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Moscow's Afghans Watch Anxiously

According to the United Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees Russia has about 9,000 Afghan refugees.

Taking Stock of When to Tap World Markets

With chaotic global markets some Russian companies are looking to raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

Pentagon PR in Search of the Perfect Name

How does the Pentagon come up with names like 'Operation Infinite Justice' anyway?

High Jinks and a Case Of Mistaken Country

Once when in Batumi, I decided to go for a stroll around the town.

U.S. Has Stomach for War

The United States will surprise those who believe it doesn't have the stomach for a protracted war.

Putin Consults With World Leaders

President Putin spent his weekend in meetings over the impending U.S. retaliation for this month's terrorist attacks, including a long conversation with U.S. President Bush.

Kazakhstan Vows War on Terrorism as Pope Visits

Pope John Paul II has been urging restraint in response to the terrorist attacks on the United States and spoke against war in his first remarks in Kazakhstan Saturday.

Taliban: Bin Laden Has Gone Missing

The ruling Taliban said Sunday that Osama bin Laden had gone missing and they could not deliver an edict asking him to leave the country.

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