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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

Ice to Make Life Slippery For the Next 4 to 5 Days

MTA municipal worker pouring gravel on an icy sidewalk to make it less treacherous.
Muscovites face another few days of slippery streets and sidewalks as temperatures drop below zero after a brief thaw, weather forecasters said Tuesday.

Roman Vilfand, director of the Hydrometeorological Center, said that after Tuesday's thaw, meteorologists are expecting temperatures in Moscow to drop below zero Wednesday and continue to fall over the next four or five days to minus 13 degrees to minus 15 degrees Celsius at night and minus 8 to minus 10 degrees in the day.

"There will indeed be lots of ice on the roads, both when the zero mark is passed on the way up and on the way down," Vilfand said in a telephone interview Tuesday.

Conditions have been hazardous over the past couple of days, with more than 200 people seeking medical help after falling down in the streets Monday. This was almost 10 times more than the winter average, Interfax quoted medical administrators as saying.

On Monday, City Hall sent out some 800 special vehicles to dispense ice-melting liquids and powders on major roads -- but this did not help those using smaller roads and sidewalks.

"Our yard was like a mirror on Monday," said Tatyana Zheleznikova, a musician who slipped but luckily was not badly hurt. "You could have skated on it -- even my dog slipped and fell."

Zheleznikova called her apartment block's housing services to ask them about clearing the ice, but was told that the sweeper had a day off. Her frustrations looked set to continue.

"Today everything melted down," Zheleznikova said Tuesday. "But tomorrow they say it will freeze again. What a silly winter!"

However, Vilfand said there was nothing unusual about the seasonal conditions and that people should stop worrying about them. "One should enjoy life in any weather," he said. "We like to complain about the weather, but in fact, we just blame our bad mood or other problems on it."

Elsewhere, strong winds cut power lines and felled trees Tuesday in the western enclave of Kaliningrad, killing two people when a tree fell on their car, The Associated Press reported.

Water was also rising above flood levels, raising the threat of flooding at a factory that is a key source of heat for residents, and there was also a risk of flooding in the city itself.