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. Last Updated: 07/27/2016

News in Brief

Market Vendor Clash

ROSTOV-ON-DON, Southern Russia (AP) Ч Twenty people were injured Tuesday in a clash between police and vendors at an outdoor market in Makhachkala, Dagestan, who were protesting an official order to move their stalls to a new location.

The city administration had ordered that the cityТs main market be moved from the center of the city to the outskirts. Authorities said the crowds and the noise from the market disturbed the neighborhood.

On Tuesday, police and troops arrived at the market, ordering vendors to move to the new location. Vendors protested, and a fight broke out, said a spokesman for the North Caucasus branch of the Emergency Situations Ministry, Alexander Lemeshev.

Ten vendors and 10 police troops were hospitalized with injuries, Lemeshev said. Several vendors who took part in the protest were detained, but their number was not immediately known.

Police took over the market and closed it down.

Koizumi Visit?

MOSCOW (AP) Ч A deputy foreign minister said Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi may visit Moscow next year, Itar-Tass reported.

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov did not give further details Monday other than to say the visit may take place around the beginning of the year.

The report also cited Losyukov as saying Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov might visit Japan this year.

Sanaya Buried

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) Ч Tens of thousands of Georgians paid their last respects Tuesday to Georgy Sanaya, and a nationwide moment of silence was held for the television journalist who was slain in what many believe was a political killing.

Sanaya, 26, hosted the "Evening Courier" analytical program and was known as an evenhanded and skilled interviewer. He was found shot in the head in his apartment Thursday.

On Tuesday, the head of GeorgiaТs Orthodox Church, Catholicos Ilya II, said a funeral prayer for Sanaya, and President Eduard Shevardnadze attended a mourning ceremony in the Sion church in Tbilisi.

Tens of thousands of people joined a funeral procession to the Saburtali cemetery Ч the interment site for GeorgiaТs prominent public figures Ч where Sanaya was buried.

Police officials said the investigation into SanayaТs death was continuing and that scores of witnesses have been questioned. Shevardnadze has said that the killing was aimed at provoking instability.

Anthrax Outbreak

KIEV (AP) Ч Three people have been hospitalized with symptoms of anthrax in an outbreak that has already killed 33 cows and three horses in northern Ukraine, emergency officials said Tuesday.

The animals began dying Friday on a cattle farm in the village of Chervone, and laboratory tests carried out Tuesday confirmed they had been infected with anthrax, the Emergency Situations Ministry said.

Three farm workers were hospitalized with skin lesions resembling anthrax. In addition, 58 people who had contact with the animals have been isolated and are undergoing preventive treatment, the ministry said.

Health officials have quarantined the village and are investigating the reason for the outbreak.

The bacteria that causes anthrax is common among domesticated livestock and can be transferred to humans.

Tobin Looks to Parole

WATERBURY, Connecticut (AP) Ч The warden of the Voronezh prison where American Fulbright scholar John Tobin is being held on a marijuana conviction will recommend Tobin for parole, a United States congressman said.

The recommendation will go to a committee for consideration after Tobin reaches the halfway point in his sentence on Aug. 2, said U.S. Representative James Maloney, who represents TobinТs home town of Ridgefield.

It must also be reviewed by the judge in the court where Tobin was convicted in April of obtaining, possessing and distributing marijuana.

Maloney said Monday that the U.S. Embassy in Moscow had informed him of the developments in an e-mail. Maloney called the news very promising.

"WeТre all very much preparing for JackТs release," Maloney said.

Tobin, 24, was convicted in Voronezh, where he was engaged in political science research at the local university. He was sentenced to 37 months in prison, but a higher court later overturned the distribution conviction on appeal and reduced his sentence to one year.

Tobin has denied any wrongdoing. An appeal also has been submitted to the Russian Supreme Court.

More Kursk Holes

MOSCOW (AP) Ч Divers working at the sunken Kursk submarine were cutting holes Tuesday in the hull of the vessel, in preparation for attaching the steel cables by which it will be raised.

Divers were working on the fifth, seventh and eighth compartments of the submarine, which lies at the bottom of the Barents Sea. They were cutting out and removing pieces of the huge steel hull, and clearing the space between the KurskТs inner and outer hulls, said navy spokesman Igor Dygalo, according to Itar-Tass.

The operation to raise the Kursk is scheduled for mid-September. The submarine will be connected by cables to 26 hydraulic lifts anchored to a giant pontoon, which will tow the Kursk to the Arctic port of Murmansk.

Hippo Mauls Woman

KIEV (Reuters) Ч A hippopotamus mauled a Ukrainian woman who leaped into a zoo enclosure to swim with the 3-ton animal and its baby, a zoo official said Tuesday.

The 18-year-old was rushed to hospital with severe injuries after Masha the hippopotamus savaged the intruder to defend her offspring at the Kharkiv Zoo in northeast Ukraine.

"The girl Е was messing around outside the fence and then decided, for some reason, to go and play and swim with the hippopotamus," said Yelena Tkachenko, the zooТs director.

The woman is in a serious but stable condition in a local hospital.