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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

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Police and football fans clashed in Oryol on Oct. 18, injuring three people and quashing any hope of implementing an unofficial pact to not use force recently signed between police and football fans. A story describes the clash. (1)

The Shestoi Kanal board of directors postponed a session to appoint a new director general. Instead, TVS editor in chief Yevgeny Kiselyov told the staff about his meeting with shareholders, focusing on acute problems they discussed. A story comments on Kiselyov's announcements. (1; Kommersant, 6; Gazeta, 1,2; Vremya Novostei, 1)

An exhibition of 32 paintings by Mark Chagall from American and German private collections has opened at the Moscow Art Center, where visitors can buy them. A story describes the event, focusing on the fate of some of the artist's works. (1)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov presided over a session in Kaliningrad on Oct. 22 that discussed transport services connecting the exclave with the rest of the Russian regions. Kasyanov also visited the military marine base in Baltiisk where a ferry port is being built. A story examines issues discussed at the session, concentrating on Russia's stance on the Kaliningrad problem. (2; Kommersant, 2; Krasnaya Zvezda, 1; Vremya Novostei, 1,2; Gazeta, 2; Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 3; Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2; Trud, 2)

Artist Zurab Tsereteli, president of the Art Academy, held an academy visiting session Tuesday in St. Petersburg, where he shared his plan for the city's upcoming jubilee festivities. The session also decided to launch a display of construction projects for the Mariinsky Theater's new building. (2; Kommersant, 20; Gazeta, 6)

The Moscow regional government Tuesday decided to lower gas tariffs for Orthodox churches and monasteries in the region. A story comments on the decision. (2)

Plesetsk Cosmodrome officials Tuesday explained the failure to launch the Soyuz-U rocket carrier on Oct. 15. A story gives details. (2; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2)

The State Duma on Tuesday heatedly discussed a draft bill concerning general education standards. A story examines several controversial provisions of the draft. (2; Kommersant, 7; Gazeta, 3; Vremya MN, 2)

Audit Chamber head Sergei Stepashin on Tuesday said his agency will soon also evaluate the efficiency of using budget money. A story reveals the essence of his statement. (2)

The Moscow government on Tuesday adopted a draft bill concerning the protection of animals. A story reveals the essence of the document, which now is to be approved by the City Duma. (2; Kommersant, 7; Noviye Izvestia, 1; Vremya Novostei, 3; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 7; MK, 1,2)

Writer Vasily Belov is celebrating its 70th birthday. A story examines his literary career and his best works. (3)

The kidnapper of American aid worker Kenneth Gluck in Chechnya was arrested Monday. Chechen Prosecutor Nikolai Kostyuchenko stated that the detainee's guilt has already been proven. (3)

Mayor Yury Luzhkov at a city government session on Tuesday harshly criticized TV programs that, in his opinion, cultivate extremism and violence in the younger generation. The session adopted a city program "Moscow on its Way to Culture." A story comments on the mayor's announcement. (3; Vremya Novostei, 3; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 11)

Emergency Situations Ministry rescuers in the Karmadon Gorge on Tuesday found the fragments of 11 bodies. A story gives details. (3; Kommersant, 6)

New details are reported about American police efforts to catch the Washington sniper, who killed a 40-year-old bus driver Tuesday morning. (3; Kommersant, 11; Gazeta, 5, 9; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 2)

The U.S. government on Tuesday proposed a new draft of the UN resolution on Iraq, and its fate now largely depends on Russia. A story examines the document, reflecting on Russia's possible response in light of this new resolution. (4; Kommersant, 10; Noviye Izvestia, 3; Vremya Novostei, 1; Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 6; Krasnaya Zvezda, 3; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 5)

The Forum of the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation is expected to open tomorrow in Mexico. President Vladimir Putin will attend it and also visit Portugal and Germany. In an interview, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Denisov talks about the forum's agenda, saying what Russia could expect from it. (4; Vremya MN, 7; Vremya Novostei, 4)

The Yelabuga auto plant in Tatarstan on Tuesday began to make Belarus-1221 tractors under license from the Minsk Tractor Plant. A story examines the project. (6)

Transneft has suspended its deliveries to the Moscow oil refinery due to the Moscow Oil Company's and Sibneft's struggle for control over the refinery. A story examines the tense situation in and around the refinery. (6; Gazeta, 11; Vremya Novostei, 5)

Yevgeny Varshavsky, deputy general director of Russky Ugol (controlled by Mezhprombank), stated that his company plans to build jointly with the Antonovsky Iron Ore Board a $100 million plant to make ferroalloys. A story examines factors that have caused Varshavsky's statement. (6)

Experts, despite the absence of global upheavals in the domestic financial system, predict a banking crisis. What has caused their predictions? A story looks at several factors. Nine bankers share their views on the issue. (9)


Gazprom deputy head Alexander Ryazanov on Tuesday told the leaders of the Belarussian fuel and energy complex that Belarus might be left without gas this winter. A story explains the reason for Ryazanov's statement. (1)

President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin on Tuesday met with Energy Minister Igor Yusufov to listen to his report on results of activities of the fuel-energy complex in the nine months of this year. A weak point was the coal industry. A story features the situation in the sector. (2)

Gazprom head Alexei Miller and Vneshtorgbank President Andrei Kostin on Tuesday signed an agreement on strategic cooperation in the financial, credit and international spheres. A story comments on the document. (2)

Gennady Seleznyov, speaker of the State Duma, on Tuesday completed his visit to Moldova, where he met with leaders of the Moldovan parliamentary factions. A story examines results of his negotiations with them. (2; Vremya Novostei, 4)

The State Council Presidium on Tuesday approved a concept for reforming the system of local government, and on Wednesday the State Council will consider a draft bill concerning the general principles of local government, after which the president is expected to submit it to the State Duma. Sergei Sobyanin, head of the Duma working group, and Oleg Sysuyev, chairman of the municipal structures congress, are discussing the strong and weak points of the draft bill. (3; Vremya Novostei, 2; Vremya MN, 2)

Central Election Commission head Alexander Veshnyakov on Tuesday visited the State Duma with the aim of informing deputies from the Unity, Fatherland-All Russia and People's Deputy Group factions of new provisions of draft bills concerning presidential elections and elections of Duma deputies. A story examines what Veshnyakov told the deputies. (4)

Gubernatorial elections in the Taimyr Autonomous Area are to be scheduled for Jan. 26, 2003, the local Duma decided on Tuesday. (4)

A reliable source in the Kremlin administration Tuesday stated that conflicting Kremlin groups have reached a compromise -- Kalmykia's Interior Minister Timofei Sasykov will resign, and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov will not be removed from the elections. A story describes the present situation. (4)

The pro-presidential youth organization Moving Together on Tuesday visited the Lenin Mausoleum to honor the 85th anniversary of the publication of one of the Communist leader's works. A story comments on the act. (7; Komsomolskaya Pravda, 6)

Stavropolye authorities have to resolve an acute problem -- what locals who suffered from the June floods and who have moved to new houses will eat this winter. A story examines several factors that have caused such concerns. (8)

Ukraine's former Prime Minister Viktor Yushchenko, leader of the Our Ukraine bloc, arrived in Moscow on Tuesday. A story looks at the aim of his visit. (9)

The Razgulyai-UKRROS Group, a leader on the domestic agricultural market, is marking its 10th anniversary. In an interview, its President Igor Potapenko talks about his profit-making company, its relations with the National Reserve Bank and its projects and plans. (11)

The Guild of Investment and Financial Analysts together with surveillance agencies and market participants has drafted a code of professional ethics for investment analysts. A story looks at the document, stressing its expediency. (13)

Labor Minister Alexander Pochinok at a Tuesday session devoted to issues concerning informing the public about pension reform said the $1.5 million contract on PR backing for reform signed by his ministry and the Mikhailov and Partners agency has been suspended. A story reveals the essence of his statement. (13)

The Export Credit Guaranteeing Department of Britain will resume insuring political risks for British companies doing business on the Russian market. A story comments on the department's decision. (13)

The Pharmaceutical Network 36.6 on Tuesday announced its intention to enter the stock market. ING Investment Banking has been appointed its financial consultant. (13, 20)


Oleg Deripaska, a co-owner of Russian Aluminum and Bazovy Element, or Bazel, and the Irkutsk Aviation-Production Association, or IAPO, decided to integrate into the world aircraft-building industry and also to take part in Rosaviakosmos's tender for the right to design a regional plane. Bazel and IAPO have also made a bid to buy the assets of the German Fairchild Dornier company, which specializes in making the regional plane. (A1)

The chances to quickly modernize the domestic economy are slipping away. Former Economics Minister Yevgeny Yasin believes this is because the state is applying twice as much pressure as is needed. And in defiance of government reformers' assurances, this burden over the past three years has been increasing. (A1)

The Finance Ministry has drafted a more liberal bill on currency regulation. Its latest draft that was submitted to the government on Tuesday proposes providing the Central Bank and the Cabinet with the right to limit any basic operations and to suspend them for six months. Entrepreneurs dislike the draft. (A1)

Winter preparation measures this year have been allocated a mere 33.5 billion rubles ($1.05 billion), although the necessary figure is 74 billion rubles, First Deputy Gosstroi Chairman Sergei Kruglik stated. Brief. (A1)

The G-8 countries are willing to allocate $15 billion to implement a $20 billion program to destroy Russian nuclear and chemical weapons, as endorsed at the summit in Canada. (A2)

Production in the aviation sector in the first half of this year increased by 43.5 percent due to major orders from China and India. The situation in other sectors of the defense industry is rather pessimistic. A story gives facts and figures to illustrate the point. (A3)

The USA's decision to impose 30 percent steel and steel product import duties in May has caused a chain reaction throughout the world. Russian metals companies bear no grudge against U.S. President George W. Bush, as they have only benefited from the price growth on the American market. (A3)

The Federal Energy Commission intends to propose to raise tariffs on railway services by 13.8 percent, while the figure proposed by the Economic Development and Trade Ministry is 12 percent. (A3)

The M. Video company this year has announced its intention to become a leader in selling everyday electronic appliances among the Moscow-related networks. In the first half of this year the company achieved this, but next year it may lose its leading place due to the appearance in Moscow of the Eldorado company previously only operated in the regions. In an interview, M. Video founder Alexander Tynkovan talks about his company, its plans and about the situation on the market. (A5)

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

The Moscow oil refinery may stop production, because it has no crude oil to refine. Experts, however, believe that its stoppage will not affect oil prices in the city. (B1)

Ivan Kostin, who in April quit the post of KamAZ general director, now heads a defense enterprise -- Motovilikhinskiye Zavody in Perm. A story features this company and Kostin's new job. (B1)

MDM-Bank and Alfa-Bank intend before the year-end to release eurobonds. Analysts believe that now would be a favorable time, since the demand for the Russian debt instruments has begun to grow. (B1)

Gazprom and Surgutneftegaz have signed a cooperation agreement on implementing joint projects to develop oil deposits. The brief names several such projects. (B1)

The Audit Chamber intends to check up the financial activities of Mezhregiongaz in the past two years. Several industrial enterprises have registered complaints against the company to the Audit Chamber. The brief looks at the complaint. (B1)

During a check on KamAZ economic and financial activities in April-May, the Audit Chamber found several violations, where KamAZ's debts to Rosrezerv were written off. The brief looks at the violations. (B1)

ALROSA intends to launch the second joint venture to extract diamonds in Angola. ALROSA's partners will be the Angolan Endiama company and the Portugese Espirito Santo Group financial group. (B2)

The Bipek-Avto plant in Kazakhstan on Dec.15 plans to launch the production of Niva VAZ-21213 cars. (B2)

The Voronezh joint-stock aircraft-building company, the Ilyushin Inter-Governmental Aviation Corp. and the Ilyushin aviation complex will be merged into the Ilyushin Corp. holding before March 1, 2003. Brief. (B2)

Aeroflot leaders on Tuesday told journalists about how their company will gain from the upcoming restructuring of their Western planes. (B2)

Nezavisimaya Gazeta

A religious scandal has broken out in the heart of Orthodox Russia near the Trinity-Sergiyev Lavra. The national-patriotic organization "The Union of Orthodox Citizens" has written to Moscow regional governor Boris Gromov asking him to suspend the construction of a mosque in Sergiyev Posad. A story describes the scandal and the content of the letter. (1,4)

Former Economics Minister Professor Yevgeny Yasin, scientific leader of the Higher School of Economics and Expert institute, presented an experts' report Tuesday that provides a clear-cut answer to the question: Does Russia have reserves to lower state expenditure? The report convinced Yasin that there are lots of such reserves. A story examines the major ones. (1, 3, Noviye Izvestia, 1,5)

The State Duma tomorrow is expected to back the government variant of the draft bill concerning federal housing policy, which means that the State Duma will agree in principle with the Cabinet's concept on reforming the housing-utility sector. A story examines the major provisions of the draft. (2)

Georgia's President Eduard Shevardnadze has confessed that terrorists (or al-Qaida militants) found shelter in the Pankisi Gorge. It became clear after he instructed his special services to resume a hunting operation in the gorge to catch them. A story comments on Shevardnadze's statement. (5)

The Belarussian National Academy of Sciences has found a new way to increase budget revenues: NAS President Mikhail Myasnikovich proposed legalizing compensations to be paid to the Belarussian budget by states where Belarussian scientists work. A story comments on the proposal. (5)

Kazakh copper corporation Kazakhmys has offered to invest in developing the Udokan copper deposit in Russia. A story features the Kazakh corporation, focusing on its proposal. (7)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov will preside over a special government session tomorrow that will preliminarily consider two basic draft bills; one concerning hard currency regulation and one guaranteeing of the individual deposit insurance. A story examines the documents. (1)

In an interview Vladimir Sokolin, chairman of the State Statistics Committee, shares his impressions of the recent census, focusing on its specific features. (1, 9, 10)

Recent explosions of military ammunition warehouses have been frequent from Moscow to Vladivostok. The newspaper's Experts Council explains the reason. (1, 4)

Russia will switch over to winter time next Sunday, Oct. 27. Why is it so necessary and does this measure affect human health? A story gives experts' views. (4)

The government has signed a decree on state-controlled grain purchases. In an interview Arkady Zlochevsky, president of the Russian Grain Union, comments on the government measure. (5)

More than 400,000 Russians live in Estonia, where authorities are violating their human rights. And what is Russia's reaction? What does it do to defend its citizens? A story tries to answer these questions. (6)

President Vladimir Putin and German Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder agreed to hold a working session in Berlin on Oct. 24 before the EU summit in Brussels the same day. What will the two state leaders discuss? (In an interview Germany's ambassador to Russia, Hans-Friedrich von Pletz, answers this and other questions. (7)

Document. The government decree on conducting state-controlled purchase interventions in 2002-2003 for regulating the domestic grain market. Full text. (9)

Document. The Central Bank Instruction. Concerning Rules of Releasing and Registering Securities by the Credit Organizations in Russia. Full text. (12-15)

Noviye Izvestia

Unified Energy Systems head Anatoly Chubais, a major founder of TVS from the entrepreneurs' community, is lobbying for the appointment of Alfred Kokh to the post of the television company's director-general. A story describes their long-standing friendship. (1,2)

The Justice Ministry registered Tuesday the Russian United Industrial Party (ROPP). Its program of boosting the economy has caused a lively interest among economists and policy-makers. Brief. (1)

The Khamovnichesky District Court in Moscow Tuesday summed up results of its drawn-out hearings on journalist Grigory Pasko's suit against the Japanese television company NHK. A story reveals the essence of the suit and the court's decisions on it. (1,2)

Argumenty i Fakty

In an interview highly-regarded filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky, whose film "The Mad House" has been picked as a nominee in the competition for the American Motion Picture Association's annual Oscar for the best foreign film, talks about his brainchild and its message. (3)

The newspaper offers a map showing what city facilities are polluting the environment. Moskva Supplement. (5)

The AIF Supplement "Znak Kachestva" (The Sign of Quality) is devoted to pasta with Oct. 25 to be celebrated as World Pasta Day. (1,4)

Komsomolskaya Pravda

The ferry-boat that belonged to the Caspian Sea Steamship-Line sank with a 43-member crew and 8 passengers on board on Oct. 20 approximately 100 kilometers from Baku. A story gives details. (3)

The First International Conference of Rabbis under the aegis of the Euro-Asian European Congress has opened in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. A story describes the event, its program, participants and sponsors. (4)

A story features an international tour by Viktor Yushchenko, leader of the Ukrainian opposition bloc "Our Ukraine." Russia is willing to support Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma, but it's also willing to cooperate with a possible successor. (4)

The Federal Insolvency Law took effect 4 years ago. A story examines its weak points, citing the example of one enterprise. (7)

A feature story is devoted to the nuns living in the Ibsky Convent according to all strict rules and religious canons. (8,9)

Russian regions are opening in Moscow. The European-style major renovation of their posh permanent representation offices and their employees' salaries are paid by taxpayers. A story describes several such offices. (10)

Rumors about the current crisis at the Volzhsky auto plant AvtoVAZ have been strongly exaggerated. In an interview its marketing chief Alexei Borisoglebsky explains why the plant leadership has to suspend production for 2 weeks, starting Oct. 26. (14)

Despite Mayor Yury Luzhkov's order to renovate the public toilets in the city, they have remained in a horrible state. A story offers concrete facts to illustrate the point. (17)