his success and focuses on how some of his very famous clients have trimmed down and shaped up. (2)

The Union of Fatherland, a political party in Lithuania led by policy-maker Vitautas Landsbergis, former speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament (Sejm), has called on young Lithuanians to boycott the International Youth Games that will open in Moscow on June 14. A story explains why. (2)

Highly regarded writer Vladimir Voinovich, author of "Chonkin" and "Moscow 2042", has written "The Portrait Against the Background of the Myth", in which he has dared to harshly criticize Nobel Prize writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn, whom he strongly dislikes. A story looks at Voinovich's "literary work." (7