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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016


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Death and Renewal in the Media Industry

Russia's media community has fallen hostage to a sense of its own special status in society.

Crisis of Conformism

However alarming the rise of the right may be, it is merely a symptom of the crisis facing democracy.

Lerik's Elixir of Longevity

A combination of a healthy diet, hard work and family genes keep Azeris alive for well over a century.

Tempers Flare at Whaling Session

The annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission opened in Japan on Monday with tensions running high as a rush of new members threatens to tip the balance of power towards pro-whaling nations.

Bush: Embargo Stays Until Cuba Changes

U.S. President George W. Bush on Monday refused to lift the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba unless Cuban President Fidel Castro first releases political prisoners.

U.S. Urges Eastern Europe to Cut Graft

Eastern Europe must develop more efficient governments that curb corruption to attract the investment needed to complete the transition from communism to a free market.

South Korean Strikes Threaten World Cup

South Korean unions threatened Monday to launch nationwide strikes in key sectors just days from the start of the World Cup finals.

Clones Trail Spider-Man, but Force Still Powerful

""Star Wars: Episode 2 -- Attack of the Clones"" sold an estimated $116.3 million worth of tickets in its first four days in theaters.

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