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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

The Soothsayer

This sadly, is the last edition of the Soothsayer so I'm handing it over to my co-conspirators to say a few words and abuse me wherever possible. Take it away Jonathon Perree, our charity bet organizer.

In the words of Del Boy, "This time next year Rodders we'll be millionaires." Well not quite, but if you've followed the charity tips over the past 12 months you would be reasonably well off. Investing a fresh 500 rubles per week -- or 24,500 over the year -- the bets would have returned 32,250 rubles. This is approximately a 31 percent return on your cash. By comparison the RTS was up 33 percent. The charity bet has had a strike rate of 47 percent: 46 bets placed of which 22 have been winners. The Soothsayer's strike rate is a measly 30 percent, which all meant that the Downside Up charity was able to spend $1,000 on making some children very happy this Christmas, and that is what really matters.

As this is the last column, I would like to thank my fellow charity donors. Scouse for his witty insights, Crusty for his inside touch, Bol for making sure we knew when the games started & Herr Cutt (Soothsayer) for his enlightening tours of Moscow. Also thanks to Dr. Evil and Moscow's Fulham fan Bob the Builder.

As one final flutter, my money is on "Only Fools and Horses" to be the most watched Christmas TV program in the U.K. at 1.25-1/4 ... fill yer boots.

If you would like to see more Soothsayer action, contact and we will add you to the new weekly Soothsayer Times starting in the new year.

Now that he has finished his delirious ramblings, I will give you my insight into 2003. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will run off with Ulrika Johnson in February as she now has a taste for football managers. The players will be crushed, David Seaman will get all his hair cut off and the Gunners won't win another match for the rest of the season, narrowly avoiding relegation.

Liverpool decides the only way it will ever win anything again is to become a feeder team for Manchester United and change its name to Manchester Team Pool.

As for the Red Devils, they go on to become the first club to win the Premier League, FA Cup, Worthington Cup and Champions League in the same season. Alex Ferguson becomes prime minister as Tony Blair loses his job over the Cheriegate affair. To round the year off Saddam Hussein wins the Nobel peace prize and George W. Bush becomes a pacifist and joins a hippy commune.

Thanks for the memories.