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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Bar's Bouncers Accused of Beating Customers

Celebrations turned sour for a party of five at Doug & Marty's Boar House after they say they were thrown out and set upon by the bouncers, leaving one young American woman with a black eye, two others with bruises and the two men bloodied.

"I was just punched in the eye by a Boar House bouncer," Polly, an American copy editor, wrote on the web site early Friday morning. She did not give her surname.

"Our clothes are ruined and covered in blood, thanks to the bouncers. They nearly broke my boyfriend's nose and I now have a black eye," she wrote. The friends had been at the bar Thursday night celebrating her boyfriend, Mikhail, receiving a visa to the United States.

Boar House owner Doug Steele said Monday he would investigate Polly's claims. "If evidence is proved they whacked Polly, if my security are wrong, I'll fire them all," he said. "There's no excuse to hit a woman in any circumstances."

Steele said his bouncers are strictly told not to touch foreigners, although Russians can be hit. "I suspect that at the end of the day I'll sack these guys," he said, adding that there had been trouble before.

Polly and Mikhail, both in their mid-20s, are now on vacation in the United States and could not be contacted Monday. Polly's claims, though, were backed up by the two American women in her party, Megan and Sasha, who also asked that their surnames not be used.

"I'm from New York," Sasha, 22, said in an interview Monday. "But I've never seen a bouncer hit three girls in a row."

The problems began, the women said, when some prostitutes sat down at their table and began coming on to Mikhail and Sasha's boyfriend, Sergei. After being told to go away, one of the prostitutes took offense and pulled Sasha's hair.

The bouncers intervened and chose to throw out the customers rather than the prostitutes, Sasha said.

"The next thing I know Misha has his face covered in blood and these big bouncers are whaling on her [Polly]," said Sasha, who said she was hit as well.

"The bouncers start to beat up the guys, we try to pull the guys away, and they start hitting Polly," said Megan, also 22. "The boys and Polly were both covered in blood." Megan said she ached for the whole weekend after being hit.

"I've got about five different versions of this event," Steele said. Other witnesses, he said, told him that one of the men in the party had slapped a Russian girl, and the security guards said one of the men was waving a bottle of beer aggressively. Megan and Sasha acknowledged that the two men in their party were drunk.

Steele showed The Moscow Times and Megan the security video from that night, but it is inconclusive. The video shows the group of five in the foyer of the club.

A scuffle breaks out between the two men and the security guards, and although it is difficult to tell who hits whom first, it is possible that it is Mikhail striking one of the guards in the face.

"This boyfriend slapped a guy," Steele said.

On the video, Polly attempts to separate them, but then the action disappears outside the club.

The police turned up at the club, according to Steele, but the group of friends had already left.

The five friends went on their own to the local police station, No. 46, but they said the police refused to accept a complaint and told them to go home.

"We're not going to do anything," a police officer said, according to Sasha. "The police said, 'Just get your boyfriend out of here.'"

The police also hinted that they had an arrangement with the Boar House and a complaint would do little good, she said.

The desk officer at the 46th denied on Monday that his station has any monetary relationship with the bar. "They were drunk," said the officer, who refused to give his name. "We told them to come back the next day."

Steele also denied any relationship with the local police.

"They were just too lazy to get up and do it," he said.

"Every now and again they [the police] come and extort $200 every few months for some ridiculous reason, especially at Christmas time," said Steele. "We have no relationship with them."