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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

A brief look at the stories making headlines in the Russian-language press

Noviye Izvestia
Novaya Gazeta
Rossiiskaya Gazeta
Obshchaya Gazeta
Komomolskaya Pravda


In the event of a possible full-scale US retalitory action against Afghanistan, a huge army of Afghan refugees may invade the territory of CIS countries. This was stated Wednesday by Yury Vorobyov, First Deputy Emergency Situations Minister. A story comments on the issue, examining the procedure of registering refugees.

The International Migration Organization held a conference in Moscow Wednesday called "The Demographic Situation and Migration Policy in Russia". Today the organization often consults the government on migration problems faced by former Soviet republics. In an interview Russian mission head Edwin McKlein forecasts a migration situation in Russia in the context of possible military operations in Afghanistan, focusing on measures to establish control over migration flows.

At the informal meeting of NATO and Russian defense ministers in Brussels on Wednesday, Sergei Ivanov stated that Russia today can help the USA more than all its NATO allies. A story comments on his statement.

TV journalist Sergei Dorenko answers questions from Izvestia readers focusing on his new program on TV-6, as well as his attitude toward Mayor Yury Luzhkov and his plans to return to ORT.

The USA's desire to involve CIS countries into its anti-terrorist operation against Afghanistan has led to a split among CIS Collective Security Treaty participants, which has made Moscow revise its plans to take part in the anti-Taliban coalition. A story comments on the issue, focusing on problems discussed Wednesday at the session of the CIS Armed Forces Headquarters Chiefs Committee.

Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, when meeting with State Duma committee and faction leaders Wednesday, assured them that even world low oil prices will not affect Russia's ability to pay debts to its creditors. A story describes his meeting in the State Duma yesterday.

The Journalists Union Wednesday held an urgent news conference, at which its head Vsevolod Bogdanov stated that the Property Ministry intends to take the building of the Journalists Club away from the Union. A story gives details.

The recent government directive on cinema property has led to a new conflict between the Russian and CIS Filmmakers' unions. A story looks into the details.

In a closed conferences Wednesday Russia and the USA discussed measures aimed at intensifying security at nuclear energy facilities. A story describes the conference at Tryokhhgorny and focuses on the decisions made.

A story comments on President Vladimir Putin's meeting Wednesday with German industrialists and businessmen in Duesseldorf.

The First Congress of Patriots of Russia will take place in Moscow on Saturday Sept. 29. The forum is expected to discuss several documents that will become an alternative to the official government policy course. A story describes the congress' agenda and participants.

The General Council of the Federation of Independent Labour Unions of Russia held its session on Wednesday to discuss the major issues on the agenda for the 4th Trade Union Congress scheduled for Nov. 26. Federation leader Mikhail Shmakov announced an All-Russian act of protest against the violations of the workers' social and economic rights scheduled for Nov. 14.

At the president's initiative the Civil Forum is scheduled for Nov.21-22 in the State Kremlin Palace. A story examines major issues to be discussed and participants

Attended by representatives from 143 nations, the 33rd ICAO Assembly opened on Wednesday in Montreal. Russia's State Service of Civil Aviation prepared a special document for the assembly concerning air safety. A story examines its major provisions.

Gazprom has sent Energy Minister Igor Yusufov a letter requesting the revision of the existing system of issuing oil export quotas. A story comments on the request.

Since the first wagons were loaded with Chineisk iron-ore on Sept. 26, the Baikal Amur Railway has become profitable. The development of this deposit will help double the cargo flows along this railway.

The Exhibition Avtocomplex-2001 has been scheduled for Oct. 4-6 in the Expocenter on Ulitsa Krasnaya Presnya. Valery Antifeyev, deputy chief of the Transportation and Communications Board of the Moscow government, talked about the event and its participants.

Izvestia has published the AK&M information agency's approval rating of 100 leading domestic enterprises.

A new office furniture factory owned by the Felix company became operational in Kozhukhovo on Monday. A story details the company's ambitious plan to become a leader in this sector.

The Izvestia Supplement is devoted to the Netherlands, dubbed the garden of Europe, looking at its history, its present day policy and economy.

A story comments a sensational statement made on Wednesday by a US White House representative, who said that the USA has no intention to "overthrow the Taliban regime. What it is striving for is that to defend people from terrorists".

"We are to some extent sponsors of terrorism " -- these are the words of State Duma deputy Dmitry Rogozin, who spoke at the PACE session on Wednesday. A story comments on the tone of speeches given by Russian delegates.


President Vladimir Putin's offer to the Chechen rebels to disarm expires today. A story notes that up to now the president's initiative has not yielded an expected result.

When President Vladimir Putin was leaving the German Tegel airport on Wednesday, one of the planes of his escort barely evaded a crash. Several Russians accompanying the president viewed the accident as an attempt to take Putin life. A story gives details.

Ukraine's President Leonid Kuchma arrived in Kazakhstan Wednesday to discuss the latter's participation in the privatization of the Feodosiya port and oil storages.A story examines the issue.

The State Duma Wednesday passed in the first reading a draft bill prohibiting the privatization of housing that is in accord with the treaty on social hiring. A story reveals the details of the document.

According to RIA Novosti information on Wednesday, General Abdur Rasheed Dostum, 47, was killed in fighting. Afghanistan's Embassy in Moscow has denied the information. The story gives details.

The European information channel EuroNews has won the competition to broadcast on the 25th television broadcasting channel. A story examines results of the competition.

Spanish police Wednesday arrested 6 Osama bin Laden's accomplices, who delivered equipment and propaganda materials to his associates in Chechnya and Algeria. A story gives details.

The LUKoil company and Ukraine's Property Fund have regulated the company's purchase of the Odessa oil refinery. A story comments on the deal, focusing on LUKoil's new strategy in Ukraine.

The Darya meat plant owner Oleg Tinkov and Baltimor Holding's head Alexei Antipov Wednesday announced the signing of an agreement on using the trade mark Krasna Darya. The story examines the agreement.

Gokhran Wednesday summed up results of its first open auction to sell very large diamonds. A story examines results and auction's participants.

The Lloyd's company Wednesday made public preliminary data on its losses as a result of the Sept. 11 terrorist acts in the USA.

Since the emergence a year ago of technologies making it possible to trade in Russian stock through the Internet, a huge army of Internet-brokers, working with small investors has come into being. A story features their effective business.


The government today is expected to discuss the Strategy of the development of the banking sector. The only point of the document that could cause dispute between the Economic Development and Finance ministries on the one hand and the Central Bank on the other is the establishment of minimal demands for the banks' capital. The two ministries would like to determine the starting capital for the new banks at the level of 10 million euros starting Jan. 1. 2002.

OPEC Wednesday tried to persuade not only its members but also onlookers, including Russia, to observe the general agreements on oil export limits. All onlookers, except Russia, agreed and OPEC had to alleviate its decision everyone expected.

The government is considering the issue of allocating additional quotas on oil exports to the tune of $1 billion for the rehabilitation of Yugoslavia. A story comments on the issue.

The Russian enterprises' debt on secured credits before the federal budget amounts to $4.4 billion. This was stated Wednesday by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin.

The US House of Representatives has approved the country's defense budget, cutting the funds requested by President George W. Bush for the project of developing the national missile defense system and increasing money the anti-terrorist struggle.

How will the world's tumultuos political situation affect Russian contracts abroad? Five experts share their viewpoints on the issue.

The sale of 79.73 percent of stock of Kuzbassugol may turn out to be the major privatization project of the year. The first 39.73 percent has already been sold for $90 million and the second may be sold at a higher price.

Yabloko expert Andrei Lazarevsky comments on the Land Code that was passed last week, focusing on several of its new provisions.

Growth forecasts for the gross national product and inflation made by the International Monetary Fund and by the Russian government have turned out to be practically similar, which means that the short-term prospects of the domestic economy are everywhere assessed in one and the same way.

In a far-ranging interview Anatoly Chubais, head of the national power grid Unified Energy System, talks about reforming of the electrical energy sector, its specific features, problems and various organizations involved in the process.

Vedomosti. Companies and Markets

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov Wednesday stated that the government will provide the domestic aviation companies with insurance guarantees. A government source stated that the sum of guarantees will amount to between $400 million-$700 million.

Gazprom has unexpectedly lost the possibility of exporting a considerable part of its extracted oil, which threatens the loss of $100 million. Company head Alexei Miller has asked Energy Minister Igor Yusufov if his company alone could change the procedure for access to export oil pipelines.

The Nature Ministry intends to reiterate measures made to revoke 20 licenses on using natural resources. On Sept. 28, the ministry's working group will consider the issue of revoking licenses on developing gold, diamond and platinum deposits in the Yamal-Nenets Area.

The government has instructed Vneshekonombank to release a $250 million credit to the Russian-Vietnamese enterprise Vietross. Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has signed an appropriate document.

The European Ball-Bearing Corporation in uniting the Moscow and Volgograd ball-bearing plants has obtained another enterprise by buying 51 percent of stock of the Stepnogorsk Ball-Bearing Plant in Kazakhstan.

The situation around the competition for the right to use the resources of the Val Gamburtseva deposits is likely to have reached a deadlock. Courts' mutually excluding decisions have been left intact.

After the Sept. 11 terrorist acts in the US the volume of passenger transportations has decreased almost by 60 percent. Italian Alitalia and Belgian Sabena have resorted to massive lay-offs and changes in their price-forming policy.

The RUSIA-Petroleum Board of Directors has approved a treaty concerning the handing over of 10 percent of the company's stock to the Tyumen Oil Company.

The United Metal Company intends to draw banking credits to the tune of $140 million to put into effect a joint project with Severstal on making large-diameter pipes at Vyksa in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The Finance Ministry decided not to place long state bonds in October. It will offer 6-month-long GKOs.

Noviye Izvestia

A local court in Perm is expected next week to consider a suit filed by a local worker against the leadership of the Sverdlovsk Railway, which in his opinion, failed to organize a smooth flow of passenger trains during the summer visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. An article gives details of the case.

The Moscow City Duma made the decision Wednesday to increase the deputies' material maintenance. Starting Jan. 1, 2002, each deputy will cost the Moscow taxpayers approximately $300,000 a year. An article examines the deputies' major spending.

Twelve Norwegian professors have petitioned U.S. President George W. Bush with an open letter in which they have offered him a business exchange in an American style ? if he gives up his initiative to carry out a retaliation strike on Afghanistan or any other country suspected of collaboration with terrorists, he will receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Novaya Gazeta

Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev shares his view on the tragic events in the United States on Sept. 11, saying what Russia should do and what it should avoid doing in this new world situation. Gorbachev advocates excluding the word "war" from our lexicon. We don't have the right, Gorbachev stresses, to answer terrorism with terrorism.

The feature article describes a children's military school that was opened in Ryazan two years ago by a local Cossack regiment.

Rossiiskaya Gazeta

The State Duma Security Committee met with U.S. Ambassador Alexander Vershbow on Wednesday. An article describes the meeting, focusing on the goals of the ambassador's visit.

In the opinion of Vladimir Lutsenko, formerly of the KGB Anti-Terrorism Department, Osama bin Laden is not the main culprit in the recent U.S. tragedy.

The Congress of Russian Fellow-Countrymen living abroad is scheduled for Oct. 11-12 in Moscow. In an interview, political scientist Tatyana Poloskova, member of the working group preparing the forum, speaks about its goals, agenda, participants and sponsors.

Former West German Sovietologist Alexander Rahr, now a Kremlin studies associate, has written a book titled "Vladimir Putin: 'German' in the Kremlin." An article reviews the book.

In a far-ranging interview, Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov, State Duma faction leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, shares his view on the Land Code recently passed by the State Duma, which he opposed. He also speaks on the problem of civil society, political parties and VAT benefits for mass media. He also talks about his family, his leisure time and his likes and dislikes.

An article reports on how the National Bank of Development participated in the restoration of the real economic production sector after the August 1998 financial crisis. This bank had to revive the tarnished reputation of Russia's credit-financial system.

Obshchaya Gazeta

Political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky reports on how the president's clear-cut indignant stand on the terrorist acts in the United States, expressed on the day following the attacks, began to change in pronouncements by top state officials, Kremlin political scientists and commentators. The author notes that mass media have lately aimed more indignant remarks at the United States than at the terrorists, who killed thousands of Americans and dozens of Russians. Piontkovsky also harshly criticizes the president for his 72- hour offer to Chechen terrorists to disarm.

In an interview, newly elected Estonian President Arnold Ruutel talks about his resolve to improve relations with Russia, focusing on Estonia's plans to join NATO.

In an interview, Konstantin Totsky, head of the Federal Border Service, answers the following questions ? What is happening today on Russia's southern borders? How serious is the danger that the United States' potential strikes on Afghanistan may involve Russia into a war?

Military observer Viktor Litovkin reports a version of the sinking of the nuclear submarine Kursk.

Georgian head of state Eduard Shevardnadze, who had headed the Union of Citizens of Georgia since 1995, last week quit his post in the party. An article says why.

The government was expected discuss banking reform at a session Thursday. The final variant will likely become a compromise between radical proposals by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs' working group and a rather conservative stand by the Central Bank. In an interview, Pyotr Aven, Alfa-Bank head and one of the authors of the proposed reform, discusses the reform.

In an interview, Anatoly Chubais, head of Unified Energy Systems, shares his views on the recent tragic events in the United States. He also talks about the latest conflict in and around NTV, on freedom of speech in Russia and on people's different attitudes toward him.

St. Petersburg Hermitage museum director Mikhail Piotrovsky has been appointed head of the ORT board of directors. In an interview, he speaks about the essence of his new job and about his colleagues ? the board members.

Komomolskaya Pravda

Sixty thousand Russians commit suicide every year. In an interview, writer Alexander Melikhov, who studies this aspect of medicine, speaks about the psychology of such people.

An article describes two bears in Zelenograd, which have been left to the mercy of fate by their former trainer.

The State Duma is expected to consider in the first reading the 2002 draft budget Friday. In an interview, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Ulyukayev talks about forecast inflation, the dollar/ruble rate, increased budget defense spending and the main budget parameters.

In an interview, Yabloko leader Grigory Yavlinsky speaks about two budget proposals drafted by Yabloko.