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Today marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's novel "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" by the literary journal Novy Mir. Solzhenitsyn went on to win a Nobel Prize and the story shook the world with its description of the repressive Soviet regime. (1,2)

Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov reflects on the need for a law concerning theater and theatrical activity, a draft of which has been discussed and approved by the State Duma's culture committee. (1,4)

The Orthodox Church of Saint Tatyana under construction in Tatarstan has been destroyed. An article describes this barbaric act and those may be responsible. (1,3)

Izvestia comments on the unofficial negotiations at Novo-Ogaryovo on Sunday between Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. (2, Gazeta, 2)

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma has discharged Prime Minister Anatoly Kinakh and his government. Presidential sources say that Kinakh's resignation is a concession to America and that he has been discharged due to his loyalty to Moscow. A story describes Kuchma's proposed candidate for the post of prime minister. (2, Kommersant, 9, Gazeta, 2, Vremya Novostei, 1, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 6)

Russia's ambassador to China, Sergei Goncharov, talks about changes in China's policy, focusing on how the new Chinese leaders, who did not experience Sino-Soviet friendship during the Cold War, will affect Moscow-Beijing relations. (2)

The Krasnoyarsk regional energy commission has lowered electricity tariffs. (2)

Famed filmmaker Eldar Ryazanov today is celebrating his 75th birthday. He has made 25 movies. (3, Gazeta, 1,6, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 23, MK, 7)

Polish border guards Saturday allowed at least seventeen Chechens (two families) to cross into Poland -- the first to be allowed in over the past three weeks. Brief. (3, Kommersant, 5)

Two unidentified assailants on Saturday killed Viktor Pilyugin, 51, director-general of Aeroport -Astrakhan. Brief. (3, Kommersant, 4, Gazeta, 5)

The Tsirkon sociological research group has presented a report called "The Kaliningrad Problem as Seen by Public Opinion." Tskirkon's Igor Zadorin comments on several provisions and two pie-charts and a diagram illustrate polling results. (4)

The State Duma's Rossia movement led by Speaker Gennady Seleznyov held a meeting in Vladimir on Nov. 16. (4, Kommersant, 3)

Heads of CIS central banks meeting in Moscow this week intend to discuss imposing a single currency among members of the Eurasian Economic Community: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Tajikistan. (5)

The leasing operations of several domestic airlines have yielded positive results after a government decree was issued April 9, 2001. (5)

Baltika brewery president Taimuraz Bolloyev, speaking at the Third All-Russia Conference of alcohol-free brewers in Moscow on Nov. 11, stressed that the industry will not survive without the state's support. (6)

The Congress of the Union of Russian Alcohol-Free Brewers last week endorsed a code of conduct for members. (7)

Translator and radio host Leonid Volodarsky speaks about his morning radio programs. (8)

Ice-covered roads in Moscow on Saturday left 25 people with broken arms and legs at the trauma ward of City Policlinic No. 39. (10)

Mosvodokanal director-general Stanislav Khramenkov talks about the work of his agency today, about the non-payments problem and about its future prospects. (10)

A feature story reports on how the Dubrovka theater is being restored after the Oct. 23-26 hostage crisis there. (11)


Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, who arrived in France Saturday, will discuss the conflict between the Credit Agricole Indosouez bank and the National Reserve Bank, a $200-million conflict. Previously the issue has been addressed by President Vladimir Putin and French President Jacques Chirac. (1,14)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov in Paris today will focus on economic issues at a session of the Russian-French Intergovernmental Commission. (2, Vremya Novostei, 2)

LUKoil on Friday announced a deal to sell a 10 percent share of its stake in the project Azeri-Chirag-Gyuneshli to a Japanese oil company. (1, 16)

A new party SLON (the acronym for Union of People for Education and Science) was founded Saturday at the Hotel Cosmos by State Duma deputy Vyacheslav Igrunov and others. (3)

Mexico has bought from Russia equipment for guarding its marine oil facilities. Brief. (3)

Moscow police on Nov. 12 discovered 6 million fake dollars in an abandoned car on Mosfilmovskaya Ulitsa. (4)

Two Chechen militiamen were killed in Grozny on Sunday while pursuing rebels, who had on Friday killed Lieutenant-General Igor Shifrin, chief of the Glavspetsstroi exploitation board. (5)

The Swiss Foundation for Freedom and Human Rights on Saturday awarded its annual prize to Chechen human rights activist Zainap Gashayeva for her help of Chechen women and children who have suffered from the war. (5)

After three hours of negotiations in Tbilisi on Saturday, Valery Putov, chief of Federal Border Service for the North-Caucasus, and his Georgian counterpart, Colonel Kornely Saliya, signed a protocol on joint patrols of the Chechen stretch of the Russian-Georgian border. (5)

Ilya Abaturov, co-owner of the gay-club Central Station located in the same building as the Dubrovka theater, has applied to police regarding a robbery. (6)

A decree signed by Tatarstan's President Mintimer Shaimiyev was made public in Kazan on Friday when a government official who allegedly spoke in favor of Chechen terrorists was discharged from his post. (6)

Kommersant publishes a list of relatives of deceased Nord Ost hostages, for whom the bank accounts have been opened. (8)

The U.S. Department of Defense Sunday launched a unique project aimed at making journalists allies of the American military in case of war in Iraq. The first group of 60 journalists has arrived at the Andrews Air Force base outside Washington where they will undertake special training. (11)

The Anti-Monopoly Ministry Friday announced possible amendments to the law on protection of consumers' rights. The amendments would ban several types of multilevel marketing (MLM). If they are passed, about 50 percent of MLM companies would be outlawed. (13)

The Gruzgaz company controlled by Russia's Itera Group suspended delivery of natural gas to Tbilisi on Saturday. (13)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov Saturday signed a decree exchanging Soviet-era commercial debt into eurobonds. Russia now is only one step away from the highest credit rating it's ever had. (13, Vremya Novostei, 4)

The government has changed its tactics on conducting tax reform. (14)

The Severnaya Verf ship-building plant in St. Petersburg on Friday began to assemble the second destroyer of the 956EM project for the Chinese Navy. (15)


Presidential economic adviser Andrei Illarionov and UES deputy head Sergei Dubinin at the current Harvard Symposium on investments to Russia have launched a sharp verbal exchange on the country's need for such investments. A story describes their dispute. (A1)

LUKoil intends to sell its share in the famous international project to extract oil on the Azeri shelf. The company hopes to earn over $1.25 billion for its 10 percent in the Azeri- Chirag- Gyuneshli project. (A1 )

The Central Bank (CB) in its forecast has again raised the figure for the gold-currency reserves for the end of this year. CB First Deputy Head Oleg Vyugin on Friday stated that they may amount to $48 billion by the end of this year. (A1)

A seven-meter-high sculpture, "The Tree of Life," by artist Ernst Neizvestny will appear soon in front of the building of Moscow City Hall on Ulitsa Novy Arbat. Brief. (A1)

The volume of the financial reserve as of Oct. 1, 2002 amounted to 96.4. billion rubles. This is stated in the Financial Ministry's report. Brief. (A1 )

Electrical energy reform has stuck in the State Duma. Leaders of its centrist majority intend to put aside the final passage of the draft bills concerning UES reforms for the next year. This would mean that the creation of a competitive electrical energy market in this country is postponed for an indefinite time. (3)

Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin on Friday persuaded State Duma deputies not to take away 1.5 billion rubles from the Defense Ministry in favor of the special services. (A3 )

Is Russia ready for the inflow of private capital? Five economic and financial experts share their viewpoints on the issue. (A4)

Lev Khasis, head of the "Trading House 'Perekryostok'" board of directors, talks about his company's planned deals and about his further plans. (A5)

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

The French auto Renault company after a two-year interval has resumed the assembly of cars at Avtoframos, the joint venture with the Moscow government. Instead of Renault Megane, which was produced in 1999, Avtoframos now will assemble "Symbol." (B1 )

The Belarussian government on Friday announced that 10.83 percent of Slavneft stock controlled by the government will be put up for sale on Nov. 22. The starting price of the package is 6.3 billion rubles (about $200 million).Brief. (B1)

The Moscow Dynamo football Club has signed a sponsor agreement with Yukos, a leading domestic oil company. According to information from the Dynamo press service, Yukos will become the teams' sponsor and in the next three years will invest several million dollars in its development. (B1)

The "New Programs and Concepts" (NPK) holding is gaining back its control over the North-Western Steamship-Line. The SOTI minorities, however, have no intention of surrendering. NPK Deputy Director Andrei Dutov comments on the situation. (B2)

The American ChevronTexaco company has frozen plans to expand oil extraction on the big oil deposit Tengiz in Kazakhstan. Thus, the oil pipeline built for $2.7 billion for exporting Kazakhstan's oil via Novorossiisk may remain under-loaded. The plans to double its capacities have remained in doubt. (B2)

The Perm Regional Arbitration Court can instigate bankruptcy proceedings against Permskiye Motory, which was the demand of the Kirov Design bureau "Elektroprivod." A story details the case. (B2)

The processing systems of Visa and MasterCard over the past decade actively worked to crush their competitors production of debit cards. They tried to make the retail trading companies accept their own, more expensive, debit cards, and retailers had to put expenses onto the buyers shoulders. (B5)

The State Duma before the end of this month plans to consider a new wording of the federal Law concerning communications that radically differs from the existing one. A story examines the major differences. (B8)

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

The date and conditions of conducting an auction to sell Slavneft stakes are expected to be announced today. The starting price of the Slavneft package is $1.3 billion dollars, but buyers are likely to pay more. An article describes the upcoming auction, saying what government sources think of it. (1,4. Also covered in Vremya Novostei, 2)

Are the newly passed amendments to the law on mass media part of an overarching tendency to limit the freedom of speech in Russia or are they nothing more than authorities' reaction to aftermath of the "Nord Ost" tragic events? Four experts share their viewpoints on the issue. (1,2)

Over the past four years, electrical stations controlled by Unified Energy Systems have increased their use of gas power, as opposed to coal. Gas is cheaper, and as a result, UES has been able to improve its financial position, which has positively affected the growth of the company's capitalization on the stock market. (1, 4)

The Education Ministry last week sent out to regional education departments a preliminary outline of the content of a new optional school course called "Orthodox Culture." An article examines the program in detail. (2. Also covered in Novaya Gazeta, No. 85, p. 5)

Communist slogans during Nov. 7 holiday demonstrations may have seemed like a declaration of war to President Vladimir Putin. The Communists used to shout "Down with Kasyanov!" but now their target is the head of government, President Putin. In an interview, Communist Party deputy leader Ivan Melnikov shares his view on the party's tasks during the parliamentary election campaign. (2)

In an interview, Khabarovsk regional governor Viktor Ishayev discusses his concerns about the new leadership in China, which is a close neighbor of his region. The governor also speaks about his region's economic development and its problems. (3)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, who began his official visit to France on Sunday, will offer the French side several joint economic projects with the aim of consolidating strategic partnership with France. An article examines several such projects. (4)

An article presents an analysis of changing trends of Russia's policy toward Ukraine and Belarus. (9)

Novaya Gazeta

The newspaper conducted its own investigation to find out what state agencies are funding the war in Chechnya and how much each day of war in the republic costs the federal budget. An article concludes that as long as the military and civilian mafia has huge sums of non-budgetary money to spend on the anti-terrorist operation in the republic, the war there will continue. (1-3)

In an interview, Alexei Arbatov, spokesman for the State Duma Commission on federal budget spending on security and defense, discusses the specific features of forming a so-called "war budget," saying that the federal budget does not contain such an article. (3)

Arkhangelsk regional governor Anatoly Yefremov visited the Kotlass Pulp and Paper Combine, a leading domestic enterprise that has become a center of the corporate scandal connected to the re-division of property in the logging sector. Kotlass general director Yury Zayats told the governor about the current positive situation at the enterprise. (6)

Yury Vishnyovsky, head of the State Nuclear Surveillance Serivce, confirmed that domestic nuclear facilities are inadequately guarded. Vishnyovsky told about cases of looting uranium in Novosibirsk and Elektrostal (Moscow Region) and discusses reasons for the break-ins. (7)

The government last week approved a draft bill on currency regulation that envisages an obligatory repatriation of currency proceeds within 180 days and an obligatory sale of 30 percent of proceeds. (7)

A feature story describes the city of Kamry, a heroin center in the Tver region, where the head of the Anti-Drug Fund, was killed late last week. (8)

A feature story is devoted to Moscow homeless children, most of whom live in cellars and basements of apartment blocks and are unwilling to change their fate and lifestyle. (16,17)

Sources say that former Moscow regional deputy governor Mikhail Men quit his post due to the actions of so-called "black colonels," who have created a "military lobby" in the Moscow regional administration with their militaristic methods of work. Regional governor Boris Gromov views these "black colonels" as reliable subordinates. An article describes the situation in the administration of the Moscow region. (18)

Komsomolskaya Pravda

The year 2003 will the year of the goat, and many different goats are likely to be seen among the New Year toys sold at the numerous city fairs scheduled to open in Moscow on Nov. 20. (2)

Mother's Day, which was instituted by former President Boris Yeltsin, will be celebrated on Nov. 24. The newspaper offers an extensive program of concerts and festivals in Moscow devoted to the holiday. (3)

An article describes Crocus City Mall that opened this fall on the Moscow Ring Road. The mall hosts concerts by the best domestic jazz bands. (3

An article describes transgenic, or genetically altered, foods, which were the theme of a recent report by Pyotr Kharchenko, director of the Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, at a briefly called "Safety and Quality." The focus is that such foods are dangerous for health. (7)

Psychologist Alexei Kushnir has developed his own method of teaching children to read bypassing the standard ABC books. (17)

An article features a miniature cat that lives with Marina and Nikolai Yefremov in Moscow. The Yefremovs have created a new breed of so-called pygmy cats. (30)

There are several little-known "cursed" or "haunted" places in Moscow that are connected to tragic historic events or people's legends and traditions. An article offers 10 such places with their interesting past. (24,25)

Moskovsky Komsomolets

The Moscow city government has approved a construction project of the fourth Ring Road in the city. An article describes its specific characteristics. (1)

A draft bill has been submitted to the State Duma, the authors of which have proposed to create an analogue to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. An article features the new proposed structure. (1)