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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press



Noviye Izvestia

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

Krasnaya Zvezda


Komomolskaya Pravda

Moskovsky Komsomolets


The 10 percent value-added tax on medicines took effect on Jan. 1. The story describes the year-long disagreement over this tax, focusing on the current tense situation the tax has caused in many pharmacies. Three experts share their viewpoints on the measure.

Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso was expected in Moscow Sunday for the first state visit to Russia by a Brazilian head of state. In an interview, Cardoso talks about his forthcoming negotiations with President Vladimir Putin, focusing on prospects of his country's military-technical cooperation with Russia.

The Moscow Regional Court on Monday will launch hearings of a criminal case against Major General Boris Fadeyev, former deputy chief of the Interior Department of the Moscow region, Major Igor Tikhonov, former chief of the Podolsk OMON troops, and Mikhail Levchenko, former leader of a group of the Interior Ministry's troops in Chechnya. All are accused of carelessness stemming from the death of several civilians during their tours in Chechnya. The story gives details.

In an interview, Alexander Lyubimov, producer of ORT Television's popular program "The Last Hero," talks about this TV hit.

The Supreme Arbitration Court's presidium ordered the liquidation of the TV 6 channel to proceed, declaring it to have officially begun on Nov. 27. The ruling overturns an earlier decision that declared TV 6's liquidation illegal. The story comments on the verdict and the chances for TV 6 management to save the company.

U.S. State Department representative Richard Boucher on Friday accused Russian troops in Chechnya of an disproportional use of force against civilian facilities and of continuing violations of human rights. The story examines his accusations, and there experts in international affairs also comment.

President Vladimir Putin Friday signed an anti-terror decree concerning measures aimed at putting into effect the UN Resolution of Sept. 28, 2001. This document confirms Russia's obligations as the West's ally and its willingness to severely punish those sources inside Russia that are providing funds to terrorists.

American astronomers have discovered the first planet outside the Solar System. The planet is located at the distance of 100 light years from the Earth near the star Yota. The story describes the discovery.

Moscow police Wednesday detained five Ingush men who are accused of attacking owners of foreign cars. Police say they are suspected of attacking writer Mikhail Zhvanetsky last week and stealing his Mercedes. In an interview, Zhvanetsky describes the incident.

Vyacheslav Sheremet, head of the SIBUR board of directors, was released from prison Friday on the condition that he not leave Moscow. And SIBUR director Yakov Goldovsky and vice president Yevgeny Koshits will remain in a pre-trial detention center, though no indictment has been brought against them. The story gives details about their case.

Novosibirsk prosecutor Yury Kondratyev, who is monitoring the criminal case on organizing an attempt upon the life of Kemerovo Governor Aman Tuleyev, said Friday that a subpoena had been served to four-time Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov. The story describes the reaction of Tikhonov, who has found himself in the German city Oberhof.

Hockey star Pavel Bure is likely to miss the Olympics in Salt Lake City. The Russian star, who plays with the NHL's Florida Panthers, broke his arm in NHL action recently. The Russian national team will play its first Olympic game on Feb. 15.

Interior Ministry officials have disclosed a source of the illegal funneling abroad of huge sums of money.

Prominent physicist Igor Glebov died in a St. Petersburg hospital Friday after being attacked by a group of bandits on Jan. 4. Glebov, the director of the Research Institute of Electrical Machinery, was 88.

Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov Friday introduced to the public St. Petersburg native Lyudmila Fomichova as his mass media aide. The story describes her journalistic career.

The newly-elected president of the Republic of Altai, Mikhail Lapshin, former State Duma deputy, Friday revealed his plans to revive his region's economy.

Employees at the U.S.-based Andersen auditing firm have destroyed part of the documents of the Enron energy company, the bankruptcy circumstances of which are being investigated by the American government.

The single European currency, the euro, has been winning ever more supporters. The brief mentions some of them.

The American Ford Motor Company Friday announced its intention to sack 35,000 employees, close five enterprises before the end of this decade and suspend this year the assembly of four auto makes.

Maxim Dyomin, financial consultant for Tatneft, revealed Friday the company's plan to borrow on the foreign market, which may happen in the second half of this year. The story examines the plan.

The story describes a new aviation project by Japan's Mitsubishi.

A very serious political scandal in Washington with unpredictable consequences has been caused by the bankruptcy case against the Enron Corporation trading in electricity and natural gas. The story gives details.


The story gives details of a pre-election scandal that has erupted in North Ossetia, where the presidential elections are scheduled for Jan. 27. The local election commission on Friday should have annulled the registration of candidate Sergei Khetagurov, but failed to do it.

In an interview, TV 6 major shareholder Boris Berezovsky, who controls 75 percent of stock of the Moscow Independent Broadcasting Corporation TV 6 Moskva, gives new details of the development of the situation around the authorities push to close down the company.

The Federation Council at its first session scheduled for Jan. 16 is expected to discuss a new scheme of time limits in its work. This was stated Friday by deputy head of the FC Time-Limit Commission Nikolai Tulayev. The story examines the new scheme.

Belarusssian President Alexander Lukashenko Friday signed a directive concerning the creation of information groups, a copy of the Soviet-style political education groups. The story reveals the essence of the directive.

Azeri opposition parties Friday decided to create a United Movement of Opposition Parties of Azerbaijan that will coordinate a struggle against President Geidar Aliyev. The movement has been initiated by the leading opposition party Musavat. The story examines its functions and tasks.

The European Commission has decreased the limits on imports of Russian steel to Europe and also to limit the import of several steel trademarks.. The direct loss to Russia from such a step will amount to $100 million. The main negotiator on this issue is the Economic Development and Trade Ministry, which hopes to regulate this problem at its negotiations with the EU scheduled for Jan. 14.

Sakhaneftegaz on Friday appealed to the Nature Ministry with a request to defer the payment of the regional part of the bonus that it should pay out for the Talakanskoye oil and gas deposit. If the ministry refuses to defer, Sakhaneftegaz and its partner Yukos will lose control over the deposit in a couple of days already.

Officials in Kiev on Friday announced the beginning of a special investigation in relation to the import of new Russian autos with an engine volume of 1,000-1,500 cubic centimeters. This means that the export of Russian-made Zhiguli and Oka cars could be limited in the future as a move to help Ukrainian producer AvtoZAZ minimize losses.

Vertu, the new subsidiary of Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia, announced plans to make designer cellular phones, including models decorated with precious stones aimed at wealthy Russians.

Kazakhstan's parliament Friday launched hearings on negative effects of missile launches from Baikonur Cosmodrome on the population's health and on the natural environment. The story examines the Kazakh legislators' intention to change the existing laws, making Russia pay more money for the exploitation of the cosmodrome.

The Prosecutor General's Office on Saturday marked its 280th anniversary. Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov Thursday told journalists about the office's achievements and his aide, Vladimir Kolesnikov, spoke about solving new criminal cases.

The story describes the emergency situation in Temryuk city and region that has been caused by flooding of the Kuban River.

The SBS-Agro Bank shareholders' extraordinary meeting on Friday introduced amendments to the bank's Charter. The brief mentions some of them.

Noviye Izvestia

Bashkiria's parliament intends to pass a draft bill concerning free annual dental examinations for all republic citizens. Bashkir legislators are sure that through this bill they have shown to their Russian counterparts how to take care in practice about the nation's health.

Sergei Pashin, a professor of law at the Moscow Institute of Economics, Politics and Law, looks at a draft bill that would place civil and criminal responsibility on convicted terrorists and request them to compensate the families of their victims.

Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov Friday shared his negative view on the latest court verdict in relation to military journalist Grigory Pasko, who was declared guilty of high treason.

The story examines several forecasts of world oil prices this year, noting that over the first two weeks of this year, world oil prices are in the state that can be called as a "stable instability."

A story looks at U.S. reaction to the introduction of Europe's single currency, the euro.

The Moscow government decided to install water meters in new apartment blocks and to raise water bills. The story comments on the decision.

The story describes the official ceremonial dress and sport uniforms for the Russian Olympic team.

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

In an interview, Russian computer software operator Dmitry Sklyarov, released from prison this week after being arrested in the United States last year on charges of violating Copyright Law, talks about efforts made by Russian authorities to release him.

French President Jacques Chirac Friday invited President Vladimir Putin to visit France. The one-day working visit will take place on Jan. 15. The story looks at circumstances that have prompted this unexpected invitation.

The cost of the Railways Ministry's investment program in 2002 will drop to 93 billion rubles, down from 160 billion rubles last year. This decision was made on Thursday by a government commission headed by Deputy Prime Minister Ilya Klebanov. The story comments on the decision, focusing on the new variant of the program.

Article 6 of the Federal Law concerning limiting tobacco smoking will take effect on Jan. 14, exactly six months after it was published in RG. The story describes how it will change smokers' lives.

The full text of several federal laws, including those on the environmental protection, social benefits to citizens who have suffered from radioactive exposure, and digital signatures, are printed in the newspaper.

Krasnaya Zvezda

The story focuses on education centers that offer free services to servicemen who want to be trained for a number of civilian occupations.

Few people know about the existence of the Pipeline Troops of the Defense Ministry's Fuel Service. In an interview, Major General Gennady Ocheretin, chief of the rocket fuel central board of the Defense Ministry, talks about the origin of these troops, their duties and tasks.

Colonel Damir Khairullin talks about domestic military schools training the land troops.

In an interview, Vladimir Pospelov, director general of the Russian Ship-Building Agency, talks about his agency's participation in resolving problems facing the defense enterprises.


Ophthalmologists at the Ufa Eye Surgery Center perform unique operations on children to replace the crystalline lens. The story describes such a 30-minute eye surgery.

President Vladimir Putin, in a tough form demanded from the government that it report about reasons behind electricity and heating shortages in several regions. As Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov now is on holiday in Slovenia, Putin met with his deputy Viktor Khristenko to discuss the acute heating problem. Khristenko was asked in a month's time to resolve the problem.

The Civil Forum, the need for which was widely discussed, has taken place at last. What's next? Sergei Markov, director of the Institute of Political Studies, tries to answer this question.

A Russian masterpiece, "Hay-Mowing," by artist Alexei Venetsianov has come back home. The painting for many years was kept in Britain. The story describes how its return has become possible.

Komomolskaya Pravda

Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov has submitted to the State Duma a draft bill on passing over several of the capital's functions to St. Petersburg. Mironov's proposals have rekindled debate on the possibility of moving the Russian capital city from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Eleven policy-makers, economists, writers, military commanders, actors and composers answer the following question: Where would you move the capital city?

Not long before New Year's eve, Moscow authorities adopted an interesting procedure of registering all mares and stallions in the city. According to the new rule, not only organizations but private horse owners will be registered. The story describes the aim of the measure.

In an interview, Senator Vadim Gustov, head of the Federation Council Committee on CIS Affairs, examines upcoming structural changes in the Federation Council.

Moskovsky Komsomolets

Federation Council deputies living in hotels now are likely to move to a new posh 13- story brick apartment block in Kuntsevo soon. The story describes a typical 3-room apartment.

A monastery will appear on the territory of the patriarchal town residence in the Peredelkino settlement where Patriarch Alexy II's residence will be located. Moscow city authorities have approved proposals on its construction project.

The Tax Ministry has offered two unique programs aimed at making the procedure of filling in incomes declarations as simple as possible. The story reveals their essence focusing on how they differ from each other.

The story describes an unusual cemetery in Tsarskoye Selo, on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, where many famous royal horses are buried.

The story looks at the increased number of road accidents in 2001.