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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press



Noviye Izvestia

Novaya Gazeta

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

Komomolskaya Pravda

Moskovsky Komsomolets



President Vladimir Putin's promise to increase wages for certain workers took effect on Dec. 1, 2001. The policy has been poorly implemented as in reality, most teachers and doctors have been disappointed. As an example the story describes the poverty-stricken family of a female doctor in Kemerovo.The Finance Ministry commented on the situation. (1, 2,12)

The bankruptcy of the Enron energy corporation could cause a big scandal involving senior members of the US Republican Administration. The FBI Wednesday raided the Enron offices in Houston in search of documents. The story gives details. (1)

The 3rd Rakhmaninov International Contest of Pianists opened in Moscow on Wednesday. The story describes its program, participants and the jury. (1, Kommersant Daily, 13)

Eighteen-year-old Ukrainian Ruslan Ponomaryov Wednesday became the youngest world chess champion in chess history. The story describes his victory (1, Kommersant Daily, 1,3 , Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 12, Vremya MN, 8, Vremya Novostei, 1, 11, Gazeta, 3)

Ten experts out of the 12 members of the Moscow City Duma's Monumental Art Commission Wednesday voted against a new sculpture "The Tree of Life " by artist Ernst Neizvestny who offered it as his gift to Moscow. (2)

The Moscow government Tuesday adopted a program aimed at making young people more patriotic. The story examines the document, focusing on Mayor Yury Luzhkov's remarks. (2)

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov Wednesday signed a decree on re-registering all autos using special sound and light signals. According to the document, 432 such autos used by government officials and 300 belonging to police will lose these signals. The story comments on the document. (2, Kommersant Daily, 2, Vremya Novostei, 4, Gazeta, 1 )

Emergency Situations Minister Sergei Shoigu Wednesday arrived in Anapa with the aim of assessing the damage inflicted by the flooding in Kuban. After his visit, Shoigu will ask the government for budget loans to be allocated to this region. (2)

In an interview "Za Steklom" program Director Andrei Prasolov talks about the future fate of the project and its participants. (3, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 3)

The State Duma Wednesday made an attempt to influence the current conflict around the TV6 company. Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian delegation for the PACE session, Wednesday accused Boris Berezovsky , Vladimir Gusinsky and the TV6 staff of the shutdown of the channel. (3, Kommersant Daily , 2, Gazeta, 1,3, Vremya MN, 3, Vremya Novostei, 4, Nesavisimaya Gazeta, 1,2 )

A conference "How to Conduct an Effective Anti-Trafficking Information Campaign" opened in Moscow on Wednesday. The US International Development Agency financially supports a program with the aim of combating the illegal export of women and children for sexual exploitation. (3, Kommersant Daily, 9)

A story describes a big collection of parasites at the Stavropol Anti- Plague Research Center that is used in various biological and medical experiments. (3)

President Vladimir Putin Wednesday adopted the State Program of Arming the Russian Army up until 2010 that is a core of the Plan to reform the Armed Forces. The story examines the document. (Kommersant Daily, 2, Vremya Novostei, 2, Gazeta, 1)

A story describes several latest unexpected developments at the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) that have caused sensations and a scandal . (4, Vremya Novostei, 2, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, 2, Trud, 3)

The government is expected today to make the final decision on increasing tariffs of the natural monopolies. The story examines this controversial issue, focusing on the proposal made by Economic Development Minister German Gref. (5, Kommersant Daily, 1)

In an interview Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Sharonov reports on how the rules of setting prices of the natural monopolies' services will be changed soon. (5)

The government today is reported to be discussing and most likely to adopt the investment program of the Railways Ministry in 2002. Analysts suppose that that it will be a political decision. The story says why. (5)

President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov Wednesday discussed a list of priority draft bills to be submitted to the State Duma for consideration. Brief. (5)

Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko Wednesday held a session of the government production sharing agreements (PSA) commission to discuss draft agreements with new authorized PSA companies. Brief. (5, Kommersant Daily, 4)

The Open Sky Aviation Alliance comprising of nine regional airlines Wednesday summed up the first results of its work . Brief. (5)

The Inter-Departmental Commission on Social and Economic Problems Jan. 31 is to decide how Rostovugol will be led out of the crisis. The story examines several possible options. (6)

A story tries to persuade the public why it's more profitable and reliable today to invest money in than to keep it in bank accounts. (6)

The Izvestia Supplement is devoted to Azerbaijan that is a politically and economically independent state, the political independence of which is ensured by a steady economic growth. (7, 8)


The Federal Securities Commission Wednesday made the decision to annul an additional stock issue by Pallada Asset Management that was conducted in 1998. The story examines what stands behind it. (1,4)

A wide-scale operation to oust organized criminal groups from the AvtoVAZ's plants territory is to be launched at the end of January or in the beginning of February. The story describes the essence of the operation. (1,3)

Businessman Sergei Pugachov has given up his banking business, quiting the post of chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Industrial Bank. Pugachov, once the most influential banker in Russia, will now be able to focus completely on politics. (1)

The Comprehensive Commission headed by Chief Commander Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov Wednesday completed its checks of the Pacific Fleet. Though the results are positive, the Fleet will not be able to avoid serious reform. (2)

President Vladimir Putin through his decree Wednesday appointed Vice- Admiral Mikhail Motsak First Deputy presidential representative in the North-Western Federal District . The story examines the appointment. (2)

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (UIE ) Wednesday created a Committee on International Affairs. The story commenting on the new structure views it as UIE head Arkady Volsky's own " foreign ministry." (4)

The Moscow Construction Investment Program Department Wednesday announced its plans on the uninhabitated premises market . The story examines the department's powers in this sphere. (4)

First deputy head of the Tyumen Oil Company (TNK) Wednesday talked about results of the consolidation of the company's assets. From now on, TNK owns all shares of its extracting enterprises, and 97 percent of stock of TNK, as it has turned out, belongs to the TNK-International firm. (5)

Most Bank external manager Andrei Intse stated Wednesday that private depositors will be able to withdrawl funds in February. The story examines the decision. (5)

The state-owned Transneft company plans to open its mission in Lithuania. The brief states the aim. (5)

What does the domestic stock market lack ? Eleven experts share their views on the issue. (8)

Belarus has refused to issue an entry visa to Hans Georg Wiek, former head of the OSCE consular-overseeing group. Official authorities have refused to comment on this act. (11)

A working meeting of five Caspian states opened in Moscow on Wednesday to discuss the status of the Caspian Sea. The story examines the meeting's agenda. (11 )

Noviye Izvestia

Mayor Yury Luzhkov on Dec. 27 signed a decree, no.1162RM, on providing a 50 percent discount on utility and housing bills for Moscow state employees. A story comments on the document, saying which employees have benefited from the measure. (1,4)

On the eve of Tatyana's Day, Jan. 25, the ROMIR independent Public Opinion Study Center took a poll among students to see whether or not it is more difficult to be a student today than in Soviet times. Seventy percent of respondents answered that it is more difficult. A story offers other results of the poll. (1)

Freedom of speech and an offensive on the Russian mass media can become a new point of contention between the Council of Europe and Moscow. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe that is now discussing the Chechen conflict, has not made so far any official statements concerning the fate of the TV6 television channel. But PACE deputies do not conceal their serious concern about the fate of Russian mass media. (1)

Novaya Gazeta

A story examines the first victims of the inflation "shock" that was inflicted on the people by the government and the State Duma early this year. The victims were those who needed medications that, starting Jan. 1 this year, have gone up in price by 20 percent to 25 percent. (1,6)

Why does Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov refuse to say how his agency is tracking down disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky? Is it legal that the Aeroflot case has been submitted to court without the main defendant, Boris Berezovsky? A story answers these and other questions. (2)

A 20-ton vehicle called the "Trip of Peace" has for two weeks been travelling from the Urals to Chechnya to bring New Year presents to young Chechens, the children of the war. A story describes its charity mission. (3)

RIA Data and the newspaper Kommersant Daily have spread information saying that military journalist Grigory Pasko's defense is willing to accept an act of pardon from the president if it does not entail the need to admit Pasko's guilt. A story reveals the essence of the statement. (3)

Much is being written and talked about homeless children, whose fate has become a priority of the president and the government. Who will help eight-year-old Fatima, a Chechen girl whose parents have been killed in the second Chechen war? Feature journalist Anna Politkovskaya devotes her story to this courageous girl. (7)

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

A story comments on a draft bill concerning renationalization that has caused harsh debates in the State Duma. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky 's view on the issue has caused quite a stir in the house. (2)

A story offers an in-depth analysis of the new federal law concerning environmental protection, which was published in the newspaper on Jan. 12 and took effect on the same day. (3)

The newspaper has printed an announcement on the procedure and conditions of holding a tender on the right to TV6 broadcasting. In an interview, First Deputy Press Minister Mikhail Seslavinsky gives details about the tender. (1,3)

President Vladimir Putin has demanded that the government take urgent and effective measures to create a reliable system of social protection for children. A story reports on how this acute social problem is being successfully resolved in Kuzbass. (5)

A Georgian cafe in Moscow near the Babayevsky confectionery factory appeared in the city when diplomats from Russia and Georgia threatened each other with a "visa regime" and "adequate measures." The Georgian staff and visitors are doing a great deal to restore former friendly relations, which is people's diplomacy at large. (8)

Komomolskaya Pravda

Boris Berezovsky, who is hiding in London from the Prosecutor General's Office, turned 56 on Wednesday. A story describes Russian policy-makers who managed to congratulate him on the phone. (3)

A display of 115 photos featuring Chechnya and its people by photo correspondent Vladimir Velengurin has opened this week in the Academy of Management of the Interior Ministry. A story describes the display. (5)

Scientists from the Central Aerological Observatory have offered a method of air monitoring, in an effort to make snow bypass Moscow. Greenpiece activists have shared their negative views on the method. (6)

A large number of Russians living in are deprived of the right to become citizens of that country Latvia on political grounds. All those who after Jan. 13, 1991 were members of the Communist Party, Interfront, the United Councils of work collectives, or War and Labor Veterans Associations, who number 100,000, are unable to receive Latvian citizenship. A story describes those people as "undesirable guests." (7)

A story describes how the Samara regional administration and its head governor Sergei Sobyanin have over the past several months of last year expanded economic and technical cooperation with foreign countries. Several concrete joint projects cited in the article illustrate the point. (11)

The law on limiting tobacco smoking has imposed new norms of poisonous substances contained in tobacco smoke. A story examines in detail what Russian smokers take in with their cigarettes. (12)

Moskovsky Komsomolets

The Prosecutor General's Office lately has begun to summon for questioning top leaders of the State Customs Committee. SCC head Mikhail Vanin was questioned on Jan. 22 and his first assistant Boris Gutin on Jan. 23. Does all this mean that Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov has decided to declare war on the customs service? A story reflects on the issue. (1)

After the meeting of deputy leaders of State Duma factions with President Vladimir Putin Tuesday, SPS faction leader Boris Nemtsov said, "A total redivision of the mass media market is in the offing." A story explains what Nemtsov had in mind. (1)

In an interview, legendary hockey-player Pavel Bure, who recently broke his left arm, says that he is willing to risk playing for Russian team in the upcoming Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. (1)

The participants of TV6's "Za Steklom-2" do not believe that their program has gone off the air. They say that this is a joke created by Moskovsky Komsomolets. (1)

Dysentery over the weekend hit more than 200 servicemen from the Defense Ministry's Guard Brigade, one of Russia's most elite military units. All of them were hospitalized, and the Moscow City Military Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday launched an investigation to establish reasons behind the outburst of this sickness. A story gives details. (1)

The chairwoman of the Moscow City Education Committee Lyubov Kezina urged city authorities take urgent measures against those children who miss school classes. She also described how city authorities intend to resolve the problem of street children, whose number in Moscow exceeds 50,000. (1)

A story discusses one of the most acute problems facing the Defense Ministry today —housing its thousands of servicemen. (2)

A story describes how the holiday of all students or Tatyana's Day will be celebrated in Moscow on Jan. 25. (3)


The Main Investigative Board of the Moscow Interior Ministry (Police) has banned all deals with the shares of Avtobank, Ingosstrakh and NOSTA. All these companies became property of Siberian Aluminum, Millhouse Capital and Nafta Moskva last year. (A1)

The Kedr ecological movement would like to become a party with Vladimir Yevstafyev -- head of the Association of Advertising Agencies and co-owner of the Maxim company -- to be the party co-chairman. (A1) for the first time in its history announced a profit. In the 4th quarter of 2001 the company received $5.1 in net profit (a year earlier it sustained huge losses). (A1)

Municipal structures and utility enterprises will this year begin to put into use the $207.5 million loans from the World Bank. This was stated by Gosstroi Chairman Anvar Shamuzafarov. Brief. (A1)

Economic Development Minister Gherman Gref today at a government session will deliver a report on the tariffs of the natural monopolies in 2002. The story examines its major points. (A1)

The presidential economic aid Andrei Illarionov has come out in favour of raising the tariffs of natural monopolies. The story looks at four factors backing his stand. (A2)

Russian negotiators on the country's accession to the WTO heard the remarks of other WTO member. They stated that they would like Russia to enter the organization. (A3)

Not all economic news last month was bad. The levels of investment growth, retail trade and production in agriculture were higher than expected . The story gives figures to illustrate the point. (A3)

The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Bureau Wednesday worked on the arable land draft bill. The story examines the union's stand on the issue. (A3)

Since the break-up of the Soviet Union, almost nothing has changed in the Polyus extracting company. In an interview its head Khazret Sovmen talks about his profit-making company, about its partners, projects and future plans. (A5)

The deliveries of low-enriched uranium from Russia to the USA have been temporarily suspended. This was stated Wednesday by a highly placed official in the Nuclear Energy Ministry. Brief. (A3)

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

Gazprom has begun to receive back the assets of another "fugitive" daughter Zabsibgazprom. Gazprom has filed a suit in the Tyumen Arbitration Court demanding the bankruptcy of this enterprise. (B1)

Turkish Ramenka, an operator of the Moscow leading retail network Ramstor leased floorspace in four shops of the Global USA network. The new Ramstor supermarkets that are to open in March will become the first element in the development of a Turkish network in 2002. The story describes the Ramstor network and its shops. (B1)

LUKoil this year will have to conduct complicated negotiations on money with its own top managers , state bureaucrats and heads of other oil and gas companies. Otherwise, LUKoil will be unable to become the owner of 100 percent of stock of RITEK , a small but effective oil company. (B1)

Most of the shares of the Tyumen Oil Company today belong to TNK-International. This was stated by TNK First Vice-President Iosif Bakaleinik. Brief. (B1)

The Ulyanovsk Aviastar holding board of directors elected Igor Leiko to the post of its director general on Monday. He was head of the group of Leader leasing companies. Brief. (B1)

During the absence of the arrested Sibur head Alexander Matveyev has filled his position. Matveyev earlier worked in the central apparat of the Federal Tax Police Service. Gazprom can relax over the financial flows of its disobedient subsidiary. (B2)

Against the background of the world crisis of avia transportations the domestic airlines spoke about considerable increases in transportation volumes. The story gives figures to illustrate the point. (B2)

The MDM Group controlling the Kuznetskiye Ferrosplavy Plant in the Kemerovo region continues to sue the plant's former owners and traders. The plant had initiated the bankruptcy of Newvent, a trading company that maintains contacts with the former leadership of the plant. (B2)

The US Energy Department Tuesday began to accept bids on oil deliveries with the aim of replenishing the federal strategic oil reserve. The story reveals the essence of the measure and its consequences. (B2)

The European Union countries intend to create a single European Financial Market. The story examines its aim. (B3)