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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

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Le Monde on Tuesday reported that French prosecutors are checking bank accounts and deposits of Russian banker and policy-maker Sergei Pugachyov, the Tuva presidential representative in the Federation Council. A story examines the reasons behind the prosecutors' increased interest in the business of Pugachyov, who previously headed Mezhprombank. (1,2; Kommersant, 1; Noviye Izvestia, 2)

In an interview, Chechnya's Prosecutor Nikolai Kostyuchenko, who was appointed early this month, talks about the crime situation in the republic, focusing on major problems in his new job. (1,3)

A story focuses on Russian businessman Nikolai Pyatkov, 43, in Kamensk-Uralsky (Sverdlovsk region), who this summer has opened his own bell-making plant. (1,7)

The "Mass Media: Trends of Reform" conference will open in Moscow today to work out a consolidated stand of the domestic media community on reforming the media industry. The conference participants were received by President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. A story describes the meeting, concentrating on the president's recommendations. In a short interview, Yury Purgin, general director of the Altapress publishing house, shares his impressions about the meeting. (2; Kommersant, 3; Vremya Novostei, 4; Gazeta, 4; Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1,2; Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1,2; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 4; MK, 2)

Ombudsman Oleg Mironov's office Tuesday opened a telephone hotline on problems of refugees' and displaced persons' rights. Most questions have been regarding the procedure of obtaining citizenship. A story describes the service, looking at several questions that were asked on the first day. (2; Kommersant, 8; Vremya Novostei, 3)

Yukos on Tuesday completed its deal with Lithuania and the American Williams company on purchasing 26.85 percent of the Lithuanian Mazeikiy Nafta oil concern. A story reports on what Yukos has gained from the deal. (2; Kommersant, 13; Gazeta, 11; Vremya Novostei, 8)

Pension Fund head Mikhail Zurabov on Tuesday presented his new "creation" — a pension card for insured people. A story describes how pensioners will use such cards. (3; Kommersant, 15; Gazeta, 10; Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1,2 (and also official Wednesday supplement, 9); Vremya MN, 4; Vremya Novostei, 1,4; Trud, 1; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2)

The Moscow government Tuesday discussed results of a successful experiment conducted in Zelinograd to impose a special automatic fare control system on city buses and trolleybuses. A story examines results, saying the approved system will be imposed in all districts of Moscow. (3; Gazeta, 2; Vremya MN, 2; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 6)

Eight servicemen from a Russian peace-keeping battalion in South Ossetia on Tuesday left their post near the Artsevi village. Six of them were detained during a special operation. (3; Vremya Novostei, 2)

The Moscow government "The Health of Children" program endorsed on Tuesday announced all city secondary schools will launch a permanent monitoring of children's health, with the results being included in special health passports to be given to all school pupils. Brief. (3)

Colonel Yury Budanov, who is accused of killing young Chechen girl Elza Kungayeva, may be amnestied, Prosecutor Sergei Nazarov has proposed. Brief. (3; Kommersant, 1; Gazeta, 1,3; Vremya Novostei, 1,3)

A story reports on how Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko on Tuesday responded to President Vladimir Putin's recent harsh pronouncement concerning Belarus' proposals on forming the Belarus-Russia Union. (4; Kommersant Daily, 1; Vremya Novostei, 1,2)

The deputy head of the NATO Military Committee, Vice Admiral Malcolm I. Fages, on Tuesday arrived in St. Petersburg to participate in a seminar with his Russian colleague Admiral Anatoly Kamaritsyn, chief of the Defense Ministry's main navigation board, on rescuing submarine crews in trouble. A story examines the seminar program. (4)

Khakassian government head Alexei Lebed, brother of the late Krasnoyarsk regional governor Alexander Lebed, on Tuesday made his final decision to run for the gubernatorial seat in the region. A story comments on his decision. (4; Kommersant, 3; Vremya MN, 3)

In an interview; Alexander Solovyov, head of the Central-Chernozyomny Bank, an affiliate of Sberbank, talks about how the consequences of the 1998 financial crisis have been overcome in the Central "black-soil" region, focusing on his bank's priority projects. (4)

Railway cargo transportation tariffs are to be increased in the second half of this year. A story examines the Railways Ministry's aim in doing so. (5)

The Mosnefteprodukt oil company on Tuesday raised wholesale and retail petrol prices. Wholesale prices have been increased by 6 percent to 14 percent on average. Brief. (5; Argumenty i Fakty, No25, p. 8)

Russian businessmen met with their French colleagues in Moscow on Tuesday when they discussed ways of launching joint ventures in Russia and also drawing investments. A story describes the meeting, its participants, discussions and conclusions. (5)

The government Tuesday discussed issues pertaining to Soviet debts to the International Investment Bank and the International Bank for Economic Cooperation. A story examines the government's decisions on this issue. (5)

The Cabinet on Tuesday devoted its special session to the timber and forestry sector. The Natural Resources and the Industry, Science and Technology ministers delivered their reports, focusing on their vision of the future fate of this sector. A story looks at the government's decisions. (5; Kommersant, 2)

An Angolan government delegation headed by Minister Manuel Elder Vieira Diash arrived in Russia on June 9. In an interview, the minister talks about the aims of his visit and about the results of his negotiations in Moscow. (6)

American congressman and Democrat Denis Kusinish heads a group of 31 congressmen who have opened a court case against President George W. Bush over the USA withdrawal from the Anti Ballistic Missile treaty. In an interview, the congressman talks in detail about this case. (6)


The 6th St. Petersburg Economic Form is to open today, when its main guest will be Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov. A story examines the forum's program. Eight experts share their views on this event. (2; Vremya Novostei, 3)

In an interview, Press Minister Mikhail Lesin (after President Vladimir Putin's meeting with mass media representatives on Tuesday) talks about several aspects of mass media reform. (3)

Law-enforcement officers have detained Larisa Serebryannikova (also known as Lora Silver), a fraudster from Vilnius who has swindled almost $ 1 million from people. Over the past five years on the run, Larisa managed to become an established Moscow journalist and then head of the PR department of the Kremlin presidential administration. A story details her "adventures." (5; Gazeta, 5)

An unidentified assailant in St. Petersburg on Tuesday killed Alexander Roshchin, chief engineer of the material-technical department of the Oktyabrskaya Railway. (5; Gazeta, 5)

The Moscow Regional Military Court on Tuesday listened to speeches from five of the six defendants accused of killing Moskovsky Komsomolets journalist Dmitry Kholodov. They have all pleaded not guilty. A story examines their concluding remarks. (6; Gazeta, 5)

The Prosecutor General's Office has sent to Georgia an international investigation message with a request to detain and extradite three Russians, who are accused of committing several terrorist acts in Moscow and Volgodonsk. (6)

The State Duma is today expected to consider in the second reading a draft bill concerning the alternative civil service. A story comments on the document, saying why the Duma legislation committee fears the military lobby. (7)

A protest in the Ulyanovsk region against cutting off the electricity supply to their homes ended in tragedy on Tuesday when one man was killed and two others seriously injured. (7)

June 20 marks the World Refugee Day. Public organizations, the Federal Migration Service and human rights activists Tuesday stated the new law concerning citizenship will only aggravate refugees' position in Russia. (8)

Abkhazia's Vice-President Valery Arshba stated on Tuesday that by July about 70 percent of the Republic's population will receive Russian passports and thus become Russian citizens. In reply, the Georgian Foreign Ministry immediately sent a note of protest to the Russian Foreign Ministry. (11)

Russian authorities are mostly likely preparing to declare an amnesty on capital, which now depends only on a government decision. Alexei Volin, deputy head of the relevant government body, comments on the issue. (13,14; Gazeta, 2)

Unified Energy Systems head Anatoly Chubais on Tuesday arrived in Brussels to meet with leaders of the European Commission's Energy Department, European Parliament representatives and UCTE President Martin Fuchs. A story looks at the issues Chubais intends to discuss with all of them. (14)

The RITEK company Tuesday officially announced the early withdrawal of its own ruble bonds from circulation. A story notes that this is a unique incident for the domestic financial market. (14)

The Central Bank has closed its deposit in Vneshtorgbank. This was stated Tuesday by Mikhail Zadornov, deputy head of the State Duma Budget Committee. (15)

The 13th Congress of the Association of Russian Banks, the first extraordinary congress of this organization, took place in Moscow on Tuesday. A story describes this forum, its participants, and the tough personnel discussions and decisions. (15)

Nasdaq on Tuesday announced the creation in Germany of a new electronic trading platform NasdaqDeutschland that intends to compete with Deutsche Boerse. (16)

The Russian Aluminum company Tuesday announced an appointment of Canadian Franc Farago to the post of deputy director for production. (16)

The General Electric Global eXchange Services (GE GXS) company Tuesday announced its entry on the Russian IT market. A story describes this new player. (17)

The Vympelcom company and the Bely Veter (White Wind) concern Tuesday presented their joint project, which a story examines in detail. (17)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

The State Duma on June 20 is expected to consider in the second reading the draft bill concerning counteracting extremism. State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Volodin, leader of the Fatherland-All Russia faction, and deputy Alexei Mitrofanov of the LDPR faction comment on the document. (3)

A story describes an upcoming operation to rescue the German ice-breaker "Magdalena Oldendorf " with 107 people on board (of whom 79 are Russian polar explorers) that has got stuck in ice in Antarctica. (3)

A joint collegium of the Education Ministry and the Labor and Social Development Ministry with specialists from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce on Tuesday decided the fate of state professional technical schools that train personnel for industry. All participants mentioned the worrying situation today on the market for training such specialists. A story gives facts and figures to illustrate the point, focusing on the collegium's conclusions and decisions. (5)

Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma has announced his country's social and economic development strategy for 2002-11. Ukraine has made a final decision to join NATO, and all Kiev's efforts during this period will be devoted to this integration. A story comments on the document. (4)

In an interview, Alexander Kotenkov, presidential representative in the State Duma, talks about his job, about his meetings with the president and about differences that often arise with the government regarding this draft bill or another. (1,9,10)

The State Duma has six plenary sessions left before the end of this spring semester. Rossiiskaya Gazeta gives a list of draft bills that will be considered in this period. (9)

The full text of the government decree titled "The Provision on the Property Ministry" is published. (12)

Noviye Izvestia

The Solnechnogorsk City Court late last week considered a suit lodged by resident Alexander Lusikyan against the St. Petersburg Brain Institute and the Medobsluzhivaniye company that performed unsatisfactory brain surgery on him. Lusikyan has won the case. A story gives details. (1,5)

The leading European Volkswagen AG auto concern has unveiled its new model, a business class sedan called Phaeton. (6)

Rumor has it that Tyumen and Moscow regional governors Sergei Sobyanin and Boris Gromov intend to quit their posts and take up jobs in federal bodies. A story reflects on who could replace them in their regions. (4)

Argumenty i Fakty

Kremlin leaders are gradually beginning to round up personnel for the presidential election campaign. To this end, two initiative groups are being formed: one is called "The St. Petersburg Family" and the other "Power." A story examines their leaders and members. (2)

The notion of the Russia-Belarus Union now is under question: President Vladimir Putin on Friday unexpectedly harshly criticized the Belarussian model of unification. A story looks at several reasons behind the criticism. Policymakers share different views on the fate of the Russia-Belarus Union. (2; Noviye Izvestia, 1)

In an interview, Kuban governor Alexander Tkachev, who, due to his tough immigration policy, has become one of the most authoritative regional policymakers, shares his negative view on the issue of purchasing and selling land. Tkachev also speaks about his immigration policy. (3)

A story examines several reasons why federal authorities could lose the Kaliningrad region. (4)

The Orthodox Church on June 23 will celebrate its birthday — the Day of the Holy Trinity. Metropolitan Vladimir of Tashkent and Central Asia talks about this holiday, one of the most significant dates in the church's calendar. (6)

Argumenty i Fakty offers the program of the 24th International Moscow Film Festival for June 21-26. (21)

The newspaper offers information from several top government leaders' 2001-02 income declarations (their salaries, houses, apartments, cars and garages). (9)

Krasnaya Zvezda

The General Staff has launched reform of the Russian peacekeeping contingent stationed in Kosovo. It has also begun to withdraw military machines and arms from the region. In an interview, Major-General Nikolai Kriventsov, commander of the contingent, talks about the reform and the peacekeepers who will stay and continue their service there. (1,3)

Komomolskaya Pravda

A story features a rare medical case of a boy in Azerbaijan on June 6 who was born with four legs. He already has been operated on and is quite well now. A story describes the case. (5)

The Moscow City Duma is to consider a new wording of the draft bill concerning animals. A story focuses on its major provisions. (6)

Eighty senators out of the 180 Federation Council members by September will move to a new apartment block dubbed "the Green House" in the west of Moscow near Kutuzovsky Prospekt and Rublyovskoye Shosse, in which apartments cost up to $350,000. A story describes this house and a typical apartment in it.

In an interview, Dmitry Oreshkin, head of the Mercator Analytical Group, explains why the popularity of the Union of Right Forces Party led by State Duma deputy Boris Nemtsov is increasing. (14)

A story describes another deep underground bunker — this time in Volgograd (formerly Stalingard) — that was built specially for Stalin at the beginning of World War II. (15)

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Representatives from the Natural Resources Ministry, the Federation Council and several public organizations have devised an initiative to provide on special labels information on the origin and content of genetically modified food products. A story comments on the initiative. (1)

The number of servicemen who have deserted their army units with weapons has considerably increased lately. A story gives facts and figures to illustrate the point, focusing on several possible reasons. (1,2; Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2; Noviye Izvestia, 1)

Law-enforcement officers in the southeast of Moscow have detained the deputy general director the animal market (also known as ptichy rynok) on charges of bribery. A story gives details. (1; Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 1)

Pope John Paul II, who has long been suffering from Parkinson's disease, is receiving effective treatment today. French scientist Luc Montaigne, who developed a special medicine, has promised to help him. A story gives details. (6)

In an interview, Oryol regional governor Yegor Stroyev, who headed the State Council Presidium's working group responsible for devising a land concept, shares his view on the draft bill on farmland and on selling such land. (2)